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A modest peace proposal

According to the latest news reports, the Arab nations are pushing a peace plan to end the fighting in Lebanon. One key element -- as in each prior proposal they have put forward -- is the withdrawal of every single Israeli soldier from Lebanese soil as one of the first steps.

So far, Israel has refused each of these plans, saying they want a peacekeeping force in place before they withdraw to keep Hezbollah from simply moving back. But I've been thinking about it, and I think this current plan might have some merit.

I think that Israel ought to bring all its troops home immediately.

Starting with Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Remember them?

If Hezbollah really wants all the Israeli soldiers out of Lebanon, then it has to begin with the two Hezbollah took into Lebanon against their will at the beginning of this whole mess.

I ran this by Laurence Simon. He said it was too common-sense to work.

I fear he might be right.


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Comments (4)

Perfect! Send back our two ... (Below threshold)

Perfect! Send back our two soldiers - alive - and we'll return to our side. But only if there are no more rocket launches into Israel and our troops are not fired upon as they redeploy along our border.

It will never happen.

The Hezbollah idiots just can't help themselves. They just have to keep on killing Jooooooooooooooos.

Will BILL CLINTON be there ... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Will BILL CLINTON be there to speak up for this so called peace plan?

Anyone notice the death of ... (Below threshold)

Anyone notice the death of a common meme of the last few days?

All the Hezbollah apoligists have sung in unison how Lebanon (you know the "fledgling" & "weak" gov.) hasn't had the ability to deploy its troops south.

Just like magic they purpose sending 15,000 of them to replace the Israelis.

Funny how that works when your ass is getting handed to you.

Amazing how people seem to ... (Below threshold)

Amazing how people seem to forget the root cause of this war. Your amazingly simple solution is the only commonsense approach. If they want to not get the crap beat out of them or have their people killed, they should give back the troops they kidnapped and then demand a cessation of hostilities. Then they could argue about a cease fire.

Of course Israel would stop.

Not to think they would ever release the kidnapped soldiers on their own.







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