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Primary Results

We are blogging tonight's primary results at Wizbang Politics. I am also asking readers to rank the McKinney campaign on a "crazy scale" of 1-10. Obviously, she started pretty close to 10 to begin with, but after one of her staffers grabbed a news photographer today, I think we might have to change the scale. Maybe make the top number a 20? Read the details at Wizbang Politics.

Comments (3)

She goes to 11.... (Below threshold)

She goes to 11.

The congress will be a Mcki... (Below threshold)

The congress will be a Mckinny free zone.Oh if it could be Conyers free also.

Well, every Court needs a f... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Well, every Court needs a few buffoons for comic relief. With McKinney gone, we'll be looking more and more to Conyers to provide the laughs.






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