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You Think It's Hot Now?

Today's heat doesn't compare to the 1930's:

(CNSNews.com) - People sweltering from a heat wave in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. might find cold comfort in the fact that the temperatures of the past few days are not the hottest on record. That "honor" belongs to a summer 76 years ago -- decades before the controversy over "man-made global warming" began.

"From June 1 to August 31, 1930, 21 days had high temperatures that were 100 degrees or above" in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, Patrick Michaels, senior fellow for environmental studies at the libertarian Cato Institute, told Cybercast News Service. "That summer has never been approached, and it's not going to be approached this year."

Between July 19 and Aug. 9 of that year, heat records were set on nine days and they remain unbroken more than three-quarters of a century later. "That's hot," added Michaels, who also serves as professor of natural resources at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Va.

The summer of 1930 also marked the beginning of the longest drought of the 20th century. In 1934, dry regions stretched from New York and Pennsylvania across the Great Plains to California. A "dust bowl" covered about 50 million acres in the south-central plains during the winter of 1935-1936.

The article goes on to say that the first six months of this year are the hottest on record but that high temperatures are normal in the summer, especially the last week in July.

And check out these temperatures:

The highest temperature recorded anywhere on Earth was in Aziziyah, Libya, in September of 1922 - 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

The highest temperature recorded in the United States was in Death Valley, Calif., in July of 1913 - 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that's hot.

Comments (19)

So it turns out that my gra... (Below threshold)

So it turns out that my grandpappy was embellishing a bit when he told me he had to walk 5 miles to school, bare foot, in ten feet of snow, uphill both ways.

Jumpinjoe, Al Gore's grandp... (Below threshold)

Jumpinjoe, Al Gore's grandpappy had to hack his way through the Fire-Swamps every day, slaying Rodents of Unusual Size while whistling "Look for the Union Label"...all the while envisioning a day when people could communicate with each other instantly across the world. Then along came Al...

One Summer day, in the time... (Below threshold)

One Summer day, in the time when Al Gore was in training to become a Shaolin Monk, he asked his Master: "Why is it so hot, Master?"

His Master, a very wise old man, replied:

"Each man must find his own answer to that question, Dungbeetle."

Al Gore pondered this for a moment and said:
"I will go in search of my answer, Master."

The Master replied: "Yes! Go! Go now! Time's a wastin'! Don't forget to write! Byeeee!"

Then along came Al….... (Below threshold)

Then along came Al….

Posted by: Justrand

You know what they say……..

“A zebra does not change its spots."

My grandmother remembered a... (Below threshold)

My grandmother remembered a whole week of 100-plus in Detroit in 1936.

The realy amazing thing is ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

The realy amazing thing is that they didn't have air conditioning, yet somehow still managed to reproduce. I wonder if perhaps they could have seen what they were going to reproduce, they might have just kept it in their pants.

I am constantly amazed that anyone who grew up when I did survived without all the laws to protect us. Next week the senate is taking up a bill prohibiting temperatures over 95 degrees.

The republican policy of de... (Below threshold)

The republican policy of denying "global warming" is already resulting in the deaths of innocent Americans, and there will be many more. Perhaps when one of your relatives dies needlessly you will feel differently.

Naw- most of you are cold-hearted nothings more concerned with flag burning then you are with the health and welfare of this country. Carry on, I'm sure there are more Al Gore jokes around... nothing to see here - move along....

Umm, Lee, would you care to... (Below threshold)

Umm, Lee, would you care to point out which Americans have died as a result of any Republicans denying global warming? Just one will do, really.

When you spout ridiculous comments like that, you only hurt the cause of rational environmentalists. There will always be naysayers who dismiss science that doesn't agree with their political agenda, but hurling accusations that their naysaying is resulting in death is entirely irresponsible and frankly, ignorant. People are not dying from global warming, yet. Polar bears, yes, but people, no.

Environmentalists need to convince others of the possible dangers and potential solutions with solid science and realistic predictions, not wild-eyed accusations. You do more harm than good with your rhetoric.

Lee's preceding message has... (Below threshold)

Lee's preceding message has been brought to you by Morons for Gore. "MfG: Spouting Idiocies Since 1976."

"Being a Goron means never having to say you're sorry - it is obvious to everyone."

We didn't have satellites b... (Below threshold)

We didn't have satellites back in the 1930s, so that obviously means that global warming wasn't happening then, but is now. Yup. In case anyone notices that it was warm as hell back in the 1930s, just blame Hitler. The Bush family supported Hitler, so Bush caused the warming in the 1930s too. See? Easy.

Oh, and Lee, you're in luck... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Lee, you're in luck. The 1900 Galveston hurricane that killed 6,000 people happened during the administration of Republican William McKinley. Obviously McKinley, a Republican, was responsible for the deaths of 6,000 people in Galveston, Texas in 1900 just as Bush and the Republicans were responsible for the hurricane that caused the deaths of over 1,000 people in New Orleans in 2005. Yup.

Snowed in Johannesburg yest... (Below threshold)

Snowed in Johannesburg yesterday.....first time in 81 years. Does Global Warming have anything to do with that? Maybe Algore should fly his jet over there to warm them up.

There is no doubt that glob... (Below threshold)

There is no doubt that global warming is happening. The question is why.

Glaciers have been in retreat in Alaska and many otehr places for at last 200 years, long before large scale burning of hydrocarbons started. For proof of that just look at George Vancouver's maps of Glacier Bay and Icy Bay in Alaska and compare them to today's maps.

At this time there is no proof that global warming is a man made problem. There is anecdotal proof that this is a natural phenomenon, but still no peer reviewed scientific proof of its cause either way.

When people scream about how we are all going to die because we drive SUVs it shows how ignorant they actually are. Before we act, we need to understand the problem.

Thor-zone (is that where al... (Below threshold)

Thor-zone (is that where all of the Blood for Odin goes?),
While some glaciers are retreating, others are growing. Some that were shrinking in the late 80's are growing today.
However, you are right, in that there is no definitive proof why it is warmer now that in 1970, but still colder than in 1270.

You've mistaken us for the French

The republican po... (Below threshold)
The republican policy of denying "global warming" is already resulting in the deaths of innocent Americans, and there will be many more. Perhaps when one of your relatives dies needlessly you will feel differently.

Just for shits and giggles I went ahead and googled up “Americans dying from global warming” and netted zero results.

But then again, Lee and Al Gore may have more in common than imagined. After all Al Gore did say...

--"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."

I know ignorance is bliss, ... (Below threshold)

I know ignorance is bliss, but this is ridiculous!

Evolution, big bang theory ... (Below threshold)

Evolution, big bang theory and global warming = luddite, head-up-the-ass trifecta.

Time flies. Wasn't it last... (Below threshold)

Time flies. Wasn't it last year that hundreds of folks died in France and Germany from heat? Didn't they sign on to Kyoto. I didn't realize they had republicans there. Haven't their CO2 emissions exceeded the Kyoto limits? Was that from the burning cars?

"What Global Warming?"<br /... (Below threshold)

"What Global Warming?"
Sweat Bands Now Available.
And Every summer for as long as they last!
The summers that is.

Wear your environmental concern on your sleeve.
Let your fear of Armageddon go to your head.
Overall, the first seven months of 2006 were the warmest January-July of any year in the United States on record

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