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More Terrorism Updates


Here is more news about the terror plot that was disrupted by British intelligence officials:

The terrorists were planning a dry run so to speak in two days:

The terrorist attack foiled by British authorities on Thursday was aimed at blowing up as many as 10 airplanes on trans-Atlantic flights, and plotters hoped to stage a dry run within two days, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

The actual attack would have followed within days.

One official said the suicide attackers planned to use a peroxide- based solution that could ignite when sparked by a camera flash or another electronic device.

The test run was designed to see whether the plotters would be able to smuggle the needed materials aboard the planes, these officials said. They spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject matter.

According to The Blotter, the terrorists were going to transport the explosive gel in a British sports drink container:

The suspected terror plotters arrested in Britain had planned to conceal their liquid or gel explosives inside a modified sports beverage drink container and trigger the device with the flash from a disposable camera.

ABC News has learned exclusively that the plotters planned to leave the top of the bottle sealed and filled with the original beverage but add a false bottom, filled with a liquid or gel explosive. The terrorists planned to dye the explosive mixture red to match the sports drink sealed in the top half of the container.

This, they thought, would ensure that they would be able to pass through security -- even if they were asked to unseal and drink the beverage.

The flash in a disposable camera has enough electrical power, they apparently believed, to set off the homemade explosive.

For some good news, the stock market shrugged at today's terror news. The Dow was up 48 and the Nasdaq ended up 11. And the price of oil dropped.

Update: From The Blotter again, three of the terrorists were identified:

Rashid Rauf

Mohammed al-Ghandra
Ahmed al Khan

Update II: Fox News has learned that this plot was thwarted because an undercover British agent infiltrated the terror group.

Update III: According to Time, the US overheard the terrorists' chatter and shared it with the UK intelligence officials.


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Comments (16)

ok if it hasn't been said o... (Below threshold)

ok if it hasn't been said on here, then I'll say it before it makes Leno.

The terrorist plot was foiled by an alert security guard that became suspicious when he saw several British men with toothpaste and mouth wash.

BoingBoing has a hilarious ... (Below threshold)

BoingBoing has a hilarious post on this issue.

I wonder if this was intend... (Below threshold)

I wonder if this was intended for the 'Cataclysmic Events' Ahmadinejad promised would take place on August 22.

"Rashid RaufMohammed... (Below threshold)

"Rashid Rauf
Mohammed al-Ghandra
Ahmed al Khan"

In other words, they came from a broad strata of society. I'm racking my brain trying to find some common thread.

Now if Iran went to war wit... (Below threshold)

Now if Iran went to war with Pakistan........

We could just sit back and watch.

Steve,That's a ver... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


That's a very good point. I was wondering the same thing myself. It's entirely possible. Though IMHO I think Iran might start with Israel first. Ya know to "wipe them off the map", etc...

I think Tehran would be unihabitable for 10,000 years or so if they do anything "cataclysmic" against Israel, however.

Rashid Rauf<i... (Below threshold)

Rashid Rauf
Mohammed al-Ghandra
>Ahmed al Khan

Why, all these men appear to have Arabic names! Whoever heard of such a thing? Perhaps "Muslim Unity" could come in here and help explain this amazing coincidence.

Rashid Rauf, Mohammed al-Gh... (Below threshold)

Rashid Rauf, Mohammed al-Ghandra, Ahmed al Khan -- wait a minute, weren't these guys just signed by the Bengals?

Yes, despite the surnames, ... (Below threshold)

Yes, despite the surnames, let's get the 90 year olds lined up, "spread 'em and make love to that wall!"

So mantis, sean, and lee et ilk can feel morally superior about themselves.

Damn, another real mystery ... (Below threshold)

Damn, another real mystery here. Once again, no common thread to tie these guys together. Does anybody know---maybe they all had blue eyes, or liked the Beatles.

There is a very clear conne... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

There is a very clear connection between these men.

They are all soccer fans.

Case closed.

Jim-You have insul... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:


You have insulted all soccer fans by calling us violent.

Soccer is the sport of peace.

For insulting the sport of peace YOU WILL NOW DIE!

Adu Ackbar, Adu Ackbar, Adu Ackbar


Wait, so there was an under... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Wait, so there was an undercover agent infiltrated into this group!


After all:

1. They were never a threat, the agent knew about it all the time.

2. The agent probably instigated these peaceloving folks into doing something they weren't intending to do.

3. The agent probably misreported what was going on, and it was never actually intended in the first place.

4. If the poor innocents were actually thinking of doing something, why did the Brits wait until now to do anything, rather than picking them up days/weeks/months ago?

I question the timing, and naturally therefore blame Bush.


I didn't read the Blotter p... (Below threshold)

I didn't read the Blotter piece. Were they for or against the success of the mission?

Everybopdy here and speical... (Below threshold)

Everybopdy here and speically OregonMuse,

I have been busy with a few other things, but the disgrace in UK made me think.
Read this and our views- I hope it answers your questions.


We need to work together to get rid of the menace and such maniacs.

Ya know, I coulda sworn MU ... (Below threshold)

Ya know, I coulda sworn MU would have posted something by now!

I guess we won't have the fun of ignoring him and his links after all.







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