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One Egyptian Arrested in Minneapolis

Updated with photos

One of the eleven Egyptians who took off after arriving in JFK was arrested in Minneapolis.

Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El-Dessouki, 21, was arrested without incident about 11 a.m. (noon ET) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, according to a statement from FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko.

"El-Dessouki was taken into custody on an administrative immigration violation as an out-of-status student," Kolko said.

El-Dessouki "was located through source information," a federal law enforcement official said.

There was no indication what El-Dessouki was doing in Minnesota, but he was not visiting relatives, the official said.

Even though the FBI keeps repeating the line that these men pose no terrorism threat, how about they investigate the possibility anyway. I mean, it's not like Minneapolis has never had a connection to al Qaeda before.

Update: Three men have been confirmed captured. Northeast Intelligence has the photos of the Egypt 11 the FBI are looking for:



FBI Issues Alert for 11 Missing Egyptian Men


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Comments (20)

1 down, 10 to go...... (Below threshold)

1 down, 10 to go...

Correction: <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Correction: 8 to go...

Kim,[[ Even though... (Below threshold)


[[ Even though the FBI keeps repeating the line that these men pose no terrorism threat, how about they investigate the possibility anyway. ]]

What makes you think they aren't?

Clearly he was on a quest f... (Below threshold)

Clearly he was on a quest for Prince...

I live 10 minutes from Manv... (Below threshold)

I live 10 minutes from Manville, NJ, where two of the 11 men surrendered. Very creepy. Manville is my hometown, and they surrendered at my favorite restaurant. Somehow, the chef there knows the family of one of the men. The town is two square miles in size and has 12,000 or so residents and is not known for a sizeable Middle Eastern presence. It's a blue collar town with a whole lot of Catholic churches and lot of residents with Polish surnames.

The whole town is abuzz, but no one seems concerned they were terrorists. If they were no threat to begin with, then why didn't they just go to Montana? Here's a good question: how often do foreigners apply for student visas and then just never show up for class? If the school doesn't report them, how will we ever know?

I live fairly close to Minn... (Below threshold)

I live fairly close to Minneapolis, and I figure he just wanted to see real snow before he blew himself up (I mean went back to Egypt).

Hey, #11 looks like the kid... (Below threshold)

Hey, #11 looks like the kid from the Sopranos ;)

Thats one down and eight mo... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Thats one down and eight more left

Colleges should have to sta... (Below threshold)

Colleges should have to start taking attendence of Muslim students (and only Muslim students--white people have earned their civil liberties), because if immigrants and/or foreigners and/or Muslim Americans aren't made to stand up and reassure us with their hour-long presence in a classroom that they aren't stuffing our teddy bears with thermite, they will, in fact, stuff our teddy bears with thermite. I nominate David Horowitz to head up this initiative, as he is the only fair-minded intellectual in America.

All universities are now re... (Below threshold)

All universities are now required to report the attendance of all foreign students, not just the colored ones.

That law went into effect in 2003. It also added several hundred thousand dollars expense to each university's overhead. But tuition hikes covered it. So that's okay.

Tuition hikes are great--th... (Below threshold)

Tuition hikes are great--they keep "special interest" students out. It's getting harder and harder for rich white kids to compete, what with all the cocaine and alcohol they get pressured into consuming by their black peers, so this is affirmative action I can get behind.

While you're in school, you spend between 15 and 30 hours per week in school. That leaves 146 hours each week (and more during exam time and summer holidays) to make nefarious plans. This law is ineffective at face value and should be scrapped. While foreign kids should be treated with dignity while living in the United States, the Founders clearly implied, or intended to imply, that only non-foreign kids don't have to spend their college years in steel cages. This law would be fairly and evenly applied to foreign kids too, obviously, although only they will be called upon to inconvenience themselves for Freedom.

I'm not a bigot. They'll thank us for caging them later when we liberate Saudi Arabia and open a Wal-Mart in Mecca.

Boy thats scary' I grew up ... (Below threshold)

Boy thats scary' I grew up in Minneapolis.

These guys just dont look like the scholarly types?? Especially hi-jac.. I mean #11 He looks like He wants to kill the photographer!

Well, #11 is pretty scary, ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Well, #11 is pretty scary, but he looks like muscle.

#9 and #5 have that dead look in their eyes we saw in so many of the pictures of the 9/11 hijackers.

Hope they round 'em up fast.

Hey, #6 looks like A-Rod, c... (Below threshold)

Hey, #6 looks like A-Rod, can he play baseball? The Phillies could use a nice third baseman :)

Hmmmm.If they're n... (Below threshold)


If they're not a terrorist threat then why does the FBI arrest one?

Jim A. and 914 are making i... (Below threshold)

Jim A. and 914 are making inferences about the character and intent of these young men based on what are most likely passport and/or driver's license photos. Ever seen a flattering one of those?

HEY LOOK, AN ARAB! Just kidding. Go change yer underwear.

#3 is Lee.... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

#3 is Lee.

Omigod! Imagine if Lee actu... (Below threshold)

Omigod! Imagine if Lee actually was a Muslim! That would totally discredit everything he has ever said ever!

Nope, greenstater. He does... (Below threshold)

Nope, greenstater. He does that himself.

C'mon Greenstater... These ... (Below threshold)

C'mon Greenstater... These are obviously Al Quaeda lunch card photo cards given to all new recruits!

#7 is the now defunct and still insane mak44..






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