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In Spite of the Best Efforts of Democrats and the Media -- Iraq is NOT Vietnam

Jim Hoft takes a look at the cold, hard facts and even presents them in a bar graph that even the most deranged Bush hater can comprehend.

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Wrong again. The deranged B... (Below threshold)

Wrong again. The deranged Bush haters will never understand anything. They are now completely brain dead.

Now? They have been shi... (Below threshold)

Now? They have been shit for brains for long long time. Since the idiots can never keep their lying mouths , they expose themselves. They are stupid like that. They are out of power and out of control. Reality is a hard pill to swallow for these losers.

...that even the most de... (Below threshold)

...that even the most deranged Bush hater can comprehend.

I believe that you over-estimate the intelligence of those suffering from BDS.

A quick poll of 5 of my Vie... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

A quick poll of 5 of my Vietnam Vet friends yield a different result. All 5 said that it is exactly the same. Kids dying for nothing in a POS country pushed by a lying president, coming to nothing but a bad end.

dr lava, if we all pull tog... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

dr lava, if we all pull together we can make sure the 'kids' die for nothing and it all comes to a bad end. I'm sure you're doing your part for the Cause.






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