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Green for greens

The Massachusetts legislature is finally out of session, reducing the harm they can inflict upon the subjects of the Bay State. But before they left, they took the time to go back and override several of Governor Romney's budget vetoes, forking over more of the Commonwealth's money than he thought prudent.

One example that stuck out to me was restoring $31 million for the Rose Kennedy Memorial Greenway, the planting of trees, shrubs, bushes, and other plant life along the former path of the Central Artery. This was a key element of the Big Dig project -- replace the ugly elevated highways with tunnels and sunken roadways, then plant lush greenery in the place of the roads.

Well, the Big Dig is proving out to be The Big Lemon (as many predicted). Governor Romney has taken control of the project (with the eager cooperation of the Legislature, who had used it as their private cash cow for years, but couldn't distance themselves from it fast enough when it finally killed a motorist), and the estimates for repairing it are running anywhere from "2.5 billion metric assloads" to "more money than you can shake a stick at, plus the stick" to "what's the plural form of 'infinity?'"

When looking at the budget, Romney saw that $31 million was set aside for the Greenway. He figured (and I agreed) that such frippery should take a back seat to safety and usability, so he moved it into the repairs budget. Also significant to me, but not mentioned in any account I have found, is that Rose Kennedy was a resident of Florida, not Massachusetts, at the time of her demise (a fact that prompted my very first edit to Wikipedia this morning).

The legislature, however (with the blessing of both Boston papers, the Herald and the Globe), put the money back into plants.

I hope at least some of that green space is dedicated to growing flowers for the funeral arrangements for the next person killed by the Big Dig.

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Heh! Greenery before safet... (Below threshold)

Heh! Greenery before safety... sounds like something we'd see here in Portland...

Off topic but the green com... (Below threshold)

Off topic but the green commentary stirred my memory:


What happens when the 'Big ... (Below threshold)

What happens when the 'Big Ditch' repairs require that all that new greenery be dug up?

Ooops...I forgot, that wasting money preserving the memorials to Massachusetts' 'Royal Family' outweighs common sense and regard for the average taxpayer.

So the Greenway will attrac... (Below threshold)

So the Greenway will attract more tourists and conventioneers to Boston? How are they going to get there? I guess they could fly into Logan, then drive up to Revere and down 1A, since the Sumner and Callahan will be jammed. Maybe they could come in on the Turnpike - d'oh! Makes me yearn for the days when all you had to worry about was 600 pound panes of glass popping out of the 40th floor of the Hancock.

May I suggest that they sim... (Below threshold)

May I suggest that they simply fill in the leaky tunnels and instead construct an overpass to route traffic through the city.

Hey, Jay, I clicked on the ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jay, I clicked on the link for your edit of Wiki... It's asking for citations on your information. A little link at the end says: "Citation Needed"

The plants will look good, ... (Below threshold)

The plants will look good, until the plants and the people admiring them fall through the ground and land on tunnel lanes during rush hour...like the Italian Job. :)






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