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Israel to Hezbollah: Let's See What You've Got

Just hours after Hezbollah leader Nasrallah gave a speech in which he threatened to strike Tel Aviv if Israel bombed Beirut, Israel answered dropping more bombs in Beirut.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israel launched a second straight night of airstrikes on the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital on Friday, targeting an area known as a stronghold of Hezbollah militants.

Late Thursday, Israeli warplanes dropped leaflets over several neighborhoods in the area warning residents to leave "for your own safety."

The leaflets warned of an expansion of the Israeli campaign in Beirut because Hezbollah continues to fire rockets into Israel and because of statements made Thursday by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

"The expansion of terrorist operations by Hezbollah will lead to a painful and harsh response and the results will be painful not only for Hassan's gang and its criminals," the leaflets read.

On Thursday, Nasrallah vowed to strike Tel Aviv in retaliation for Israel's bombardment of the Lebanese capital.

"If you hit Beirut, the Islamic resistance will hit Tel Aviv and is able to do that with God's help," Nasrallah said in a televised address.

I'm watching all the explosions go off live on Fox's Hannity and Colmes, and Beirut is getting hammered.

Update: Be sure to stop by Atlas Shrugs who is blogging from Israel.


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Comments (19)

It's like watching a lopsid... (Below threshold)

It's like watching a lopsided bar fight.

"I'm going to kick your ass!"

(guy who started the fight gets beat up)

"Okay, now I'm going to kick your ass!"

(gets beat up some more, manages to get one or two sloppy punches in)

"Okphay," (spits out some teeth), "you're getting me mad! My buddies are going to help, too!"

(buddies start playing a really intense and quiet game of pool on the other side of the room)

Et cetera...

Or, it's like the Black Kni... (Below threshold)

Or, it's like the Black Knight in Montey Python and the Holy Grail.

"C'mon, what you got? That's nothing, it's just a flesh wound!!"

Go, Israel, Go! I want to see Nasrallah in a black latex suit with an orange ball in his mouth.

"I want to see Nasrallah in... (Below threshold)

"I want to see Nasrallah in a black latex suit with an orange ball in his mouth."

That's a visual image we did NOT need.

Propped up in an open coffin, ala the old west, yes.

Hezbolla is finding out the... (Below threshold)

Hezbolla is finding out they were no where near ready to take on Israel. No place to run to either. Their only hope is to stage a huge civilian death incident or hide in Syria and proclaim victory.

So are the Syrians and Iran... (Below threshold)

So are the Syrians and Iranians girding for war, or are they grimacing and hiding their eyes?

HaHa, these sand ni**ers ha... (Below threshold)

HaHa, these sand ni**ers have no idea what they are doing. These people live in filth and deserve to die in it. Threatening Israel will get these animals no where. Its time for the American and Israelis to join forces and eradicate the Palestinian filth from Gaza and west bank and Lebanon. This is the only way Israel can have peace and a pure Jewish state free from intimidation and arab scum. These Arabs are primitive sub humans that need to be beaten every once in a while like dogs. They need to know that if the even think of harming a Jew, America will rain missiles on there head until they evaporate. God bless the stat of Israel, 4 ever.

This comes under the old ru... (Below threshold)

This comes under the old rule, "Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash."

Nasty and his Hezzies didn't expect the "disproportionate response" they got from Israel OR the lukewarm outrage generated in "world opinion" - which is why they stage-manage their "atrocities" to pump the PR machine.

The sooner more of them are dead, the safer we all will be - including Lebanese civilians.

These people are not idiots... (Below threshold)

These people are not idiots to fall to "rope-a-dope" tactics. When President Johnson prosecuted the Vietnam war as if it were a side issue he nearly lost the war. This failure to understand that the Vietnam war was a regional war fought to wear us down condemned us to a hopeless struggle. When Nixon finally started to bomb effectively and was less concerned with meaningless boarders we won the war by destroying (for a time) the N.Vietnamese’s ability to fight but failed to extinguish the Communist‘s will to fight. Nixon's fall and the resultant Tip O'Neal presidency doomed the false peace.

When you look at successful wars you see that those wars were fought to the destruction of the enemy's WILL TO FIGHT. Would the Civil war have ended with the surrender of Lee without Sherman's march to the sea? Would Japan be the pacific republic it is if we had avoided Hiroshima and Nagasaki in favor of a naval blockade?

We are currently involved militarily in Afghanistan and Iraq; Israel is involved in Lebanon. Are these not all the same war, against the same enemy? Nasrallah said: "If Israel bombs our capital we will bomb theirs." By this statement he has elected himself president of Lebanon; and Syria is a pawn of Iran. If we now abandon Iraq to them and call off Israel what chance for the middle-east? What chance for us?

When Hitler was given the land he demanded in 1938 and peace agreements were signed with England and Russia it was thought war had been averted. With his march into Czechoslovakia and Poland the folly of bargaining with Hitler was laid bare. But his aims had been stated plainly in “Mein Kampf” and earlier writings. Writings that were ignored by those anxious to be convinced that Hitler was not a threat "to us."

We have been told that we are fighting terrorists. Groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and a dozen others. Foolish bands of loosly allied creeps and goons. They are proxies, pawns in a war between the West and the fascists that control much of the Islamic world and most of the Islamic people. If we fail to see this, and thereby fail to destroy their WILL to fight, we are doomed to die the death of a thousand cuts.

"I'm watching all the explo... (Below threshold)

"I'm watching all the explosions go off live on Fox's Hannity and Colmes, and Beirut is getting hammered."

You say it as if you are watching a Hollywood movie. Real people and humans are dying. People on both sides are dying. Innocent Jews and Innocent Muslims are vistims of the corrupt plans of power hungry arms lobbyists. Do you know the truth about Zionists? WHy does America support them? I urge all of you to think on larger issues than watch propoganda on Fox news. It is not Hollywood.
I and all Muslims want to live in peace with Jews in the area, but do you'll want that?

Mostly, but not totally OT:... (Below threshold)

Mostly, but not totally OT:

The last time I commented here was because there was a flurry of comment deletions and it disturbed me.

Frankly, I still can't see where as one comment deserves to be deleted and others go unchallenged.

I believe that your commenters should police the comment section to some degree.

So I will attempt to do so here.

Mike's comment above is like a throwback to the old Klan days.

While I have no problem with the notion that terrorists should be eradicated, painfully and gruisomely, I've got a problem with the collective and, yes, racist inferences made above.

And it's not even his choice of words in the first sentence. It's the belief that all of any race are a given way and cannot be redeemed short of death.

All Arabs are not scum. All Palestinians are not filth.

If you find it offensive when someone says all Jews are greedy hook nosed misers or that all Americans are stupid, untraveled cowboys, then you should find Mike's comments above offensive as well.

Godspeed to Israel in eradicating Hizbollah. God save the poor folks trapped in between.


'Real people and humans are... (Below threshold)

'Real people and humans are dying'

No, Hezbollah are animals.

'Innocent Jews and Innocent Muslims are vistims of the corrupt plans of power hungry arms lobbyists'

In Iran? They have power hungry arms lobbyists?

'Do you know the truth about Zionists?'

Enlighten us. Do you think there is a 'final solution'?

'I and all Muslims want to live in peace with Jews in the area'

By killing and kidnapping them? By rejecting every opportunity and concession? By calling for the destruction of Israel?

M.U>"I and all Musli... (Below threshold)

"I and all Muslims want to live in peace with the Jews in that area, but do you want that?"

Of course! Your turn to show some evidence - and ANY evidence will be acceptable - that the Muslims of that area want that. I'll give you, oh, how about an eternity to come up with some evidence. OK, the clock has been started.

lunacy, I will bet good mon... (Below threshold)

lunacy, I will bet good money (if I ever get any) that "Mike" is a troll (or maybe a 'bot) whose only purpose is to salt this and other conservative sites with racist comments like that to make us all look bad.

Kim, I would suggest that it's time for a little


Mike's comments were disgus... (Below threshold)

Mike's comments were disgusting and vile, and were probably designed to poison this dicussion.

Hezbolla is getting a severe spanking from Israel. If this turns out well, Hezbolla will be driven from Lebanon and Syria and Iran will be dealt a major setback. In fact, there is a good chance that we can use this conflict to separate Syria from its alliance with Iran. That would be a nice outcome, but it will be very tricky. Also, Lebanon will be released from its zombie spell to grow and prosper in freedom. That poor country has been slapped around since 1975.

Hmmmm.You... (Below threshold)


You say it as if you are watching a Hollywood movie. Real people and humans are dying. People on both sides are dying. Innocent Jews and Innocent Muslims are vistims of the corrupt plans of power hungry arms lobbyists.

Yet according to many muslims there are no "Innocent Jews". Nor are there any non-combatant infidels either.

So why shouldn't Israel use those same rules, reversed, on Lebanon?

I and all Muslims want t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I and all Muslims want to live in peace with Jews in the area...

Is there a punchline coming we should know about?

The possibility of Mike as ... (Below threshold)

The possibility of Mike as a troll had not occurred to me.

I don't get my deceptive groove on until much later in the day ;)

Even so, if he is designed to make us look bad, all the more reason we should mitigate the stereotyping, be they "all conservatives are bigots" or "all arabs are subhuman".

That said:

I think we can all (save one) agree that mike is a poophead.


Sure the Islamists want pea... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Sure the Islamists want peace... On their terms and their terms only. And that means the destruction of Israel.

Christians of course will b... (Below threshold)

Christians of course will be welcome, but the state of Israel will ALWAYS remain a primarily Jewish state. Arabs will always subvert the Jewish state every chance they get if they are allowed to remain. That's why the Palestinians must be moved to Jordan and southern Lebanon freed from the terrorist Shiites. If other Arab states can not accept this then they must be pressured militarily and politically by the United States. Arab countries need to understand the the Palestinians belong else where, not on Israeli land. These actions will result in the lasting peace that Israel needs. Muslims will always be terrorizing Israel utill a buffer zone is created. Bob explain to me what is wrong with my ideas.






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