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Name that scandal!

With Reuters admitting that their photo of Beirut on fire had been (very badly) faked, a lot of people are still wanting to talk about it. One thing that they're fighting over is what to call it. "Reutersgate" is the early favorite, but a LOT of people -- including myself -- are pretty much "gated" out. It's been 30 years since the original Watergate, people, and most of the principles are dead. Time to let it go, folks -- yes, even you at the Washington Post.

So what do we call it? I'm leaning towards "Blowing Smoke" or "Up In Smoke" myself. But I'm sure you folks can do better than that. Have at it!


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Comments (29)

Let's see.A photo ... (Below threshold)

Let's see.

A photo that is fake but is supposed to be accurate.

I'd say what we have here is a case of Rathertography.

Given the techniques used (... (Below threshold)

Given the techniques used (rather poorly) on the the image i suggest - Clone Wars.

I don't know, Watergate set... (Below threshold)

I don't know, Watergate set the standard - so why not use "gate?" I think "Rathergate" was pretty accurate. However, what we see from Reuters, et al is something very different. And a new term should be defined. After all, with these recent fake pictures, news services are attempting to distort, bias, or otherwise lie about what is really occuring now in the Middle East. If something can think of a new term, I'm all for it.

Maybe Reuters is trying to "Tricky-dick" us into believing photoshopped ah...photos!

I think the reporter was in... (Below threshold)

I think the reporter was in just,

Photo shopping for news.

Hajjpodge... (Below threshold)


I like the Hajjpodge....but... (Below threshold)

I like the Hajjpodge....but...how about


"Smoke Screening"... (Below threshold)

"Smoke Screening"

The photo was Reuterized... (Below threshold)

The photo was Reuterized™.

I hate how everything is "g... (Below threshold)

I hate how everything is "gated." I thought Rathergate was a lame word, too.
BUT...now that I've tagged all of my Hajji stuff REUTERGATE, I will not allow the word to die!

I do think the name "Hajj" is ripe for exploitation, though. It's just so EASY. Hajj, Hajji.
"He went on a photo hajj."
"That's totally a photohajj, if I've ever seen one."
"Those f***ing hajjis at Reuters are at it again."


How bout another one...... (Below threshold)

How bout another one...

Photo Reuter (say it out loud to get the pun)...

If the smoke had really be... (Below threshold)

If the smoke had really been that dark I might have objected to the death of civilians and the destruction of a country's infrastructure.

But lighter, grey smoke? Meh...

That's the name. And away ... (Below threshold)

That's the name. And away goes accuracy, down the drain.


I can't believe no one has ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe no one has used this yet:

Dope Smoking!

I like both "smoke" names, ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I like both "smoke" names, Jay! Sorry to be non-commital, but they both have their strengths. Up in smoke descibes Reuters' credibility (what they had of it to begin with) and blowing smoke describes what they have been doing. Either would be excellent.

I do like Up in Smoke, beca... (Below threshold)

I do like Up in Smoke, because you'd have to be as stoned as Cheech & Chong to actually MISS the crap photoshop job.
Still, what about my Technorati tags!!!1!!1

I think like "Fisked" the f... (Below threshold)

I think like "Fisked" the faking of news images could be called "datelined" or "reutered"...

How about "Reuters wished i... (Below threshold)

How about "Reuters wished it were news"


"Reuters Outer Twilight Limits Zone"

Hajjzilla... (Below threshold)


Hajjihad... (Below threshold)


Rather than naming the part... (Below threshold)

Rather than naming the particular incident, lets just name the process itself---PHOTOGRAFT.

Much ado about nothing (... (Below threshold)

Much ado about nothing (except people dying)

Fiskoshopping?... (Below threshold)


"Smoke gets in your eyes"</... (Below threshold)

"Smoke gets in your eyes"

"Smoke 'em if you've got 'e... (Below threshold)

"Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!"

I think we should simply st... (Below threshold)

I think we should simply start using the term "Reutered" to continue the infamy that Reuters has brought on themselves and made synonomous with Photoshopping a news photo. It may even end up becoming a verb like "Google" ("Damn, that picture sure looks like it was Reutered!"). As a so-called "trusted" news source, they need to be taken to task for even allowing this kind of obvious attack on the integrity of our MSM news reporting process. Although Reuters has removed the doctored picture, I'm still looking for them to go through all of the pictures they've been provided by these propagandists and publicly release their findings as well as take specific actions against the fraudsters. Let's not forget that the real issue is whether this leads to a deeper unmasking of media spin by embedded Islamofascists to affect Western media and sympathy. We may be looking at the tip of theiceberg.

I agree that the "-gate" suffix has been so overused in applying to any scandal that it's beyond old and it should finally be retired.

Phtoshop till ya drop....</... (Below threshold)

Phtoshop till ya drop....

REUTERED... (Below threshold)


How about 'doing the shop a... (Below threshold)

How about 'doing the shop and crop...'

I always thought adding "GA... (Below threshold)

I always thought adding "GATE" to the end of something is unimaginative and tacky.

Put your thinking caps on and stop riding a hotel's coattails.






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