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FBI Issues Alert for 11 Missing Egyptian Men

Eleven Egyptians with student visas entered the US through JFK and immediately disappeared:

The FBI has issued an urgent nationwide alert for 11 Egyptian students who entered the United States last week but failed to show up for their courses at Montana State University.

An FBI advisory says there are, at present, no known connections to any terrorist group but that the students are to be "approached with caution" and taken into custody. They "are here illegally and wanted for questioning," the advisory says.

The advisory comes just over a month before the five-year anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on the United States.

"This is of very serious concern and is being closely tracked," said Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

The FBI says the Egyptians arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on July 29 and disappeared. The advisory says the alert is nationwide but that there is specific concern the Egyptians may be on the Eastern Seaboard.

These are the non-terrorist Egyptian men that the FBI says must be approached with caution:

1. Ibrahim, El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed; DOB OF 4/29/1986.

2. El Dessouki, Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed; DOB OF 02/21/1985.
3. El Bahnasawi, Alaa Abd El Fattah Ali; DOB OF 04/02/1986.
4. Abd Alla, Mohamed Ragab Mohamed; DOB OF 02/15/1984.
5. El Laket, Ahmed Refaat Saad El Moghazi; DOB OF 09/01/1986.
6. El Ela, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou; DOB OF 02/02/1985.
7. El Moghazy, Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed; DOB OF 08/08/1986.
8. Abdou, Ebrahim Mabrouk Moustafa; DOB OF 02/25/1984.
9. El Gafary, Moustafa Wagdy Moustafa; DOB OF 07/01/1988.
10.Maray, Mohamed Saleh Ahmed; DOB OF 09/12/1985.
11.El Shenawy, Mohamed Ibrahim Fouaad; DOB OF 08/12/1988.

How soon will we hear from the media that these men come from a broad strata of society?

Michelle Malkin links to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in which MSU, the sponsoring university, tries to explain away this embarrassment with the excuse that the "students" probably became enthralled with New York City and changed their plans.

Right. They changed plans. Sure, I buy that one.

Allah reminds us of Zawahiri's announcement that an Egyptian militant group has merged with Al Qaeda.


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Comments (17)

Does the wanted poster say ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Does the wanted poster say "Dead or Alive"?

How about somebody posting ... (Below threshold)

How about somebody posting their pictures!

Are we supposed to ask: "Excuse me, aren't you Ibrahim, El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed?

Hmmmm.Well remembe... (Below threshold)


Well remember that they're illegal aliens and they're here to do the jobs you lazy Americans won't do.


So. Who exactly is responsible for tracking these fellows down? Not local police, this is a federal affair and local cops don't enforce federal laws. Not state police, they don't enforce federal laws either. I suppose the Border Patrol wouldn't have the resources. The FBI is rather overstretched. The Secret Service is more Presidential security and treasury oriented.

Wanting to go to Montana St... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Wanting to go to Montana State ought to arouse suspicion, even if the prospective student is from Arkansas.

NOTE: I'm kidding. Please don't have the Governor of Montana and the Chamber of Commerce write me letters about the wonderful educational opportunities at MSU or the scenic beauty of your state. I apologize, really. I appreciate Montana. I can't think a better place for a militia compound, for example.

Well, at least this group d... (Below threshold)

Well, at least this group didn't sneak across the southern border.

I hope they paid MSU in advance.

I'd like to think they beca... (Below threshold)

I'd like to think they became "enthralled" in the VIP Room at Scores, or haven't yet found their way out of Central Park, but that's unlikely to say the least!

Hmmmm.NOT... (Below threshold)


NOTE: I'm kidding. Please don't have the Governor of Montana and the Chamber of Commerce write me letters about the wonderful educational opportunities at MSU or the scenic beauty of your state. I apologize, really. I appreciate Montana. I can't think a better place for a militia compound, for example.

Hey. At least it ain't South Dakota!


What amazes me is there are... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

What amazes me is there are no photos of the missing 11. Surely we can get them digitally from the Egyptians, unless of course there is some glitch like their passports are phony. To be on the lookout for five Mohammeds would require rounding up half of Jersey City.

At some time we will appoint a long term law enforcement official to head of ICE who will take his/her job seriously. Congress got the message on the public's desire for strict immigration enforcement. So far the administration hasn't.

Wasn't the Unabomber's cabi... (Below threshold)

Wasn't the Unabomber's cabin up near Bozeman?

This post leaves out a lot ... (Below threshold)

This post leaves out a lot of details. It relies on names and nationalities only to paint a picture that the individuals are "dangerous." How could that work without relying on racism?

How about some facts...

All but one of the 17 in that group missed a connecting flight because of immigration douchebaggery. They then had 2,213 miles to travel in only two days.

Oh, and they're in the US so they can learn English. Which means they don't speak it well, and thus will have major problems getting around -- especially if, you know, they miss an expected connecting flight.

Here's more info on the subject, for anyone with an open mind.

langtry beat me to it. I re... (Below threshold)

langtry beat me to it. I read this and thought, "Gee, where would a bunch of Egyptian students with wads of cash in their pockets go in NYC? Why, the happiest place on Earth, Scores!" They probably stuffed all their money down a stripers g-string and didn't have any left over for cab fare back to the airport.

Nicolai Brown:Afte... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Nicolai Brown:

After reading some of your writings, I have decided that you certainly have an open mind. The problem is, it's so open most of your brains have fallen out. When you finally grow up, you will realize that reality doesn't fit your perception of it.

Why don't we round up half ... (Below threshold)

Why don't we round up half of Jersey City anyway. Might discover some of those 12mm illegals that are somehow otherwise impossible to find. But then again they're doing jobs that Americans are unwilling to do......like hanging out on street corners.

If they are lost in NYC hop... (Below threshold)

If they are lost in NYC hopefully someone has convince them that the red hand means "Cross now".

Of course these guys are ou... (Below threshold)

Of course these guys are out looking for trouble. Unless they are completely illiterate they have to know (from newspapers etc) that people are looking for them.

If they are illiterate enough not to be able to read a newspaper how would they be able to study at a US university? I don’t think Montana is known for its English - Arabic language immersion programs. It is known for its ranches, mountains and fishing, not exactly pastimes and vocations of Arab 20 somethings.

Yeah, these guys are probably up to no good. If they aren’t - they should just show up at any police station and get things cleared up.

We don't have the luxury of... (Below threshold)

We don't have the luxury of wondering whether they're stuufing money dwon a g-string or planning to blow up a couple of cities. A second grader would have enough sense to be suspicious of this. After the thing with Katrina and 911 ....We'll lets just say we don't have a bunch of rocket scientists running the government.

Actually, the students from... (Below threshold)

Actually, the students from Mansoura University are far from illiterate. Mansoura is a very tough faculty to enter into and many of its students are multi-lingual. Many of them are prepared for advanced work where many Americans are not. They might have ulterior motives or they might just be looking for a better life. Whatever their motives, they need to be captured and deported back to Egypt. And as far as those Egyptian men not knowing any English; many of them know how to speak and read it and are far from beginner level. You need to get your facts straight about Egyptians and their lives/cultures before you make unfounded accusations or presumptous opinions.






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