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Least Favorite On The Right

John Hawkins asked quite a few right-of-center bloggers to list their 12 least favorite conservatives. The list he got when he compiled all the answers is here. The list could contain politicians, columnists, bloggers, radio hosts and just about anyone else publicly "on the right." Many of the names on the list were on the list last year, too, but a few have moved. I am not sure I would describe Andrew Sullivan as being on the right anymore. Does he still claim to be on the right? I don't read him anymore, so I don't know. I am curious to know who would make Wizbang readers' lists. Vote for your least favorite in the comments.

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Lindsey Graham... (Below threshold)

Lindsey Graham

I second Lindsey Graham, bu... (Below threshold)

I second Lindsey Graham, but that whining Bill Kristol gave him a run for putz of the year.

Michael Savage.Wha... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Michael Savage.

What an embarassment. That show is a complete set-up. And calling him "Dr. Savage" with that phony Jackie Mason accent? Puhleeeeeez...what tripe.

Others that received careful consideration:
Sean Hannity (It's called 'listening', try it.)
John McCain (Please make up your f-ing mind.)
Pat Buchanan (If he's a conservative...)
Tom DeLay (In the end, he's just slimey...)
Washington State Conservatives (Because there aren't any worth noting...)

Ask me my least favorite liberal and I'll have a hard time narrowing down that list, but it would start with "Baghadad" Jim McDermott...

I have a hard time digestin... (Below threshold)

I have a hard time digesting Specter, Snowe, and Chaffee being considered "on the right."

Really, people - do you think that "R" by their names stands for "Right?" It doesn't, and they aren't.

None of them would be on my list of favorite people anyway, but calling Lincoln Chaffee your "least favorite conservative" is a complete cop-out. If you can't think of an annoying conservative, why respond at all?

I can think of any number of conservatives who aren't my favorites, BUT we are at war now, against an insidious enemy with an extensive fifth column operating in our own country. There is no time for taking pot-shots at those on our side who are less than exemplary until we have vanquished that enemy.

I posted mine with commenta... (Below threshold)

I posted mine with commentary on who made the list. Pat Buchanan deserved No. 1

Ann Coulter I think, althou... (Below threshold)
just me:

Ann Coulter I think, although I Pat Buchanan has certainly left the reservation-I am not really sure what he is anymore.

Hey, I don't understand why... (Below threshold)
Daniel S:

Hey, I don't understand why all the real right wingers made it on the list? I'm amazed! What's happening to the right? Are we all heading left?

Yes, Andrew Sullivan claims... (Below threshold)

Yes, Andrew Sullivan claims to be on the right, and indeed claims that the rest of us aren't real conservaties. Ostensibly it's because we disagree with him on Iraq, NSA, or whatever, but it is actually because we don't particularly care for where he puts his pecker.

Buchanan deserves to head t... (Below threshold)

Buchanan deserves to head the list. Besides, he's NOT a conservative. He's a whacked-out intolerant, conspiracy-hallucinating, xenophobic POPULIST. And no one has a more grating, whiney voice than Pat. Yyyyechhhh.

I could not help but notice... (Below threshold)

I could not help but notice the dearth of African Americans on the list. [Lasawn Barber, Walter Williams,Thomas Sowell, John mcWhorter, Shelby Steele,Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams etc.]

Now help me here, because I am not in your camp, and I know this is a little like inside baseball. But is it because these individuals are all well liked, or are they just all too insignificant within the movement to mention?

I don't recognize two of th... (Below threshold)

I don't recognize two of the people on your list of black conservatives. None of the others strike me as overly irritating... certainly not even close to Coulter or Buchannan or Robertson or Savage.

Do you think any of the people you listed compare to Coulter if they were more well known?

The Secretary of State isn't on your list. She's certainly significant. And well liked.

F-N,Depending on the... (Below threshold)

Depending on the person, either/or, with a dose of not being offensive, attention grabbing or extreme in the ways many on the list have been over time.
I can understand everyone on the list being on the list, either because they have been a major disapointment to the conservative base, or because they give the movement a bad name (give the left ammo to prove their presumptions or reinforce negative stereotypes).
ALthough I wonder why Malkin is on the list, and above Duke Cunningham....
I guess black conservatives after surviving the crucible of liberal racism live up to a higher standard in their public lives. ;)

SCSIwuzzy, I actually liked... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, I actually liked that answer.:) And Synova, I left off Condi for the very reason you mentioned. Because she is well liked.

But thanks!

I can think of any numbe... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

I can think of any number of conservatives who aren't my favorites, BUT we are at war now, against an insidious enemy with an extensive fifth column operating in our own country. There is no time for taking pot-shots at those on our side who are less than exemplary until we have vanquished that enemy.

This is a despicable statement. "Vanquish that enemy"? The enemy you are describing are your countrymen. But apparently that's irrelevant if they disagree with the Republican agenda.

Republicans already control all 3 branches of gov't, but no, that's not enough. You want more, total submission and no dissent. Well that's not how our democracy works. Our democracy was founded on minority rights, not majority rule. Love it or leave it, you will not be "vanquishing that enemy" anytime soon.

By the way, you're an asshole.

Paul.:-))... (Below threshold)
Ace (not really):



Only John McCain and Pat Bu... (Below threshold)

Only John McCain and Pat Bucahnan belong on that list,but we must add fieldnegro,and sean nyc to this list.They are more annoying than a dripping faucet.

field-negro - SCSIwuzzy pre... (Below threshold)

field-negro - SCSIwuzzy pretty much covered it. Thomas Sowell is just flat-out brilliant, and I can;t reall anyon on the right finding anything bad or negative to say about him. I'd go so far to say that conservatives are thankful he's on the team, not because he's black, but because he's utterly brilliant.

Im with Big Mo and Scsi. I ... (Below threshold)

Im with Big Mo and Scsi. I like Sowell and also think he's smart. And I don't understand Malkin being on the list. Is it because she blogs so well and they're jealous?

F-N: are ya saying we shou... (Below threshold)

F-N: are ya saying we should dislike an equal percentage of black conservatives?


Yeah, I know you weren't . . .

I think none made the list because black conservatives always rankle the left, and if you rankle the left, it's hard to dislike you.


My least favorites on the r... (Below threshold)

My least favorites on the right are Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill O'Reilly, Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, William Kristol, and Newt Gingrich.

Thanks feild-negro,<p... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Thanks feild-negro,

For once again demonstrating how racist those of you on the left are. To a true conservative your observation was irrelevant. We don't judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

You seem to be a typical racist democrat. But judging from the name you choose to post under, you do well know your place in the democrat party, at least as far as Howard Dean is concerned.

P. Bunyan, the fact that yo... (Below threshold)

P. Bunyan, the fact that your ignorant ass doesn't understand the field-negro house- negro metaphor is exactly why the "Party of Lincoln" will never get more than 12% of the black vote in this country.

BTW, I am not a democrat, but I bet Howard Dean knows about Malcolm X and his speeches. And not just some canned portion of King's speech "by the content of their charecter..." that you conservatives have used as your latest talking point to bolster your phony and nebulous arguments.

Now leave me alone, I have some reruns of "Roots" to watch.

All the meat beaters at NRO... (Below threshold)

All the meat beaters at NRO. All of the melvins who infest the neocon media. Usually the sons of ex-commies from Brooklyn: Kristol, son of Irving, Podhoretz, son of Norman. Jonah, son of Lucianne. Pushed out the true conservatives (Brimelow, Buchanan, Sobran, Francis, etc.etc) claiming they're paleo-cons (dinosaurs who don't "understand" the need for perpetual war) and import in their place a bunch of willing English twits who have given up the fight for their own country. Meanwhile, between pushing the Likud line for and at Bush and any weak-kneed supposed conservatives, they trade sci-fi quotations to apply to real life.
They're most notable for their paradoxical US open borders policy while promoting the imminent threat from terrorists' arriving any minute from abroad to "kill us". Melvins.






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