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Don't miss Betsy Newmark's column on the message to civil rights leaders from Juan Williams' new book, Enough.

Bruce Gordon of the NAACP is upset. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney used the phrase "tar baby" in talking about the Big Dig catastrophe in Boston. Sadly, the NAACP has not been as quick to criticize black rappers who routinely glorify the thuggish lifestyle of gang leaders and drug dealers while rapping about bitches, "ho's", and cop killers.

Where are their press statements criticizing MTV or BET for playing such songs or the Grammy Awards for celebrating them? This is just one example of how many civil rights leaders have wasted the moral legitimacy that they earned from their brave battles for equal rights.

NPR correspondent and Fox commentator Juan Williams has written a book looking at how many black leaders today are letting down the black community. The title says it all: "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America -- and What We Can Do About It." Williams is a brave man. He is also an angry man.

Read it all. Betsy's blogging can be found at Betsy's Page.

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Proof again that a broken c... (Below threshold)

Proof again that a broken clock is right twice a day.

Except for a left wing brok... (Below threshold)

Except for a left wing broken clock, which is never right because it changes its position at predictable intervals. Like when it's coming up 2 PM a lefty clock suddenly decides that clearly the evidence supports a declaration that it's 5 AM.

Now, don't be too hard on J... (Below threshold)

Now, don't be too hard on Juan. He probably got tired on being slapped around every week by Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday, so he wrote a book that made sense. Kudos to him.

Today, if you're black a... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Today, if you're black and liberal in America, you can calculate and play the race card to great advantage. Just some high-profile examples: Johnny Cochran played it to spring O.J. from a double murder; Calypso singer Harry Belafonte calls Bush's unpresidentedly-appointed black cabinet members "house n*iggers" with impunity on Larry King Live; NAACP audience baits Condi with a "house n*gger" shout out and the press ignores it.

BET and MTV music simply capitalize on this double standard by exploiting a black double standard to societal mores.

Unfortunately, no chance liberal blacks with read this book.

Juan Williams is Black? I t... (Below threshold)

Juan Williams is Black? I thought he was at least half Puerto Rican?

Well he better be all black now if he wrote a book called; “Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America — and What We Can Do About It”

Boy oh boy. My horizons get expanded every day.

I actually agree... double ... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

I actually agree... double standards are universal and color blind... i would take exception to your including Harry B. ...he has been involved on a serious level for 60 years...by the way unlike posters here I actually just bought and read William's book...he points to a lot of the same stuff Cosby caught flack for a few years ago...
He basically says the bigotry in the U.S. is a reason but not an excuse...

He writes that the black community has lost focus on the priority of education. He also points out the selfishness of middle class blacks. It is interesting reading and an insight for those of us who have an advantage of lighter skin.

I don't agree with Juan's p... (Below threshold)

I don't agree with Juan's politics, and I do think Brit shows him up pretty well, but I also think Juan's a decent guy, and what he is doing with his book is an act of decency and needed.

Juan had better be wearing ... (Below threshold)

Juan had better be wearing his flack jacket from now on. As Cosby found out; the NAACP, Rev Sharpton, Rev 'Extortionist' Jackson, don't like their dirty laundry washed in public.

Lee:I bla... (Below threshold)


I blame republicans for spending five years and billions of dollars fighting terrorism, and we are in more danger now than we were before. I'm not alone, the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that a growing majority of Americans feel the same way, that republicans are not effectively waging a war on terror.

This poll is even better than the last poll, this one only called 500 people on the phone to find out how 297 million Americans think.

Did anyone, specifically bush tell you that we'd be done right quick with this? I think I can recall him saying this would be a long war.

Since the catalyst for this was September 11th, and we haven't anything like that since, I'd beg to differ on the "not being any safer" comment.

Yes, and when the party in power in the United States declares a war on terrorism, and vows to root out terrorists and protect American citizens and fails to do so, it's THEIR FAULT. AQ is, by all recent accounts, alive and well. OBL runs free.

Again, I have to say, where have they failed to protect American citizens since? And Osama, if we dropped a daisy cutter on his forehead tomorrow, you wouldn't be any happier or feel any safer. Many on the left completely disregarded Zarqawi's death as non-important, and degraded the achievement by both the amount of time to do so and the fact that he'd be replaced. The same applies for Osama, so that's a tired argument.

I know you wouldn't feel any safer if that impotent cave-man weren't around tomorrow...But since you're viewing this as a law enforcement issue, I can see where you think brining one man to justice will eradicate all the terrorism across the globe.

Do you think with today's arrests it is over Heralder -- do you think we won't hear from AQ for another 5 years? Do you plan on flying on September 11? Would you want your relatives to fly on that day? Be honest, if your moral compass allows for such...

Today's arrests were a minor victory, alot of lives were saved, and the perpetrators that were caught I'm sure will have some interesting information for us.

Lee, we'll be hearing from Al-Queda for the rest of our (hopefully long) lives...whether we quit and left Iraq now, or stayed.
I don't need to fly anywhere on September 11 as it happens, but if I needed to I would. I honestly can't say I would be unafraid to do so, but I would. That doesn't prove that "the republicans" aren't doing their job, it means I'm a human being who may be naturally reticent after all that's happened.

Ok then! Yes, I posted a l... (Below threshold)

Ok then! Yes, I posted a long response to Lee here, in the wrong thread. Sorry about that.

is this just lke the NAACP ... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

is this just lke the NAACP and their big thing against the confederate flag i mean they must be looking to boost their sagging memebership and garner more donations why dont BRUCE GORDON go take a long walk off a short peir and stop being such a stupid jackass






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