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Cynthia McKinney to Challenge Primary Results

Even though Cynthia McKinney lost the election decisively, by almost 18% to be exact, she is challenging the results:

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), who lost Tuesday's runoff bid to challenger Hank Johnson, is seeking to legally contest the results after alleging that error-prone electronic voting machines and constituent disenfranchisement had caused her campaign to suffer.

RAW STORY has learned that, as of yesterday, her campaign officials had tallied 25 sworn affidavits and believed that several dozen more had yet to be counted.

Karon Edge-Fitzpatrick, a poll watcher for the McKinney campaign, told RAW STORY that she and other officials would be meeting with attorneys late yesterday to discuss available legal avenues, but did not immediately return numerous calls for comment later in the afternoon and today.

She refuses to accept that she is the sole reason why she lost. It wasn't because of voting machine errors or voter disenfranchisement. The issue was that her constituents grew tired of her ridiculous behavior, and this election challenge is simply another example of it.

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What a joke! This woman is... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

What a joke! This woman is absolutely insane and so is her posse. Wow, when is the JDL going to investigate her "bodyguards" anti-semetic rant and when are the pc police going to investigate the cracker rant. Boy look out if it was a Republican and said the n-word.

Wow! Even Algore would have... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Wow! Even Algore would have conceded under those circumstances.

Good to know, Kim, that you... (Below threshold)

Good to know, Kim, that you go to Rawstory for your enlightenment (but egads, what would your fellow conservatives think?). But with Ms. McKinney on her way out, you conservatives will have less to smile about. So I come to Wizbang to try to cheer you all up.

You see, while at Rawstory Kim must have failed to catch the article there about Bush falling to 33 percent in the AP poll. Knowing that you guys take pride in the uniqueness of your stupidity, I thought I'd let you know.

Just like any liberal demac... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Just like any liberal demactaic memeber of the privlaged minority she will hold up the will of the voters becuase she is a spoiled little minority snot just with that idiot AL GORE in 2000 i mean this stupid jennyass should have a several very big knots tied in her tail what a stupid little wussie wad

I've posted this before, an... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I've posted this before, and I suspect I'll post it again, at least until I get a cease-and-desist order:

Once I saw the video of McKinney trying to sing along with Pink's anti-Bush song, I decided to dust off the ol' five-string and sing her off into the sunset.

{with sincere and humble apologies to Roy Clark}

I've made a small fortune and you kept taxing it all
You shamed me till I feel about one inch tall
But I thought you were safe and I hoped you would change
So I gritted my teeth and didn't complain.

Now you come to me without a simple goodbye
You tell me you're leaving but you won't tell me why
Now we're here at the ballot box and you keep rambling on
And all I can think of is thank God and Diebold you're gone

Thank God and Diebold you're gone
I didn't know how much longer I could go on
Watching you take the respect out of me
Watching you make a total wreck out of me
That electric machine is a-playing my song
Thank God and Diebold you're gone.

Thank God and Diebold you're gone
That load on my mind got lighter when you moved on
That shiny machine is a beautiful sight
With no paper receipts to mess up the lights
It may sound kind-a cruel but I've been silent too long
Thank God and Diebold you're gone.

Thank God and Diebold you're gone...


This woman is an imflammed ... (Below threshold)

This woman is an imflammed boil on the butt of our country.
The realization this moronic racist pinhead is a member of our governing body makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Once this is conclusively s... (Below threshold)

Once this is conclusively shown to be complete bollocks, I hope the authorities look into prosecuting the affiants for perjury and the campaign officials for suborning or conspiring to commit perjury. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Surely, she means voter ... (Below threshold)
B's Freak:

Surely, she means voter disenchantment.

She sounds like she feels e... (Below threshold)

She sounds like she feels entitled to that ballot slot, doesn't she? Some sort of set-aside reserved for black female socialist anti-Semites, perhaps?

Sister Toldjah has a relevant post about yet another "Democrat" who seems, shall we say, just a bit ambivalent about democracy.

Yet another Liberal who ref... (Below threshold)

Yet another Liberal who refuses to accept the will of the voters. Liberal pols refuse to accept defeat. Too bad they can't show the same backbone and resolution in defending the country that they show in defending their political offices.

McKinney was defe... (Below threshold)
McKinney was defeated by over 12,000 votes, a nearly 18 percent margin

Yep, that was a real squeaker all right.

It’s painstakingly obvious that she feels entitled to her seat and can’t figure out why she wasn’t appreciated by her constituents for punching a cop. She was after all standing up to authority with her “who know who am” routine.

Now she has surrounded herself by a bunch of thugs that try to intimidate the press.

There is more entertainment value here rather than anything to take serious.

"You see, while at Rawstory... (Below threshold)

"You see, while at Rawstory Kim must have failed to catch the article there about Bush falling to 33 percent in the AP poll. Knowing that you guys take pride in the uniqueness of your stupidity, I thought I'd let you know."

Thanks, Pee Wee! Since I'm so unique in my stupidity, could you let me know if Bush is running for re-election again?

Stupidly yours,


Watch it Tom, you'll hurt P... (Below threshold)

Watch it Tom, you'll hurt PeeWee's feelings and self-esteem. Then he'll pout the rest of the day.

I disagree - I used to live... (Below threshold)

I disagree - I used to live in Cynthia McKinney's district and she is well-liked there. I voted for her in the past, and would have done so again had I lived there. I find none of her behavior "ridiculous." I am impressed that she is one of the few members of congress committed to exposing ugly truth (like the way she confronted Rumsfeld about Halliburton's kidnapping of Iraqi women and children and selling them for sex). Electronic voting machines do not leave a paper trail, and they are notoriously insecure. I think any election results using electronic voting machines should be challenged, until we modify the system and allow for a recount-able paper trail. There is no reason why we can get receipts at ATM machines but not at our voting machines.

Hillary,Like you, ... (Below threshold)


Like you, I am impressed by Cynthia McKinney. I am impressed by her ability to imitate a brain-dead conspiracy freak.

Her post-primary speech was as bizarre as anything I've ever seen. Her Fruit of Islam posse
provided the anti-semitic backround rant while Cynthia warbled an off-key rap song and blamed everyone but herself for her landslide defeat.

The only thing missing was her father blaming her defeat on the "J-E-W-S".

I have no respect for those... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

I have no respect for those who don't respect democracy. She and Liberman need to pack it in.
Her's wasn't even close..They both lost for the same reason...ah..more people disagreed with them than agreed with them...

You have to respect the evi... (Below threshold)

You have to respect the evil genius that is Karl Rove. He unleashed the ultimate weapon (the rigged Diebold machines) on Cynthia. But he did it with such exquisite subtlety. He made sure she lost in the Democratic primary. In fact he even arranged for a run off. It would have been all too apparant if a Republican had won in the general election. So now Karl Rove's most feared opponent and arch enemy has been thwarted.

This guy makes Lex Luthor look like a pansy-boy.

Diebold Like Kryptonite to McKinney.

But Lieberman knows he lost... (Below threshold)

But Lieberman knows he lost the primary, and is moving to run in the election.
McKinney actually seems to think that she didn't lose. At all

Reality and Cynthia McKinne... (Below threshold)

Reality and Cynthia McKinney aren't even speaking to each other at this point...

McKinney, was a horrible ex... (Below threshold)

McKinney, was a horrible example of how an office holder should behave. Her behavior this past Spring, would have landed any white guy in jail. The travesty here rests with her color. She's black, (the "African American" trash needs to end), her race alone made her behavior a sort of "unexploded bomb" because noone wanted to address the act. If she had such disregard for an armed public offical, responsible for the welfare of many, how will she treat the average dude on the street? That cop was doing his job. We all know that had she suffered the penalty for her behavior, every black liberal left wing loser would surface and lable her treatment/penalty as being racially motivated. Blacks in this country need to wake up and make a contribution to what really matters - the security and advancement of our Nation. Is it me, or does every black member of congress have one thing on their agenda? Only black issues seem to take precedence with black legislators. Her replacement is black, perhaps he'll address issues unrelated to color, issues that will help strengthen this nation. Then again, I'm probably only hoping. New Orleans is an example of black legislators looking out (only) for blacks. Did these same black legislators create the same "media storm" when the banks of the Missouri river overflowed and devastated much of the midwest some 10 years ago? No. Because large black communities weren't affected. Does anyone think/beleive that McKinney (or for that matter any black member of congress), wanted to see blacks with a job, a source of income, drug free etc? Hell no! Without unemployed blacks, or 33% of adult black men in jail, they would have no platform to preach from.

This country is in significant danger. We're no different then the former Roman Empire. As long as we allow the likes of McKinney, Waters, Jackson, Sharpston etc the legal right to "chip" away at our infrastructure, we're headed for disaster. With her removal, we're headed the right way, but as history has proven, with her removal, there are two more waiting to spew the same rhetorical venom. Adios Cynthia, you worthless pile of scum!

McKinney has two brain cell... (Below threshold)

McKinney has two brain cells - and they hate one another!

Hillary, your'e joking, rig... (Below threshold)

Hillary, your'e joking, right'?

Really. Very dry sarcasm. Love your style.






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