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MTP -- Condi's Interview and the Lieberman-Lamont Race

I caught most of the Meet the Press interview with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice today and it is definitely worth watching when the show reairs on cable tonight, or at least reading the transcript when it becomes available. One of the best moments was when Rice called Tim Russert on taking General Abizaid's comments on Iraq out of context. My favorite, however, was when Russert asked if we should demand that the leader of Iraq call Hezbollah a terrorist organization and Rice responded by pointing out that the EU would not even call Hebollah terrorists.

Also on Meet the Press (which, by the way, I rarely watch anymore) was an interesting "debate" between representatives for Lieberman and Lamont. Lanny Davis represented Lieberman and did a great job pointing out the very dishonest Lamont ads that attack Liberman for his position on Terri Schiavo, but don't tell voters that Liberman's vote on Schiavo was the same as all other Democrats. Russert asked if Lamont was going to attack Lieberman on Schiavo, didn't he also need to condemn Jesse Jackson and Tom Harkin who were against removing Schiavo's feeding tube?

Davis also made the point repeatedly that Lieberman votes with Democrats 90 percent of the time and that the five Connecticutt newspapers that had endorsed Lieberman, including Lamont's hometown paper, should be listened to over the NYT editorial endorsing Lamont.

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Meet the Press podcasts eac... (Below threshold)

Meet the Press podcasts each week's program.

Subscribe at http://podcast.msnbc.com/audio/podcast/MSNBC-MTP.xml

or download directly at http://podcast.msnbc.com/audio/podcast/pd_mtp-08-06-2006-073832.mp3

The world is turned upside ... (Below threshold)

The world is turned upside down,wrong is right,right is wrong.HMMMMM where have I heard that.

Every moonbat in the fever ... (Below threshold)

Every moonbat in the fever swamp is taking General Abizaid's comments on Iraq out of context, so Russert won't be lonely.

I believe I've seen at least one commenter on this site claiming the General had "said Iraq is in a civil war."

I don't remember which one it was. All those refugees from DUh and Kos sound alike. Each new lie becomes the new meme for them anyway, so they'll all be saying it soon enough.

Adjoran..Is this a more acc... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Adjoran..Is this a more acceptable description of the current conflict? William Patey, Britain’s envoy to Iraq, warned in a parting letter to London "that the country was in a “low intensity civil war” with diminishing prospects of achieving a stable democracy"...a far cry from 'freedom is on the march' in Iraq.

Do you think a NYTs ... (Below threshold)

Do you think a NYTs endorsement is a positive or a negative? To me it's an anchor that's hung around your neck.

Steve Crickmore ~ telling t... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore ~ telling the truth is accurate and acceptable, which has not been the case regarding the Generals' testimony before Congress.

I fail to see how what some British officer may have said could possibly justify lying about what American officers said.






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