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Circular illogic, or the summer rerun season

The latest Arab "peace proposal" calls for Israel to withdraw fully from southern Lebanon, then for 15,000 Lebanese troops and UNIFIL (the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon, now in year 18 of their "interim" assignment) to take their place and keep the peace.

As I recall, that is pretty much how things were before Israel got sick of getting attacked by Hezbollah from southern Lebanon and invaded.

Excuse me, I think this is where I came in in this movie...


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Comments (9)

Further proof that the "Ara... (Below threshold)

Further proof that the "Arab World" is insane. They do the same things over and over again in spite of reaching the same result.

Yes, what was Albert Eins... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, what was Albert Einstein's famous definition of insanity? "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
I could say the same thing about the IDF using heavy aerial bombardment on the civilian population, in order to weaken the popularity and strength of the Hezbollah, a guerilla force.

Steve, There's pre... (Below threshold)


There's pretty large problems with any course of action at this point, it's simply gone on too long to be painlessly solved.

How do you negotiate peace ... (Below threshold)

How do you negotiate peace with someone who wants you dead? Someone who states that any cease-fires would only be temporary (and used to re-arm, re-deploy in their pursuit of seeing you dead)?

Sorry, Steve. Israel has a serious problem, and laying down and dying isn't in their best interest.

Steve is partly correct.</p... (Below threshold)

Steve is partly correct.

Israel keeps implementing partial military solutions to its terrorist problems; causing just enough Pali/Hezzie death and destruction to give them good propaganda but not enough to make them sour from fighting and, maybe, realize that coexisting with the Zionists is the better plan.

A few years back Steve Green said that wars do not end until one side is "burned, occupied and crying uncle". Let's get there already and end this thing once and for all!

"I could say the same thing... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

"I could say the same thing about the IDF using heavy aerial bombardment on the civilian population, in order to weaken the popularity and strength of the Hezbollah, a guerilla force."

Posted by: Steve Crickmore

Two problems here Steve. First is that they are using the bombardment against Hizbollah, not the civilians, who happen to be in the way. Second, their actions are finally getting the attention of not only the Lebanese, but the entire rest of the world, which now realizes that the Israelis are serious and demanding that something be done.

It was unfortunate that we had to use nuks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it sure got the Japanese's attention.

I don't know why Steve Cric... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerican Immigrant:

I don't know why Steve Crickmore kept using the same spin wrt the IDF over and over when it has been pointed out to him multiple times that it was a wrong intepretation at best. At worst, it is an effort to blame Israel on behalf of the most depraved terrorists.

While the rest of the world... (Below threshold)

While the rest of the world is droning on to "SLEEP", "SERVE" and "OBEY" commands, the US and Israel (maybe Britain too) have their Sunglasses on and and "CAN SEE".

I don't want to argue too s... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I don't want to argue too strenously, after all it is your blog, albeit a maverick one. My biggest diffuculty, speaking of glasses, is that the litmus test for the American rose colored glasses view of the world, is that the administration sees only terrorism, Bush's root cause for all sins, as the chief obstacle to American dominance in the Mid-East, and as the raison d' etre of the Hezbollah, while the rest of the world sees the Hezbollah as a complex mixture of religious fanaticism, grassroots loyalty and political pragmatism -- as well as Iran's proxy in Lebanon. A problem to be handled, but handled with care...The neo-con solution is American/Israeli unilateralism. The neo-cons are absolutely hooked on American military power, despite the fiasco in Iraq. It is absolutely wired into their brains, even though almost none of them have had military experience....Dipomacy or realism, looking for the least evil way out, is no longer tenable. Only 'a very long war', which will outlive both Bush and his neo-con mentors will be the salvation..but how costly and winnable will that be..We will have to mobilise alot of troops, allies, resources, public opinion..It won't be easy.






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