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Terrorists Kill Iraqi Children Playing Soccer in Baghdad

Gateway Pundit writes in a post that terrorists buried bombs in the pitch of a soccer field killing 12 people, many of them children:

At least 12 people, many of them children, have been killed in bomb attacks while they were playing football in west Baghdad, police say.

Two blasts hit a makeshift pitch on waste ground in a mainly Shia district. About a dozen other people were hurt.

Police say the bombs had been buried in the middle of the football pitch.

Police say those killed and injured in Wednesday's attack on the football game were aged between nine and 20.

Two mortar shells hit another Shia area, killing three young people, some of whom were also playing football, police said.

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Hmmmm.Frankly this... (Below threshold)


Frankly this stuff burns me up. I was forced, due to my medical treatment, to watch CNN for the past 5 hours and this story came on a couple times but only got a few seconds each time.

Vastly more time was spent on Mel Gibson.


So, one has to ask, where i... (Below threshold)

So, one has to ask, where is the Islamic and world outrage about these killings?

Nowhere, of course. There isn't any when it's the Islamic nutcases who are doing the killing.

Now, now, Republicanbabe. ... (Below threshold)

Now, now, Republicanbabe. It's going to take Green Helmet a while to drive the refrigerator truck from Qana to Baghdad. We'll see plenty of outrage then.

Oh, there's plenty of outra... (Below threshold)

Oh, there's plenty of outrage among Islamic people about stuff like this. We just don't hear about it.

I particularly liked the comment on an Iraqi blog after Zarqawi was killed and Palestinians were hailing him as a hero. It was essentially... Iraq has always been good to the Palestinians. We welcomed them. They lived better here than most of us do. And this is thanks? This monster killed our children and the Palestinians say he is a hero? I never understood why people in America and Europe called them terrorists before. Now I do.






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