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The BBC Terrorism Awards

Just when I think nothing can surprise me, something does. Michelle Malkin writes about an incredibly insensitive BBC "comedy":

These stills are from a BBC comedy called "Time Trumpet" (big hat tip - Steve J). The show features a satirical "Terrorism Awards" show with nominees including a "lone gunman" who shoots Tony Blair in the head as he sleeps with his wife; a 9/11-style video of terrorists crashing an airliner into the Houses of Parliament; and a Tel Aviv suicide bombing.
A barrel of laughs there, huh? Michelle has still shots from the show, more descriptions of the content and video at Hot Air. Michelle posts contact info for the BBC and reminds us how concerned they were to not offend Muslims regarding the Mohammed cartoons.
Note to BBC: Notice, you arbiters of cultural sensitivity, that we Americans will not be burning down the British embassy or calling for your beheadings or forcing your news hosts into hiding in fear for their lives.

That is the difference between us and them. But it's all a joke to you.


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Comments (18)

What better proof of morall... (Below threshold)

What better proof of morally bankrupt leadership at a government funded agency could one ask for?

If there isn't a ground swell of outrage in the UK they deserve the dhimmitude they are courting for they no longer can lay claim to the heritage of Churchill, Mill, and Locke.

Monty Python, where are you... (Below threshold)

Monty Python, where are you when your country needs you?

The UK isn't the only count... (Below threshold)

The UK isn't the only country whose morals are slipping. Today there was a story out of Buffalo, NY about five thugs beating up and robbing a Marine Double amputee in Bethesda, Md. Isn't there any men left in Bethesda these days. If there are find these five thugs, buy about 25 baseball bats and make sure that one knee and one elbow never works again on any of the five. Even better would be both knees and one elbow. Leave one arm workable so they can smoke their pot and collect their welfare check. Do I advocate violence against these thugs, Damn right, extreme violence since the law and the court system will never take care of them. Find them and hurt them bad.

Your £131.50 at work, lads.... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Your £131.50 at work, lads.

But I'm sure they are caref... (Below threshold)

But I'm sure they are careful not to broadcast those disturbing pictures of the WTC buildings collapsing.

Another thing - how many Brits died on 9-11?

Are you upset because the U... (Below threshold)

Are you upset because the US is the only country that has ever been the victim of terrorism, or because you don't understand satire and irony? You might remember that the UK suffered 20 years of terror at the hands of the IRA - including an almost successful attempt on the life of Margret Thatcher in my home town of Brighton - but obviously the US has a monopoly on terror victimhood now! How dare anyone express themsleves? Get a grip - it's clearly ironic and while you might think it's in bad taste, this is just one more way of coming to terms with terrorism. Producers at the BBC have always given a rleatively free hand to writers on issues such as this and to confuse the news repoting and creative side of the BBC simply shows your ignorance.
I remember the outrage the met the Day Today and Brass Eye, two shows that satirised the way the media gins up current affairs and "issues" such as crime, moral decline and the environment. They made a show about paedophilia sweeping the nation that was as achingly funny as it was spot on in it's observation of the way the TV and newspapers postively salavated over any such tragedy. Many people missed the point and reacted with outrage, but truth be told it, this ironic look at the media's manipulation of horrors like paedophilia was spot on.

I don't know if this show is well done or funny or not since I haven't seen it, but I'm glad they are allowed to make it. God forbid bores, bombasts and prudes like you ever become arbiters of acceptable TV.

Zoom:Freedom OF sp... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


Freedom OF speech is not the same as Freedom FROM consequences.

Do people have a right to make TV programs propounding various points of view, even if in questionable taste?


But if you make a program that offends people, you should expect criticism.

You should also expect, if you're outrageous enough, boycotts of your products and even street protests. All perfectly legal and reasonable.

After all, isn't that what the Left said about the Danish cartoonists?

What you don't have is wingnuts threatening the BBC producers with death, or burning the UK embassy, or calling for the government to apologize, despite the fact that the BBC, unlike the Danish paper, actually is a state-run organization.

Or is somehow the sensibilities of Muslims to be safeguarded more than the sensibilities of non-Muslim Americans?

Will somebody please change... (Below threshold)

Will somebody please change the OP's diapers?

Hmmmm.Wil... (Below threshold)


Will somebody please change the OP's diapers?

Could you expound on this a bit further? Because I have not a clue as to what you're saying.

I have called my cable prov... (Below threshold)

I have called my cable provider and requested that BBC America be dropped from my cable service. If enough people make this kind of call, a major source of income to an anti-American enabler will be stifled.

ZoomWebster's <br ... (Below threshold)


Satire:a literary work [etc] in which vices, follies, etc. are held up to ridicule or contempt

"Joking' about a politically brave government figure's murder is not satire...

'Joking' about the death of thousands of innocents at the hands of homicidal religious fanatics is NOT satire.

Making excuses for those who do so by calling it satire is condoning evil.

People who do so are exactly the kind of people who become collaborators in times of occupation.

Collaboration is treasonous behavior in time of war.

Given the above, the fact that we are in an undeclared war must be comforting.

Stalag 13?Hogan's He... (Below threshold)

Stalag 13?
Hogan's Heroes?

Joking about Nazi's?

Stalag 13? Hogan's Heroes? ... (Below threshold)

Stalag 13? Hogan's Heroes? Joking about Nazi's?
Posted by: Robert

Not the same thing at all. Both the movie and the Tv series portrayed the Nazi's over a spectrum from bumbling incompetents thru dumbly following orders to willing supporters of evil.

Neither of these portrayed the Allies as being the 'bad' guys or even morally equivalent.

To be the equivalent these would have had to portray the victims of nazi brutality as culpable in their own destruction. Blaming the victim is always a sign of intellectual dishonesty.

Finally, our mortal enemies had been decisively defeated and their 'agenda' completely discredited.

This clip really seems to h... (Below threshold)

This clip really seems to have stirred up a lot of outrage amongst the more humourless sections of the American right. I'm confused as to why they have got themselves into such a tizzy about a satire of award shows though. Are award shows especially revered across the pond?
Maybe they'll be equally outraged at the bit of the show where the moronic London islamic militants get the piss taken out of their murderous placards in that infamous protest against the MoToons?

"This clip really seems to ... (Below threshold)

"This clip really seems to have stirred up a lot of outrage amongst the more humourless sections of the American right."commenter

Perhaps I can help you. Yes, it's clear you are confused. Morally confused.

The fact that you don't 'get it' speaks volumes... about your lack of moral character.

It's not humour we lack. It's your absence of moral clarity wherein your 'puzzlement' lies.

On second thought, if you need it explained to you, I doubt very much short of a few years living under a religious totalitarian regime will be sufficient to open your 'eyes'.

But never fear, the attitudes of so many in the west such as yourself may yet carry the day and render victory onto those very fanatics who are so desirous of introducing us all to the 'charms' only Islam can provide.

Looks like the Brits hav... (Below threshold)

Looks like the Brits have given up on the United States. Too bad, the U.S. was once a powerful and respected nation, now we're just known as a bunch of liars.

Thankfully, elections are approaching. It's time for a regime change in America, don't forget to vote.

Posted by: Lefty at August 4, 2006 01:04 PM

Lefty, you think they care who's in charge.

The left generated the 'lying' meme to damage the current adminstration for political purposes. You just do it to get your team elected.

Much of Europe is wanton to look down the US. They do it because we're the Power as far as single countries go and people in their countries line up around the block for a chance to immigrate here. They also do it because we're the shiznit and we're a mongrel nation. We were always looked down upon for that and we're not suppose to be more successful. If we are more successful, we must have done it through connivery.

All you've done is feed them an excuse to look done on us. But guess what, they don't give a crap who's in charge. You've given them BS they can feed off of for decades and they will. And they won't just leave it at what happened during the Bush era. No matter which Democratic hopeful is in the Whitehouse, they will view any action in the same light.

You see, Lefty, you didn't hurt the Republican's reputation with your BS. You hurt America's reputation with your BS.

Not the same thing at al... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Not the same thing at all. Both the movie and the Tv series portrayed the Nazi's over a spectrum from bumbling incompetents thru dumbly following orders to willing supporters of evil.

Moreover, Klink and Schultz (played by Jewish and European actors, Klemperer was an actual refugee from Hitler's Germany, as well as Banner) were not Nazis. Klink was a barely competent Luftwaffe (Air Force) officer, who took the job to avoid being sent to the Russian Front.

Schultz was a simple Army sgt, and a secretly professed Social Democrat.

In contrast, the actual Nazis (Hochstetter) were despised by POW and camp personel alike.

Taken in context, rather th... (Below threshold)
Electric Eskimo:

Taken in context, rather than culled from Youtube or some outraged blogger, this was a critique on the fallacy that a war on terror(ism), which is essentially a metaphysical concept, can actually be 'won'.

The rest of the sketch, which I suspect few of you saw, made some very thought provoking points. It included a clip of Islamic extremists, holding up placards saying things like "death to everything after the 8th century", so there was no "condoning" involved.

The point of humour and especially satire is often a relief against the potential threats to us. There no comparison, as the blitz was far, far worse, but there was plenty of 'bombing' jokes during the blitz in the theatre halls.

I hasten to add that I live in London, work on Whitehall and was seriously caught up in the 7/7 bombings, as I was on one of the District Line trains attacked last year. I know another attack could happen anytime, mainly due to the UK govts counter-productive middle eastern foreign policy, but I will NOT be sharing my outrage with the BBC; the UK is still (just about) a free country and if I don't like something on TV I turn it off.






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