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Make Congressman Kingston Show Us The Money!

Earlier today I wrote about Rightroots, the newly unveiled conservative blogger effort to raise money for GOP candidates in competitive congressional races. Since launching the site this morning, Rightroots has already raised over $7000. Congressman Jack Kingston has issued a challenge and if enough in the conservative blogosphere respond, that number will rise significantly by the end of the week:


Dear Friends,

I commend the efforts of the Rightroots movement for providing a forum which seeks to help the Republican Party secure our majorities in the House and Senate, and might even push some competitive races over the finish line in November.

I strongly believe that small donations from a large number of people will help influence public policy and change the face of politics in Washington.

This is our opportunity to send a clear message to folks that Republicans don't just beat Democrats on the streets and on Election Day, but on every battlefield, including the Internet.

I'm going to make a pledge: If Rightroots raises a total of $26,000 by 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, August 4, I will contribute a total of $14,000 directly to some of the candidates from my Leadership PAC in the name of our movement.

It's time for action, and these candidates need our help. Together, we can do it.


Jack Kingston
Member of Congress

Thanks to all of you who have contributed and thanks to Congressman Kingston for his challenge. Now let's all get busy and make him show us the money!

P.S. Go check out the Rightroots list of endorsements and note the name directly under mine.


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Comments (9)

Lurking ...... (Below threshold)

Lurking ...

Shouldn't he be doing that ... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't he be doing that anyway?

/just asking

Well yippee kai ay, and goo... (Below threshold)

Well yippee kai ay, and good for you.

But I can’t find any reference to what this group defines as “conservative”.

Pro First Amendment? And does that include a promise to allow flag burning?

Protection of the Second Amendment is a given. I hope…..

Pro choice on abortion? Or not?

What about the war on drugs? Waste of money, or a great idea?

What about Iraq? More troops, or less?


And what does a “conservative” think about the border situation to the southand immigrants in general? The more the merrier (competition and all)? Or lock out the bastards?

I need a few more details before I commit my funds.

Jaymaster -There are... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Jaymaster -
There are 18 candidates listed. You might not like them all, but my guess is that you will find at least a few that will meet your specifications. What we are concerned with is holding the House and Senate and these are races that, if won, will help achieve that. Even though the GOP is not perfect, the congress is better with them in the majority than with the Democrats there. In the case of these candidates, even the ones that might not be as conservative as you would like (although most of them probably would be) they are definitely more conservative than their Democrat opponents.

Lorie, I went and donated t... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I went and donated to David McSweeney. He actually came to the house before the primary to meet us and he knew who we were. That was very impressive.

A few short weeks ago, she ... (Below threshold)

A few short weeks ago, she was the poor orphan blogger girl without a home . . . just a keyboard and a dream.

Now she's pulling the pursestrings on a dozen and a half federal candidates.

Where does it all end, people? Control of the party . . . Queen of the internet . . . world domination . . . she's gone mad, mad I say!


Adjoran, you woefullly over... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Adjoran, you woefullly overestimate Lorie's power. She's a Contributing Editor on the main page, and Co-Editor of a SUB-page. Here, she ranks below Kevin and I; on Wizbang Politics, she's below Kevin and alongside Alexander. Also, she's a PART of that coalition, not even its leader. She still puts on her shoes one foot at a time.


(Shall I burn the heretic, Your Imperial Majesty? Or behead him, and have his head mounted on a pike as a warning to all others who trifle with you? Your Most Humble Servant awaits your bidding.)

Hmmmm.If the Repub... (Below threshold)


If the Republican party isn't going to secure the borders and deport the illegals, then not one damn dime.

And no the recent Kabuki dance by the House and Senate doesn't count either. That was specifically engineered to make the House look better since it's more vulnerable. As far as I'm concerned, I've already washed my hands of the GOP.

Hmmmm.Que... (Below threshold)


Queen of the internet

... I proclaim the Red Queen of Blogs!

God knows trying to get anything done about immigration is like running the Red Queen's racetrack.






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