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Israeli Prime Minister Accepts Cease-Fire Deal

Hours before a UN Security Council vote both Israel and Lebanon have indicated they will accept a cease-fire deal put together by the U.S. and France.

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has accepted an emerging Mideast cease-fire deal and informed the United States of his decision, Israeli officials said Friday.

Olmert will recommend that his government approve the deal in its meeting on Sunday, said Gideon Meir, a senior official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Meir said the military offensive in Lebanon would continue for the time being. It was not immediately clear if it would be halted after the U.N. Security Council vote on the cease-fire deal later Friday, or only after the Israeli Cabinet has endorsed it.

Evelyn Leopold at Independent Online details the emerging understanding of the erms of the deal.

The draft resolution, forged on the same day Israel ordered an expansion of its ground offensive, calls for an immediate "cessation of hostilities" followed by a phased withdrawal of Israeli units as the Lebanese army and an expanded UN peacekeeping force move into the south.

Left undefined is the disarming of Hezbollah, which if not addressed will make the whole thing worthless...


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Comments (24)

It will be worthless... (Below threshold)

It will be worthless and Hezbollah will return to the south. Olmert is not the man to lead Israel but he is who they voted for, so once again Israel 'reaps' what she is sowing, will they never learn? Will we?

Agree, d_brit. What is also... (Below threshold)
Elry jetson:

Agree, d_brit. What is also missing- a sequence of events that lead to the return of the Israeli soldiers soon. Olmert is selling them down the river for a Lebanese force at the border that may be full of Hezbollah supporters.
I'm also deeply ashamed of the Bush admin. They shoved this down everyone's throats without looking after Israel's best interests. Rice turned into an absolute wimp. I'm absolutely bewildered.

The cease fire will fall ap... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

The cease fire will fall apart like a cheap suit within days after the Security Council approaves it. The ink won't even be dry on the document before Hezbollah will launch a rocket or make an incursion.

When that happens, Israel can say "we tried it your way and it didn't work so we are going to finish the job".

Maybe as a result of all this fruitless talk and hand wringing by the UN Americans will finally recognize how totally useless the UN is and start demanding that we get out. I hope so, I am tired of my tax dollars supporting and organization that is usless as teats on a boar.

"I'm also deeply ashamed of... (Below threshold)

"I'm also deeply ashamed of the Bush admin. They shoved this down everyone's throats without looking after Israel's best interests. Rice turned into an absolute wimp. I'm absolutely bewildered."

You're looking at this totally wrong. Bush and Rice didn't shove anything down anyone's throat (and she is defintely not a wimp. That's insulting and uncalled for).

Olmert is a weak leader and does not have what it takes to see this through to it's necessary conclusion (the destruction of Hezzbolah). Bush and Rice are simply trying to do something with the lemons they've been handed.

I suggest you go back and look at all the quotes from the Bush Admin the last month. It's obvious that they gave Israel their blessing to go in and destroy Hezzbolah. Bush did not want it to come back to this type of situation. But what is he supposed to do if Olmert want to end this? Order him to continue the attack?

We've given the Israelis a ... (Below threshold)

We've given the Israelis a month, and all they've managed to do is sit on their asses and look like a bunch of weak pussies. Hezbollah bombs the living shit out of Israel with rockets every day, and the Israeli government sits on the border, wringing its hands.

I'm sorry, folks, but we could give these fucking clowns a year and they'd still be timidly diddling around on the Lebanese border.


From what I have been able ... (Below threshold)

From what I have been able to gather re Olmert, he is the Israeli analogue to Kerry, Dean, Lamont, et al.

I hope we don't decide to bury our heads in the sand and let this happen here.

If Isreal is afraid to take... (Below threshold)

If Isreal is afraid to take IDF losses while rockets rain down on their cities, I don't see how anyone can start complaining about Bush stopping this. Maybe next time Isreal will have a real leader who has the will to finish what the Hezos started.

The last news I h... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

The last news I heard on the [email protected] 1400 8/11/06
was Israel was going to turn it down!! Also
the IDF was totaly P/O AT Bush!!!

If it came from the U.N it'... (Below threshold)

If it came from the U.N it's automatically worthless.

Andy McCarthy nails it at N... (Below threshold)

Andy McCarthy nails it at NRO The Corner:

Hezbollah Wins [Andy McCarthy]

Hezbollah wins this big just by being legitmized. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, not a country. The resolution we are signing on to, however, addresses it as if it were a country. The resolution doesn't purport to direct any UN member nation to make Hezbollah cease firing — least of all Lebanon, the purported sovereign of this territory. Instead, it appeals to Hezbollah directly — in the same paragraph in which it addresses Israel, as if there were no difference in status between the two — and "calls on" it to stand down.

How do we sign onto that? Didn't we just say about 24 hours ago that we are dealing with "Islamo-fascists" who cannot be reasoned with? Yet, recognizing that no one is willing to fight them, we are joining the "international community" in calling on Hezbollah terrorists to stand down? And when they don't what happens? Will we write them a strong letter?

Maybe we should vacate Iraq but have the new Iraqi army and the UN guard the country while we call on al Qaeda to disarm. That's apparently a winning formula, right?


Andy makes some good points... (Below threshold)
ken hupp:

Andy makes some good points. However, there is no getting around the point that Israel did not fight this conflict with the determination and full commitment to win that they displayed in the 6-Day and Yom Kippur Wars. We had no shortage of reports that Olmert was trying to do this on the cheap by rejecting calls from his military to do a shock and awe air and ground assault right out of the gate, when the element of surprise existed. As Benjamin Netanyahu said early on "overwhelming force brings hostilities to a quick end and results in fewer casualties." Instead, Olmert tried to do a surgical air campaign and brief ground incursions, believing he could somehow avoid any causualties and only kill the bad guys. Unlike past administrations, Bush gave the Israelis plenty of time to conduct the campaign, without trying to turn them away. At the end of the day, I think they just got frustrated and concluded there was nothing more they could do to help if Israel wouldn't help itself. The sad thing is that Olmert's mishandling of the situation will only embolden Hezbollah and its backers to cause even bigger problems in the future.


Olmert is a leftist lawyer,... (Below threshold)

Olmert is a leftist lawyer, this is the end product....I'd keep a watch out for a military coup, when this resumes lets home Olmert isn't Israel's leader and the US still has a president that will cover for them to do whats needed.

If only Ariel Sharon had lasted another year

Yay, Hezbollah is saved!! ... (Below threshold)

Yay, Hezbollah is saved!! That was a close one fellas, the "international community" almost allowed a terrorist organization to be destroyed.

Now at least they'll be able to revel in their victory and gather arms and recruits for the next time they start a war.

Ken, Great post. Y... (Below threshold)


Great post. Your point about the air strikes struck me that that was exactly what Clinton did when he was Presdient. He was afraid to go in on the ground for fear of casulties and Olmert appears to have the same fear.

The more I think about it, the more I think Bush just gave up on Israel ever doing anything meaningful. It's really a shame too because the Israeli's couldn't ask for more stalwart support than what Bush have given them over the last month.

Thanks kirktoe,I'm... (Below threshold)
ken hupp:

Thanks kirktoe,

I'm glad you brought up Clinton and Kosovo. If Olmert was studying that one he clearly learned the wrong lesson, and it seems like he played "not to lose" instead of to win. I also couldn't help but think of how previous Prime Ministers like Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachim Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu would have fought this conflict. Imagine any of them getting the green light and support that Bush gave the current Israeli government to get the job done. Sheik Hassan Nose hairs might have already assumed room temperature. I'm not sure how Ariel Sharon would have conducted this campaign. I think the old Ariel Sharon would have played to win. But the new Ariel Sharon was the architect of disengagement and land for peace, which led to this conflict, and one has to wonder which Ariel Sharon would have reported to duty. I hope the old one would have. But to be totally honest, I don't know.


Hmmmm.You... (Below threshold)


You're looking at this totally wrong. Bush and Rice didn't shove anything down anyone's throat (and she is defintely not a wimp. That's insulting and uncalled for).

1. The Condi Rice helped negotiate this deal.

2. Bolton voted in favor of it in the UNSC.

3. Israel is extremely dependent on the US for financial and military aid along with access to supplies of weapons and spare parts. There are some weapons the Israelis want, but cannot have, because US has refused to sell them to Israel.

This is the club that *every* President has used since 1948 to beat Israel with.

4. If this blows up in everyone's face, and it *will*, then I have even less respect for Bush and the Republican party than I did before.

As unimaginable as that seems.

5. If this deal is such a good fricking idea then why doesn't Condi Rice broker an agreement in the UNSC with the frigging Iraqi insurgents eh?


Frankly unless things turn out vastly different from the last 25 such worthless deals, this is yet another example of a US President stabbing Israel and it's citizens in the back.

Ed,You really need... (Below threshold)


You really need to get your head on straight because once again you are ignoring the facts:

1 - Condi Rice negoiated it. Yes she did because it obvious that Israel wasn't going to take the fight to the level necessary to win this thing outright. The IDF was furious with Olmert for not taking a more agressive stand. Therefore, Bush/Rice/Bolton's only choice was to try and broker this deal.

2 - Botlon voted for it. See #1 above.

3 - Bush has sold Israel bombs and rockets in the last month and gave Israel the green light to destroy Hezzbolah. Israel didn't take it. That's not using a club agains Israel Ed, that's giving the club TO Israel to use agains their enemy and they refused to do it.

4 - This I agree in part with you on. But it's not Bush' fault. Again Israel is the one who refused to deal with this. What's Bush supposed to do, use that club you mentioned and beat Israel over the head to keep fighting?

I really take exception to your last statement about us stabbing Israel in the back. It is Israel who let us down this time not the other way around.

It's friggin' ridiculous th... (Below threshold)

It's friggin' ridiculous that any Israeli or Israeli supporter would start tooting the "Bush Made Us Stop!" horn. Bush gave them every minute - and more - and the more time Israel got, the more they sat on their fat asses.

Asshat Olmert managed to violate the first rule of street fights; if you're dumb enough to pull a gun, you'd better be smart enough to use it.


Kirktoe,Brilliant ... (Below threshold)
ken hupp:


Brilliant analysis in your response to Ed. It can't be said any better than that. You nailed it.


BEWARE OF ROMULAS BEARING G... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:


[email protected] kirktoe</p... (Below threshold)


@ kirktoe

You really need to get your head on straight because once again you are ignoring the facts:

I'd suggest you look in a mirror before you make silly assertions like that.


Condi Rice negoiated it. Yes she did because it obvious that Israel wasn't going to take the fight to the level necessary ...

And I'll point out that it was *Bush* that tried to force the Israelis to hold off from shifting 30,000+ troops into southern Lebanon. The Israeli goverment approved the action. The IDF command structure wanted to go in.

It was **Bush** that stopped it cold.

I'll also point out that Bush's public responses have been, at best (being charitable here), very lukewarm to the fighting. If Bush has come out and stated for the record that Hezbollah is a terrorist group that must be destroyed, I hadn't heard it.


Botlon voted for it. See #1 above.

Which means that he got orders from the White House to vote for this nonsense from the UNSC.


3 - Bush has sold Israel bombs and rockets in the last month and gave Israel the green light to destroy Hezzbolah. Israel didn't take it.

Bush didn't sell those bombs, those bombs were already bought and sold. All that happened was the shipping schedule was moved up.

But what has happened is that the US State Department, Condi Rice's balliwick btw, has stepped in to try and derail the shipment of rockets to Israel.

As for this "green light". Let's hear the specific and *exact* quote where Bush comes out and says that Hezbollah must be destroyed. Not just some generic "terrorist organizations" or "terrorists". *Hezbollah*.


This I agree in part with you on. But it's not Bush' fault. Again Israel is the one who refused to deal with this.

Except it's the Israelis with forces ready to move in but cannot because of this UNSC deal. Israel has *no* influence whatsoever in the UNSC aside from the US.

So what you're asserting is that the Israelis were desperate for a way out and begged Bush to get a UN resolution to get it done.

So what you're asserting is that **Israelis** wanted the **UNFIL**, an organization that has either winked at, or actually connived with, Hezbollah, to take over southern Lebanon?

So what you're asserting is that the **Israelis** WANT the Lebanese Army, which is weak, somewhat incompetent and completely shot through with Hezbollah sympathisers and Hezbollah members, to take over control of southern Lebanon along with UNFIL?

Are you getting the point that this assertion of yours has no factual basis whatsoever and that it flies directly against all publically stated wishes of the Israeli government and people?

So where is the proof for this nonsense? Or did you pull this stuff from your ass?


I really take exception to your last statement about us stabbing Israel in the back. It is Israel who let us down this time not the other way around.

Generally I try to be gentle with people unless they insult me, which you have certainly not done. With that said though the entirety of your position is based on your personal interpretion of events of which you have no personal knowledge.

You made the assertions, you prove them. You show me where the Israeli government has expressed a willingness to hand over southern Lebanon to forces that are both inimical and dangerous to Israel. You show me where Israel has expressed a willingness, prior to this idiot resolution from the UNSC and Bush, to hand over control of southern Lebanon to Hezbollah proxies.

[email protected] kirktoe... (Below threshold)


@ kirktoe

Here's something else for you man.

1. Israel is an ally and has been an ally for 50+ years.

2. Israel is fighting the same enemy, in a sense, that America is engaged in fighting.

3. Israel, our ally, was attacked.

4. We, the ally of America, has not offered either material support, air or naval squadrons or ground forces in aid of Israel.


So really. Just how good an ally are we?

[email protected] kirktoe</p... (Below threshold)


@ kirktoe

One last thing since it's 3:45am right now and I'm waaay past my bedtime.

If Israel were so utterly dependent upon this ceasefire and the UNSC resolution to save their collective asses, then why is the IDF fighting so hard *right now*!?

Why isn't the IDF simply holding to defensive positions in place with conducting any new offensive operations since the ceasefire goes into effect on Monday? Why would they bother continuing or initiating offensive operations when the ceasefire is only a day or more away? Why would Israel risk additional casualties unnecessarily if the Israeli government expected this ceasefire and UNSC resolution were actually going to stop the violence?

Why do you think that the Israelis want a UNSC resolution that doesn't even mention the two IDF soldiers that had been kidnapped? There is not one single provision in the UNSC resolution that requires the two IDF soldiers to be repatriated.

This UNSC resolution is an absolute disaster of monstrous proportions. I cannot believe that the Israeli government, a parliment style government that can be brought down by a no confidence vote in the Knesset, could possibly want this resolution as it is worded.

Now some people are trying to put a pretty face on it by asserting that if Hezbollah doesn't abide by the ceasefire then there will be repercussions.

Yeah. And the check's in the mail. Because it's the UNSC that determines what those repercussions are and I fully expect a veto by either Russia or China on anything of substance.

You've got a very high bar to achieve in your evidence that the Israeli's want this result.

While I'm not the biggest f... (Below threshold)

While I'm not the biggest fan of Condi these days, the blame here falls squarly on Olmert and DM Peretz. I'm an Israeli and everyone I've spoken with today is very disappointed in Olmert and the whole government. We got nothing. Not a thing. Lebanese army? At least half have ties to Hizbullah. UNFIL? They've been involved in at least several attacks as Jay chronicled here several times. The French? You know the folks who claimed Iran has a stablizing influence on the region.
Yeah...this is going to go well.






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