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Cheney's "Elvis" Appeal

Warner Todd Huston makes a great point about the AP's shock that Dick Cheney is popular with Republican audiences.

They certainly seem amazed that anyone could respect Dick Cheney since, according to them, "Cheney is favorably regarded by only about a third of Americans". This one third statistic is pretty normal for just about anyone who has any well known contention swirling about them. After all, it is well accepted by historians that only one third of the American colonists supported the Revolutionary war, too. People who take strong stands often find that they get the adoration of one third, the outright hatred of one third and no opinion out of the last third.

Still, it is amusing to see the shock with which the AP views support among GOP faithful for the man they elected to office, that same man the press was claiming added "gravitas" to the presidential ticket back in 2000.

And, while the AP loves to trumpet the "beating" Cheney's reputation has taken, every aspect of their story proves the opposite is true.

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Cheney is great. He lays i... (Below threshold)

Cheney is great. He lays it right out very clearly and succinctly. When you hear him speak, you can't help liking him.

During G.W. Bush's first run for president in 2000, there were two times when his approval rating boosted in the polls. Both occurred when Cheney events happened but nobody saw the correlation.

The first was at the Republican convention when Bush announced Cheney as his running mate. Every news organization attributed Bush's rise in the polls to the convention itself; not Cheney.

The second was when Cheney debated Lieberman. The news organizations attributed the boosted ratings as a delayed reaction to Bush's earlier debate with Gore.

Cheney needs to get out more. He is da man!

That's what drives the left... (Below threshold)

That's what drives the lefties crazy. Chaney is a self made billionaire (or close) and he tells it like it is. The funny thing is that his intel is so much higher than the lefties and he always tells the truth which burns them bad.
That's where the hate, that is turning into insanity, on the left comes from. They can't stand the 'fact' that this administration tells it streight which is so unlike the lying Slick Willie administration, which never told the truth, if they knew the difference in the truth and a lie. Probably the only three canadiates for president that didn't carry their home state (people knew they were losers) were Dimmy Carter, Slick Willie and Algore. Ain't that a hoot?

Too bad Cheney wasn't a hea... (Below threshold)

Too bad Cheney wasn't a heart patient,he'd be our next President.

I don't believe Cheney is a... (Below threshold)

I don't believe Cheney is anywhere close to "billionaire," but he certainly won't be needing food stamps when he retires. He earned every dime, too.

When one of my liberal friends laments the quality of leadership we get in Presidents, meaning Bush of course, I generally agree, and note that the most qualified men in the country to be President have to Cheney and Rumsfeld. Both have served in several capacities in government AND had great success at the highest levels of management in the private sector.

Opposed to, say, the accomplishments of John Kerry which are . . . what, again? That he can go windsurfing and charge lunch to Teresa?

Cheney got the "boogeyman" designation from the left for several reasons. He first lent gravitas to Bush's campaign. He had run a huge company which was related to the oil industry. He has that look, the permanent sneer which sends the message, "What am I doing here with these idiots?" which would be entirely appropriate in most circumstances, but doesn't get "pretty points" from the fMSM.

Cheney wouldn't stand a chance of being elected in today's media world. Of course, neither would Lincoln.

"Shotgun" Dick Cheyney, the... (Below threshold)

"Shotgun" Dick Cheyney, the Prince of Darkness and Evil as president? Good Lord, he already is. He runs the foreign policy for George the Puppet who couldn't figure out whether Crawford is west or east of Washington. Give me a break. This guy is the architecht of the abysmal failures of this abysmal administration. Thank God he won't be around in 2 more years....let him go Quale hunting in the Bush and see who else he shoots. The leader of The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.

Nice reasoned response ther... (Below threshold)

Nice reasoned response there, Larry.

Tell me anything inaccurate... (Below threshold)

Tell me anything inaccurate in my post Jay.

"...the abysmal failures... (Below threshold)

"...the abysmal failures of this abysmal administration."

Yeah, like liberating 50 million people.

The U.N. should be so "abysmal."

In your world John Kerry wi... (Below threshold)

In your world John Kerry will always look "french" and therefore by association be thought of as weak, unreliable and duplicitous. In my world Cheney looks like a Russian Politburo or Central Committee member. Because of this, it follows that he must be sinister, soulless and motivated only by his loyalty to the party. He most certainly must be involved in the subjugation of the masses, while reaping much material and political spoils from the lower working class.

Heil Halliburton!

Sorry Grouchy.That K... (Below threshold)

Sorry Grouchy.
That Kerry looked French just reinforces the perception created by how he behaves: French
Two Faced
Holier than thou

It still amazes me that any... (Below threshold)

It still amazes me that anyone would believe a word uttered by Dick "last throes" Cheney at this point.






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