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American Fighting for Israel Laid to Rest in Jerusalem

There are around 100 Americans in Israel's army, and Michael Levin was one of them. He was killed on Tuesday in a Lebanese village rooting out Hezbollah terrorists.

JERUSALEM- A young American who cut short a visit to his family in Pennsylvania to return to his Israeli army unit fighting in Lebanon was buried Thursday on a rocky hillside in Jerusalem.

Friends and family locked arms before the grave and wept, and soldiers stood at attention and held back tears as they buried Staff Sgt. Michael Levin, 22, originally of Holland, Pa.

Levin died in the Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab when an anti-tank missile fired by Hezbollah guerrillas struck a building he was searching Tuesday. He was one of three Israeli soldiers killed in the battle, and he was buried in the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem.

Levin came to Israel about four years ago, first to study and live on a kibbutz before fulfilling what his close friends said was a lifelong dream of joining an elite Israeli paratrooper unit.

Several hundred mourners, most of them appearing to be in their 20s and many in army uniforms with rifles strapped across their chests, waited as Levin's coffin was carried to a neat rectangle dug out of the stony ground.

The casket was draped in an Israeli flag and carried by six soldiers to the grave site. A bearded officer in uniform sung a prayer in front of the coffin as it made its way from a military hearse to the grave. Other soldiers followed behind it, touching the coffin and wiping tears.

The coffin was lowered into the ground as friends and family sobbed loudly and choked back tears. The casket was quickly covered with dirt from white bags piled nearby. Soldiers with eyes reddened by tears hugged one another and mourners squeezed into open spaces between the cemetery's graves to listen to a ceremony conducted in both Hebrew and English.

We shouldn't forget the Americans who are on the front lines fighting the Islamofascists in Israel. America and Israel are in this war on terror together.

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I stand with Israel. With ... (Below threshold)

I stand with Israel. With both feet planted firmly. May this young man's family find peace.

Another brave man stands ag... (Below threshold)

Another brave man stands against the night.

Lincoln said it best about men such as he, "that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

May he rest in the light et... (Below threshold)

May he rest in the light eternal. God bless you, Michael Levin...

Tears trickle down my cheek... (Below threshold)
Ruth from America:

Tears trickle down my cheeks as I read this. Yes, there are some of us in America who long for Israel to be left in Peace! God bless that young man's family! God bless Israel and all her fighting soldiers and their families! We are praying for them!

I hope he killed a lot of t... (Below threshold)

I hope he killed a lot of those disgusting sand
[email protected]#$%r rag heads terrorists before he died. Its time for us here in the USA to send out our military to fully stand by the beautiful state of Israel. I don't understand why Bush the coward will not do this. We all must remember that Israel and us are in the same boat. The enemies of Israel will always be our enemies no matter who they are or where they hide. We need to teach those rag heads to stop messing with Israel by bombing every Arab capitol into rubble like Beirut. Then our army with Israel will kick all the palestinians out of Gaza and the west bank and put them some where else. This is the only way that Israel can live for eternity. As a Jew I would like thank you conservatives for your support in defending the Jewish homeland and helping to keep it a Jewish only state.

Mike, while I stand firmly ... (Below threshold)

Mike, while I stand firmly with Israel and our administration, you are not helping matters in the least. With your idiotic slurs you can not be taken seriously and are effectively hurting our cause by giving the left ammunition. Thanks a lot. Furthermore, we are not fighting to "defend the Jewish homeland" so that it can be a "Jewish only state". How is that any better than Hizbollah wanting the Jews to be wiped out, effectively having an Arab only state? I suppose you want all the Christians out of Israel?

Israel must stay a jewish s... (Below threshold)

Israel must stay a jewish state no matter what. If we let arabs in they would breed to fast and destroy the jewish majority. Then Israel would become a filthy arab country like all the rest. D-Hoggs have you been to arab country? They are backwards and filthy places. Why would you want Israel to become like that?

More of your slurs Mike. No... (Below threshold)

More of your slurs Mike. Not helping our cause at all. Further, not once did I say I want Israel to be backwards or filthy, I would like for it to be free and beautiful and open to anyone like the US. Not a strictly Jewish state. Since you didn't answer the first time, what would you do with the Christians of Israel? I suppose they are to be kicked out or exterminated in the course of making a" Jewish only state". You sound just as bad as the enemy Mike. You know Hitler had the same fears of the Jews, that they would breed to fast and become a majority. Well, I assume you know what happend there.

It would not surprise me if... (Below threshold)

It would not surprise me if Mike was really some leftist trying to discredit the righties.

Christians of course will b... (Below threshold)

Christians of course will be welcome, but the state of Israel will ALWAYS remain a primarily Jewish state. Arabs will always subvert the Jewish state every chance they get if they are allowed to remain. That's why the Palestinians must be moved to Jordan and southern Lebanon freed from the terrorist Shiites. If other Arab states can not accept this then they must be pressured militarily and politically by the United States. Arab countries need to understand the the Palestinians belong else where, not on Israeli land. These actions will result in the lasting peace that Israel needs. Muslims will always be terrorizing Israel utill a buffer zone is created. Bob explain to me what is wrong with my ideas.

Mike:Bob explain ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Bob explain to me what is wrong with my ideas

Well, the epithet "sand nigger rag head" isn't exactly a smart way to present an idea.

It's not the ideas you presented (and they have been offered before, particularly that Jordan, et al, allow the "Palestineans" back into the countries they kicked them out of in the first place), it's the bilious manner in which you spew them. Reverse racism is still racism, and is still abhorrent. For goodness sake, this isn't Jane Hamster's blog, you know.

If Mike Levin had remained ... (Below threshold)

If Mike Levin had remained an American it sounds like he could have been a good Marine, and fought for his native country on one or both of the two fronts where we have an American war going on. I guess giving up his US citizenship and fighting for another country was more important to him. That's is a sad story to me as an American, on top of the sad story of the loss of young SSgt Levin's life and the lost lives of the many innocents in both Lebanon and Israel (10 times as many in Lebanon, many Christians). Let's not forget that many is Israel are Russian and Russian tendencies, as we've seen displayed many times over the last 50 years. Most are not nice Jewish folks from Philly.

I was moved to read of Mich... (Below threshold)

I was moved to read of Michael Levin's sacrifice, then I was surprised to learn that over 100 Americans have been fighting with Israel. But has anyone ever heard of a gentile fighting with Israel? Is this possible? For a Christian young man to join the Israeli army?






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