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Which side has the "culture of corruption?"

In North Carolina, a former state lawmaker has admitted to switching his political party from Republican to Democrat in exchange for $50,000 and a job for his son. The deal, offered by a Democratic legislator (as yet unnamed), kept the North Carolina House split politically and allowed the status quo of co-speakers to be preserved.

I'm going to depart from the standard political BS here and say that the fact that this was a Democratic scandal means nothing. Neither party has a monopoly on scandals, and neither has a lock on integrity. Their scandals have different stereotypical "flavors," but they're pretty much interchangeable.

I get thoroughly disgusted with the partisan hacks of both sides that revel in the scandals of the other party, and use them as clubs to bludgeon their opponents. All such scandals are reprehensible, be they William Jefferson Clinton, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Jesse Jackson, or anyone, they're all despicable and contemptible and they all deserve to spend time making big rocks into little ones.

If anything, the "party" that all these scandals ought to be lain at the feet of is the Incumbent party.

And it makes me even gladder I'm a declared Independent.

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Which side has the "cult... (Below threshold)

Which side has the "culture of corruption?"

Ooh, I know! The side with all the politicians. I remember a time when that side was referred to as "them" or "those bums".

I agree, it's rather sick a... (Below threshold)

I agree, it's rather sick and rather sad that politicos play the finger pointing game when the real scandal lies in how harmful to American the ideologies of the Democrat left and Rockefeller Republican left are when set in motion. Another thing I hate like fingernails on a chalkboard is when the McCain types stand up and declare themselves above the fray as some sort of champion of virtue and middle America morality...then sit back down and have another binge drinking contest with girlfriend HRC. ;)

If anything, the "party"... (Below threshold)

If anything, the "party" that all these scandals ought to be lain at the feet of is the Incumbent party.

Hmmmmmm. Yeah, that makes sense. The incumbent party (Republicans) is responsible/to blame for this loon accepting a $50,000 bribe?

I'm tired of the actions of... (Below threshold)

I'm tired of the actions of despicable jerks being attributed to ANYONE else. The fact that Cunningham chose to be a prostitute does not make the Republicans a house of harlots. Jefferson's freezer full of money doesn't make the Democrats the party of ice capers. The fact that some priests like to lift their vestments for alter boys doesn't make the Catholic Church the happening place for pederasty pedigogery. In each of these cases individuals CHOSE to do wrong. They did not go to the Republican Party, the Democratic Party or the Catholic Church and ask permission or get directions on where to go wrong.

In my opinion, until proven otherwise, all individuals peripherally associated with wrongdoers are innocent till proven guilty. I am not ashamed to be part of noble meaning clubs and associations that are found to harbor the odd self-serving criminal. In fact, I refuse to be driven away from my associations by those that would attempt to blackwash an entire membership due to the actions of a few. Being an Independent doesn't raise you above the members of the Republican or Democratic Party any more than Dan Rather's declared independence means that he is non partisan.

BTW: When I searched thesaurus.com for pederasty it said: no entry found, did you mean priest?

The local afternoon radio h... (Below threshold)

The local afternoon radio host on 680 WPTF played Nance Pelosi's "culture of corruption" soundbite about 5 times when discussing this issue.

When people think about Dem government corruption, they usually think of NJ first. No siree. It is NC. Just about every issue that comes up has Black's name linked to it somehow.

Luke's right. Is Harry Reid... (Below threshold)

Luke's right. Is Harry Reid's boxing problems the fault of Bill Frist?

Yeah Luke, they allowed him... (Below threshold)

Yeah Luke, they allowed him to run and win on a Republican ticket and then didn't get him enough graft to satisfy his greed. So it's their fault that:

A) corrupt fellow got elected to office and
B) they didn't pay him off enough to keep him.

Yes, from down here in N.C.... (Below threshold)

Yes, from down here in N.C., the landscape of the ethics problem in the local House is our Dem. Speaker of the House who is embroiled in a number of scandals, including making Optometrist-conducted eye exams mandatory for all school-age children.

This is what you get when you have an freakin' optometrist running government.

Can't wait for the next boob--will he be a used car salesman, or a insurance salesman.

You'll get the ethics of the marketplace.

If anything, t... (Below threshold)
If anything, the "party" that all these scandals ought to be lain at the feet of is the Incumbent party.

Hmmmmmm. Yeah, that makes sense. The incumbent party (Republicans) is responsible/to blame for this loon accepting a $50,000 bribe?

I think by 'Incumbent party' (capital "I") Jay meant career politicians (aka incumbent).

- MikeB

You know ABSOLUTELY nothing... (Below threshold)

You know ABSOLUTELY nothing about this case. I served in the legislature with Mr. Decker. This is PURE DEMOCRAT bribery. Mr. Black, the current speaker, is the next to be indicted. This has no relationship to Cunningham, this is retail buy a vote politics. Cunningham was trying to get rich. Decker is an idiot and was used by the Democrats who saw a poor unemployed legislator living off his $16,000 a year salary as easy fruit to buy. It is sad that this fool was so cheaply bought, but trust me on this, the current federal DA did not cop this plea without Decker's promise to sing like a bird, Speaker Black is going to JAIL. Oh, how sweet it is going to be. All the Democrat papers in NC are going to have to eat a lot of crow. OH YEAH!! Kemp

Just a little perspective:<... (Below threshold)

Just a little perspective:

If you took every single case of corrupt federal officials in the last 100 years, added in the amounts defrauded in the Enron, WorldComm, and Tyco scandals, you still would only have a fraction of the amount of money scammed in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal.

I'm just saying . . . we have plenty of corrupt politicians, and a few corrupt businessmen. When we find them, we should rip them out of their positions and punish them severely, taking back all their ill-gotten gains. But all our guys are penny-ante crooks compared to the world class thieves who are getting away scot-free.

What about the UN?

Jay - This is the first tim... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Jay - This is the first time you have written
something that makes sense . I knew you had it in you. You are usually way off on your opinion , but
this time you nailed it .
Its good to see that you are really not retarded.






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