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Cynthia McKinney is Outta There!


For the second time, the Democrats in Georgia'a 4th Congressional District decided that they were tired of Cynthia McKinney's stunts so they fired her.

Hank Johnson, the soft-spoken DeKalb County commissioner who forced U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney into a surprising runoff, finished the job Tuesday, decidedly defeating the 4th Congressional District lawmaker in their fierce rematch.

In a race that attracted national attention and a higher turnout than election officials expected at home, McKinney, a six-term Democrat and outspoken critic of the Bush administration, suffered her second defeat in four years. Before the day was out, the incumbent was complaining of voting irregularities, which election officials discounted.

Johnson, a 51-year-old lawyer and former magistrate judge, will face Republican Catherine Davis in the November general election in a DeKalb County district that is considered solidly in the Democratic corner. The district covers DeKalb and parts of Gwinnett and Rockdale counties.

Johnson's message during brutal campaign simple: "Replace McKinney." On Tuesday, Johnson found that a majority voters in the district had come to the same conclusion. He received nearly 59 percent of the votes.

"What we have done today is something that has been watched by the nation," Johnson said. "It is clear, where most people have a low opinion of the work of our Congress, that they want to see things done differently."

Johnson's win over McKinney was decisive:

Johnson, Hank 41,178 58.82%

McKinney, Cynthia (i) 28,832 41.18%

I have a feeling the members of the Capitol Hill Police Force are breathing a collective sigh of relief that they will no longer have to deal with Rep. McKinney after this congressional session is over.

Update: Be sure to watch Michelle Malkin's latest Vent, which is dedicated entirely to celebrating Rep. McKinney's defeat.

Update II: I chuckled at this headline at Webcenter 11: "McKinney blames the media for her loss, voters say it was her."

Update III: Sweetness and Light writes Cynthia McKinney Goes Out Swinging

Update IV: In typical fashion, McKinney brings her campaign to a bizarre end:

For the second time in three election cycles, McKinney was defeated in a Democratic primary in Georgia's 4th District, this time by Hank Johnson, a former DeKalb County commissioner who thumped her 59 percent to 41 percent.

Despite her defeat, McKinney was unbowed, unleashing a stemwinder of a concession speech in which she barely mentioned her opponent but praised leftist leaders in Cuba and Venezuela, took aim at the efficacy of electronic voting machines and offered several swipes at the media.

"Members of the press, as well as our political leaders, don't give us explanations that explain, or conclusions that conclude," McKinney said. "There comes a time when people of conscience are compelled to dissent."

Before she began her remarks, she played the song "Dear Mr. President," an anti-Bush anthem by Pink, and sang along, somewhat out of tune, with its critical lyrics.

Alrighty then.

Update V: Hot Air has video of McKinney's concession speech in which she claims the primary was stolen from her. I haven't found the video of Cynthia McKinney's musical stylings yet, but I'm still looking. Update to the update: Found it! Unfortunately, it's not the best quality.

Update VI: Ok, here's a much higher quality video of Cynthia McKinney singing along with Pink's anti-Bush song. Mary Katharine has the lyrics.

Update VII: Here's video of McKinney bashing President Bush for things like the environment and education. Mind you, this is still from last night's concession speech.


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Comments (20)

Has she been charged yet by... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

Has she been charged yet by Cap Hill Cops? What is statute of limitations on assaulting an officer? Will Cynthia return to DC to clean out her office?

I would bet there are a lot... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I would bet there are a lot of dems that are rejoicing in her defeat.
This person is so dumb that her staff had to take to watering her twice a week.

It's annoying that it's bec... (Below threshold)

It's annoying that it's becoming common place to cry "voting irregularities!" whenever you lose an election.
It's laughabe that she bothered to try when she lost by so much.

"Dey Shoulda knowed me...ri... (Below threshold)

"Dey Shoulda knowed me...right pah-ee?"

Just wait she will call a b... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Just wait she will call a big news confrence and get JESSIE JACKASSON and AL THE SHARK SHARPTON and accuse her opponent of being racisis and get the NAACP and others to demand a recount we should know how liberals dehave

Down But not out.. She will... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Down But not out.. She will again rise in Moonbat heavan, working for KOS or Howard Dean.. The Left take care of thier own no matter how high they fly or how low they go !!

Everyone just remember, it ... (Below threshold)

Everyone just remember, it wasn't her fault she lost: (from the Webcenter 11 link)

Georgia Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney blames the media and electronic voting machines for her primary run-off loss.

Her campaign manager blames white voters and Republicans who crossed over to vote in her Democratic runoff

That's right, it's just a big conspiracy, you know, like 9-11.

Down But not out.. She will... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Down But not out.. She will again rise in Moonbat heaven, working for KOS or Howard Dean.. The Left take care of their own no matter how high they fly or how low they go !!

Yes, we got rid of two incu... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Yes, we got rid of two incumbants..her plus the one in CT...both were the right thing to do.
Of course you folks are doing the same Delay, Ney..(no wait..they were not defeated..they cut and ran)
Voters in both parties are fed up...no one should be satisfied with the crap being debated by both Houses while most of us are barely getting by.

This election many will either vote with their feet (stay home) or vote against their incumbant.

Will someone please, please... (Below threshold)

Will someone please, please drive a stake through her heart this time?

Well, color me one voter wh... (Below threshold)

Well, color me one voter who's sad ol' Slappy McKinney lost. If there must be a Democrat in Congress, it should be a loony moonbat rather than someone who might actually (gasp!) work for his constituents and treat his office as a public trust instead of a lifelong sinecure.

McKinney was the consummate Democrat - an anti-Semitic, Bush-hating, race-pimping "do you know who I am?" jackass. I wish she'd won.

Is there a transcript of he... (Below threshold)

Is there a transcript of her "concession" speech available somewhere? If anyone could post a link Id greatly appreciate it.

Gosh, what is Wizbang going... (Below threshold)

Gosh, what is Wizbang going to write about now?
That's A material for you guys. Sorry!

I'm in Jihad Cynthia's dist... (Below threshold)

I'm in Jihad Cynthia's district. We're all happy to see her go. Personally I think she'd make a good concubine for Kozbollah mullah Mohammad Moulitsas.

All I can say is: "O-tay!"<... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

All I can say is: "O-tay!"

What a turd.I bet ... (Below threshold)

What a turd.

I bet she thinks the "Jooz" did her in, or "Whitey" or some other group of successful, decent folks.

Animals that shit in their cage grow up to be a turd like her.

Doggone it, if Cynthia McKi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Doggone it, if Cynthia McKinney gets to sing, so do I!

{with sincere and humble apologies to Roy Clark}

I've made a small fortune and you kept taxing it all
You shamed me till I feel about one inch tall
But I thought you were safe and I hoped you would change
So I gritted my teeth and didn't complain.

Now you come to me without a simple goodbye
You tell me you're leaving but you won't tell me why
Now we're here at the ballot box and you keep rambling on
And all I can think of is thank God and Diebold you're gone

Thank God and Diebold you're gone
I didn't know how much longer I could go on
Watching you take the respect out of me
Watching you make a total wreck out of me
That electric machine is a-playing my song
Thank God and Diebold you're gone.

Thank God and Diebold you're gone
That load on my mind got lighter when you got on
That shiny machine is a beautiful sight
With no paper receipts to mess up the lights
It may sound kind-a cruel but I've been silent too long
Thank God and Diebold you're gone.

Thank God and Diebold you're gone...


Drew E.,The Texas ... (Below threshold)

Drew E.,

The Texas Democratic party sued to keep Tom DeLay on the ballot in order to cockblock the republicans from putting another candidate on the ballot. It would be the only way a democrat could win that seat.

They have even resorted to attempt to move about 20,000 Katrina refugees into Fort Bend county but found that there were not enough apartment/hotel owners who were willing to go along with that. You see, the Katrina people have earned a really "great" reputation here now of being everything you don't want anywhere near your community. They have been trashing the apartments they have been given. Appliances missing, sinks missing, carpeting ruined, holes punched in walls etc. The average repair bill is about $5,000 per apartment and is driving some apartment complex owners to bankruptcy because the federal government is not reimbursing them for the damages caused. Top that off with the huge increases in murders and other crime activity in areas where large amounts of Katrina people have been housed and it is not surprising that no apartment complex or hotel owner wants them anywhere near their property.

I know alot of people in TX-22. They plan on voting for Tom DeLay just to stick it to the democrats for their behaviour. Considering that TX-22 is already heavily republican to begin with you will probably see Tom DeLay win come election day.

"Dear Mr. President," a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

"Dear Mr. President," an anti-Bush anthem by Pink

Oh, my...

Dear Mr President:
I'm comin' up,
So you better get this party started.

Bye bye buckwheatbye... (Below threshold)
richard jefferson:

Bye bye buckwheat
bye bye happiness
hello loneliness
I think Im gonna cry
bye bye buckwheat bye bye






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