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Michael Moore Gets A Rare Headline (And Lots of Republican Hugs?)

Just when I thought Cindy Sheehan had completely replaced Michael Moore as anti-Bush media darling, I found this story at Lucianne.com.

Michael Moore -- gadfly filmmaker, liberal activist and political lightning rod -- says he finds himself being hugged by a lot of Republicans these days.

On the streets of Traverse City, where Moore is working on last-minute preparations for a bigger-and-better sequel to the film festival he launched last year in his home state, the Oscar-winning director says he is approached all the time by conservatives ready to make peace.

"If you were to hang out with me here it won't be five or 10 minutes before you see a Republican hug me. That is almost as entertaining as some of the films," Moore said in an interview.

Moore has not budged from the central claim of his 2004 documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- that the Bush administration misled the American public about the reasons for war in Iraq -- but he says that more people have come around to his view.

"That's the shift that I'm seeing in the past year or so in the country, and as it relates to me," he said.

Some in solidly Republican northern Michigan and elsewhere now believe that they made a "colossal mistake" in initially supporting the war in Iraq, Moore said, and they have let him know it in chance encounters on the streets of Traverse City, a resort town where he has relocated from New York.

Used to traveling with security and encountering a barrage of hostility, Moore said he finds people now more accepting, even to the point Republicans are spontaneously hugging him.

I believe that about as much as I believe all the claims made in Moore's various mockumentaries.


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No Republican or conservati... (Below threshold)

No Republican or conservative is going to be hugging Moore.

You just never know what you might catch . . .

Of course, Moore's history, going back to Roger and Me, the film about him stalking GM Chair Roger Smith over factory closings which made Moore a "star" for the left, is one of unremitting lying.

Why would anyone assume he is telling the truth now, or ever?


I lived for a time in Davis... (Below threshold)

I lived for a time in Davison, Michigan, bedroom community of Flint and birthplace of MM.

Never, at any time of my ten years there, did I find anyone who remembered anything about MM fondly, except of course the day he left.

Past members of the School Board characterize him as a pain in the ass.

One should recall that the past mayor of Flint gave GM the bird on tax concessions, causing GM to move several large factoies and the city of Flint to go bankrupt. Michael Moore (and his movie Roger and Me) are cited often among union officials and Dem politicos. The arritude of "piss off GM as much as possible and then complain" has caught on in Flint.

If MM does for the USA what he did for Flint we all need to move to Canada.

The Davison Township Board has repeatedly defeated attempts to recognize MM in various ways. As far as I know, the dog run I named for him remains the only lasting tribute.

If MM does for

Moore was evidently born a ... (Below threshold)

Moore was evidently born a liar so why would he change now. His dreams may turn to nightmare's at anytime. Holywood would be a prime terrorists target.

Even if Michael Moore were ... (Below threshold)

Even if Michael Moore were choking on a ham sandwich I would not put my arms around that fat bastard.

I believe him.The ... (Below threshold)

I believe him.

The Republicans are thanking him for reminding people how many dingbats there are on the left end of the spectrum.

If the Democrats just had a few adults in their leadership, the Republicans might be in trouble.

Lucianne.com is a well-know... (Below threshold)

Lucianne.com is a well-known hippie Moonbat site. And Michael Moore is fat.

Got to be a lie. N... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Got to be a lie.

No Republican has arms that long.

The "huggers" were Republic... (Below threshold)

The "huggers" were Republican political advisers to all the Repubs. who won new seats because of the Dems. embrace of MM.

Remember that simpleton Jimmy Carter with that stupid little grin, sitting with MM at the Demo convention???

What American has profitted... (Below threshold)

What American has profitted off of the Iraqi War more than Michael Moore?

He's mistaking hugs for und... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

He's mistaking hugs for underhooks. This is a wrestling hold where you slam your opponent to the ground so you can rain down punches, elbows, etc., UFC style. The only thing is, Moore is so fat nobody has been abale to budge him - but we keep trying.

They were patting him down ... (Below threshold)

They were patting him down to make sure he wasn't wearing a suicide vest before he headed off to Mt Rushmoore

Traverse City is a ritzy re... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Traverse City is a ritzy resort town with a lot of wealthy elitist snobs. Wealthy elitist snobs are overwhelmingly Democrats and we all know the Democrats rely on lies and deception so they would naturally love and honor the King of Lies and Deception.

However, Moore assumed that since he was in Northern Michigan they HAD to be Republicans, a false assumption based on nothing more than the prejudices of a sick communist mind. Which of course is exactly like every movie Moore ever made so this is really just par for the course.

Hey! I believe him!I... (Below threshold)

Hey! I believe him!
In related news:
1. Pigs seen soaring over the skies of Newark.
2. A blizzard watch is in effect for parts of hell.
3. Local bears indicate a preference for indoor plumbing.

That is all.

Hey. I thought "Super Size... (Below threshold)

Hey. I thought "Super Size Me" was great! I just wonder when he is going to lose all the weight he gained while shooting it...?

-- Yes, I know, I'm kidding. My personal belief is that there are a lot of people that are asking for a hug/picture/whatever. Such is the society in which we live. People are star-struck by even the likes of MM. I envision people giving him a hug and seconds after he leaves, they snap out of their stupor, vomit and race home for a long, hot shower...

MM thinks it's a hug when p... (Below threshold)

MM thinks it's a hug when people grab him about the throat and try to strangle him. With a neck the size of a waistline, he thinks they are confused.

I live in Northern Michigan... (Below threshold)

I live in Northern Michigan and can tell you the only people that would hug that fat ass would be flaming liberal lawyers because they'd be "star struck." Northern MI is solid conservative. You'd need to go to the unionized south of the state and bigger cities to find the liberals that would embrace MM.

Hey. I thought "Super Si... (Below threshold)

Hey. I thought "Super Size Me" was great! I just wonder when he is going to lose all the weight he gained while shooting it...?
Sorry, "Super Size Me" was done by Morgan Spurlock

Traverse City republicans w... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Traverse City republicans won't even admit that MM operates a film festival there based on my first hand experience with them. It's a small tourist town on a beautiful bay with one rotting beached whale.

He probably thinks strangers that hug him are republicans because he's got money now and he's outside of his liberal comfort zone: NY and Flint. In any case, his lies are imperical facts using the Lee-think ascertion certainty impunity meter.

Obviously my sarcasm was to... (Below threshold)

Obviously my sarcasm was too subtle with a simple: "-- Yes, I know, I'm kidding." Thanks to bnorm for bringin that to light...

I can see where he is confu... (Below threshold)

I can see where he is confused. What they are actually doing is extending their arms to keep the waves of blubber surrounding him from smothering them.

When a republican hugs MM, ... (Below threshold)

When a republican hugs MM, they're all thinking "You poor, poor man. I only hope you find the professional help that you need."

When a republican hugs MM, ... (Below threshold)

When a republican hugs MM, they're all thinking "You poor, poor man. I only hope you find the professional help that you need."

Just like no self respectin... (Below threshold)

Just like no self respecting human being would ever hug rusty Limbaugh (forgive the high school name, but that's what we called him) and for basically the same reasons: Skank. Drugs. Where's those hands been.

Yes, Republicans are huggin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Yes, Republicans are hugging MM just long enough to tape a "Kick Me, I'm Stupid" sign on his back.

Somehow I'm having a hard t... (Below threshold)

Somehow I'm having a hard time getting my arms around this story. Of Republicans wanting to hug Moore.

I am thinking they just kee... (Below threshold)

I am thinking they just keep getting forced into his gravitational pull, and are trying desparately to pull away. He just assumes it's a hug.






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