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Hezbollah's favorite photographer?

The big dogs of the blogosphere are all over Adnan Hajj, the Reuters photographer who has the amazing good fortune to be on the scene, camera at the ready, at the latest Israeli atrocity in Lebanon. He was in the forefront in Qana last week, and now he has a truly dramatic photo showing the results of Israel's bombing of Lebanon.

"Dramatic" in this context apparently means "the best I can fake up under deadline pressure."

I've played with Photoshop, as many others have, but I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert. Fortunately, there are plenty who are. Worthies such as Charles Johnson, Allahpundit, Jeff Harrell, and Rusty Shackleford have the kind of expertise I can only dream about -- and they are bringing it to the table with devastating conclusions.

I've been an adherent to the belief that Reuters is heavily biased against the West for some time, but this is so flagrant, so egregious, so heinous that it should be their "Texas Air National Guard" moment -- heads MUST roll, or the entire organization's credibility is forever gone.

But, sadly, that's simply not the way things work in the modern media. "Accountability" is something they demand from others, not themselves.


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Comments (14)

Doesnt' surprise me in the ... (Below threshold)

Doesnt' surprise me in the least - but it's maddening. Hard to use "shocking" these days and mean it.

Maybe they hired the guy who turned one Oompa-Loompa into many for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory??

The photo in question is so... (Below threshold)

The photo in question is so obviously faked that the real issue here isn't even about the obvious fakery, but about:

(1) If Hezbollah is having to gin up faked images - and faked massacres - of Israeli attacks on Lebanon, isn't it blazingly obvious how pristine the actual Israeli campaign has been?

(2) If a mainstream media organ can use such a flagrantly faked image to illustrate their political agenda, how many other faked images - and faked, bullshit stories - did it whelp last month without getting caught?


So much for 'professional' ... (Below threshold)

So much for 'professional' news organizations and their 'many layers' of fact checking.

Why did he just stop with a... (Below threshold)

Why did he just stop with adding plumes of black smoke to the photo? Why not add a “Baby Formula Factory” sign flying though the air.

Maybe some extra little touches like a stroller or baby carriage whizzing by.

You know, anything to help the cause and rile up the moooslims.

I just read Jeff Harrell's ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I just read Jeff Harrell's post linked here. It is pretty amazing. This makes me wonder how many other pictures we have been seeing come out of the Middle East have been "enhanced."

After viewing and reading v... (Below threshold)

After viewing and reading various liberal media such as CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, BBC, The Times, I wonder...

Whom do they view more empathetically? The Hezbollah or the President of the United States?

My opinion: For some indecipherable reason the Fourth Estate has morphed into a Fifth Column.

I still don't get it. Why ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I still don't get it. Why does anyone care about photos of a war zone? It's like everyone expects that no one is going to get killed. They are firing howitzers and dropping bombs for God's sake. War is hell. People die (yes, even children). In VietNam we hated the news media almost as much as the Viet Cong (who we at least had some respect for).

Faking the photos and reports isn't going to help Hizbollah. The Isrealis are goiing to put an end to them no matter what anyone sayes or does. The idea that some foriegn military force is going to superseed is nosense. How would you like to be the head of any country that sends it sons an daughters into that mess to get killed.

Hizbollah and Iran are talking cease fire because they are getting their asses handed to them on a date dish. I can't feel to sorry for the Lebonese, when I have seen them dancing in the street, when some terrorist attack happens to the USA.

If the news media is having to make up stories for Hizbollah, I can only imagine how bad they are getting stomped. Amazing how we hear about all the Isreali soldiers that get killed, but no pictures of dead Hizbollah fighters - not a one!

Awwww geez, surely you don'... (Below threshold)

Awwww geez, surely you don't think Al-Reuters is gonna hang their best artist out to dry for trying to 'enhance' a picture do you? With the tallent pool so limited in that area they have to go with whats available and shoving him overboard would seriously dent their abilities to get 'fake but accurate' propaganda out to the masses.


Hey, more news on this for ... (Below threshold)

Hey, more news on this for you.
A reuters employee, from a reuters office, mailed death threats to the blogger who first noticed the forged photo...


It is great that Reuters ha... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It is great that Reuters has been caught red-handed by the blogsphere again. CBS, CNN, NYT,AP, and now Reuters. We need to trumpet this loud and wide.

Wow, thanks for the update ... (Below threshold)

Wow, thanks for the update Village Idiot:

I have this strange feeling of “not being surprised”.

Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat

Worker suspended after telling American blogger: 'I look forward to day when you pigs get your throats cut'

Whats called for here is a ... (Below threshold)

Whats called for here is a drastic measure,but the lame stream media would hype the results to the detrement of the free world.We need to prosecute our lying media reps.maybe then we will get an honest report.We must start with the NY.slimes Immediatly.

Update on “death threat”.</... (Below threshold)

Update on “death threat”.

Turns out that was a story from May 2006 when a Reuter’s employee threatened Charles Johnson of “Little Green Footballs” with 'I look forward to day when you pigs get your throats cut”.

Talk about poetic justice with Charles leading the way in exposing Reuters fake photoshop job.

USMC Pilot, we see a plenty... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot, we see a plenty of hizbollah fighters dead. All the adult men that are lying around are the fighters. Dressed in street clothes to blend into the population and be counted as cilivan dead. "KILL THEM ALL LET GOD SORT THEM OUT"






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