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Syrian Cabinet Minister Compares Israel to Nazi Germany on CNN and Blitzer Says Nothing

Greg Tinti at Outside the Beltway has video of the Syrian Cabinet Minister on CNN arguing that Syria and the rest of the Middle East are facing the same kind of enemy in Israel today that the world faced in Nazi Germany:

"Nazi Germany was claiming that it was fighting terrorism and then the whole world had to stop that. We are fighting something very similar to what happened as a result of the actions of Nazi Germany against civilians."

It was an outrageous assertion but Wolf Blitzer said nothing. In fact, he seemed completely unmoved by this woman's statements.

The whole idea of comparing Israel to the Nazis is ludicrous beyond words. Hezbollah and Hamas are more like Nazi Germany because they share the same goals: the eradication of all Jews from the planet.


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Comments (16)

Wolfie is another Peter Arn... (Below threshold)

Wolfie is another Peter Arnat.

Orac's Hitler Zombie has be... (Below threshold)

Orac's Hitler Zombie has been busy around the globe recently, hasn't it?

Yeah, well, that's Blitzer ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, well, that's Blitzer for ya.

Without doubt CNN IS the BI... (Below threshold)

Without doubt CNN IS the BIGGEST WEAPON in the Hezbo's arsenal, by far!!!

CNN is probably the single most powerful weapon against the Jewish state in the West.

(and Blitzer is a Jew -- go figure?!?)

When are you guys going to ... (Below threshold)

When are you guys going to grow up? lol

When are you going to act... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

When are you going to act like an American?

That's the reason Communist... (Below threshold)

That's the reason Communist News Network (CNN) viewers are known as the most mis-informed people in the world. They present their propaganda and their retarded viewers suck it up since their brain only has room for one side of anything. Their viewers would commit suicide without a daily dose of pure (undeluted) BS.

Wolfie is only following th... (Below threshold)

Wolfie is only following the long-standing CNN policy of suppressing truth for access.

Nazi this, and Nazi that, b... (Below threshold)

Nazi this, and Nazi that, blah, blah, blah.

The next time you hear some dolt say the word, expect that the person is a) a Democrat, or 2) an islamofascist.

"Rob La. Ca."--Best put dow... (Below threshold)

"Rob La. Ca."--Best put down of old "pucker puss" (lee lee) yet.lol

Want to compare the perc... (Below threshold)
B's Freak:

Want to compare the percentage of Arabs on the Knesset to the percentage of Jews in the Majlis al-shaab ?

I agree the jews in recent ... (Below threshold)

I agree the jews in recent years have become what they feared. They are Nazis.

I agree israel is sick, the... (Below threshold)
Jack Starks:

I agree israel is sick, they are disgusting and they try to make everyone else look like the terrorists. When Israel are the terrorists.

I hate israel, they kill my... (Below threshold)

I hate israel, they kill my mother who had nothing to do with this war.

Israel killed my whole fami... (Below threshold)

Israel killed my whole family. I will make them pay, I will kill every single last israel for killing my family.

I hate israel, I hope they ... (Below threshold)

I hate israel, I hope they all rot in nazi hell.






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