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The rumors of my hiatus have been greatly exaggerated

Apparently, my announcement this morning left at least one person with the impression that I would be taking a couple days off from blogging. I apologize for that; what I meant was that I might have difficulty achieving my self-imposed quota of three pieces a day.

I just spent a good six hours in my friend's company (ironically, his middle name really is "Jay", where J is merely my first initial), just talking and being together. It was good for both of us, and I'll miss him after I dump him at the airport tomorrow morning.

Anyway, enough about me. Today's newspapers had a couple of wonderfully delightful tales of dumb criminals getting their just desserts.

One of the first rules of doing something illegal is to be discreet. For example, if you're 19 and driving around with booze in your car, drive carefully and obey all the laws. Don't do a damned thing that might draw attention to yourself.

But then again, if you're 19 and got a couple beers in you, such concepts as "discretion" are utterly foreign to you. So when it might be smarter to just drive around cautiously, you'll still be tempted to squeal your tires and honk your horn as you blow past a heavily-marked police truck towing an official police horse trailer.

And in Massachusetts, a fellow named William Conley is a lobbyist for the Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus. One of the Caucus' (giggle) primary objectives is the protection of the current status quo, where gay marriage is legal. They say (and I agree) that it is essential to show that gays are interested in stable, monogamous, long-term relationships, just like us "breeders," and gay marriage is an ideal way of proving that all gays aren't interested a long line of random, casual, even anonymous encounters, and damned few gays are predators.

Naturally, Mr. Conley was arrested after seeking to pay for "oral relief" from a fictional male college student through Craig's List.

My friend also told me a tale about his stepdaughter that ought to resonate very strongly with men who are fathers, or plan to be. In my case, it made me even more confident in my decision to not go down that path myself. I have his blessing to share it, and I most likely will in a day or two.

My thanks to the thoughts, prayers, and sympathies for my friend and his late father.


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Comments (2)

Jay,Glad to hear i... (Below threshold)


Glad to hear it! At the same time, if you need a couple days off, by all means take it.

The young couple from NH fa... (Below threshold)

The young couple from NH fared better than they might have, had they squealed wheels and honked their horn at Mr. Conley, instead.

I'm just saying . . .







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