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A Week With Air America

Mary Katharine Ham listened to Air America for an entire week and learned that Republicans are really, really evil. And so is Israel. She also learned some really funny stuff about Randi Rhodes and how her home improvement experiences helped her understand how those in Iraq and in post-Katrina New Orleans felt. It made me laugh.

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I hate to admit it, but whe... (Below threshold)

I hate to admit it, but when I need a good laugh, I listen to Air America radio.

I laugh at people with 'impaired reality testing'....they're just entertaining.

Welcome back to reality Mar... (Below threshold)

Welcome back to reality Mary!

Living in N. Michigan I can... (Below threshold)

Living in N. Michigan I can't get Air American regularly (weak signal from Detroit - 250+ miles.) But I do get to hear Randi Rhodes after I golf on Turesdays when the air waves are fairly clear, so I tune in for a good laugh. This woman is out of her mind. Even someone high on acid couldn't come up with the crap she spews on her show. What a nut bag! If a conservative said some of the things she says, they'd either be locked up or banned from radio.

A whole week? Did you eat o... (Below threshold)

A whole week? Did you eat or sleep during this week?

I say pump AA into t... (Below threshold)

I say pump AA into the cells at Guantanamo. It's a mild form of torture not covered by the Geneva Conventions and AA can claim they've doubled or trippled their listeners. It seems like everybody wins.

It took her a whole week?<b... (Below threshold)

It took her a whole week?
Dems must be very inefficient.
I learned the same thing about the Democrats in a single Ann Coulter interview.

These people make my head h... (Below threshold)

These people make my head hurt.







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