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The Lamont Inheritance

Bruce Kesler takes a look at the Lamont inheritance -- not the financial one, but the ideological one.

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Talk about a good bet: how... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Talk about a good bet: how will the left react to this? Will they reflexively recoil at the "communist" label, and scream "McCarthyism!"?

Or will they launch into one of their tedious moral equivalency arguments?

It's least likely they will embrace their heritage and defend communism.

And it is simply not possible they will recognize their own behavior and tactics as derivatives.


Hold on...wtf are we doing ... (Below threshold)

Hold on...wtf are we doing talking about Lamont's *grandfather*? The article makes no reference to Ned nor does it draw conclusions, other than implied, that Ned's politics are in any way a derivative of his grandfather's. This is guilt by familial association, and is no better than the stupid "Bush's grandfather was a Nazi" meme that existed during the last election. I believe Wizbang was among the blogs that shot down that association as assinine and irrelevant. You guys are above this stuff.


Pfft.... way to spoil the c... (Below threshold)

Pfft.... way to spoil the comment thread, trb. I was half-done photoshopping Lamont's face onto Stalin's head. It was gonna pwn! Asshole.






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