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Pregnant Woman In PJs Arrested By Police In Terror Investigation

Profiling is very important, but it is not perfect.

The youngest of the terror suspects arrested in the raids was a heavily pregnant woman from Hackney, London.

The Asian woman was taken by police handcuffed and still wearing pyjamas from a top floor flat in Denver Road.

It has been reported today that the woman, who has not yet been named, is the wife of Muslim convert Oliver Savant. Eye witnesses described her as five foot tall with braided hair.

One witness said: "I heard a man shout and then the door was knocked through. I looked out of the window and saw a team of armed officers - wearing helmets and goggles - pour out of a black unmarked Mercedes people carrier.

"There were another two vans full of police wearing bullet-proof vests. And there were two guys who looked like intelligence agents who were controlling things."

In another raid, a young woman and her six month-old baby was taken into custoday.

I agree with this Examiner editorial that it is time to be politically incorrect and start profiling. I believe it is a very useful tool and it doesn't make sense strip searching Jewish grandmas from Miami when looking to prevent terrorist attacks. What I have feared, though, and what certainly must have been considered by terrorists, is that they would be eventually be successful in recruiting those who do not fit the terrorist profile.

It is hard to imagine a young, female, non-Muslim American agreeing to commit suicide and murder thousands of innocent women and children. It is highly unlikely that the jihadists will be very successful recruiting that demographic. It is possible, however, that they will eventually be successful in recruiting some who do not fit the typical profile. It is also possible that someone not fitting the profile could be tricked into unknowingly taking a banned substance on board a plane.

On my last trip to California, my daughter threw up in my neighbor's brand new car on the way to the airport. After doing what I could to clean her and the seat, I found myself on the sidewalk outside the terminal with two kids (one covered in vomit) and about five bags of various shapes and sizes which we planned to carry on, looking for the nearest bathroom. Let's just say it would not be outside the realm of possibility that someone could have slipped something into one of those bags without me noticing. It is also possible that a mentally unstable person who does not fit the typical terrorist profile could be convinced to join the jihad. I have thought about the possibility (I may have even seen this one in a movie) that a terminally ill (or a suicidal) person might, if offered enough money, decide to seize the opportunity to leave their famlly financially secure.

Profiling is a very valuable tool, and we should be doing more of it, but there are other things we must consider that won't be caught by profiling alone. It might even be necessary for a security officer to take some time to examine the bags of this 40-year-old white woman with two small kids and a Southern accent. I will try to remember that the next time I stand in line for 45 minutes to get through airport security.


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Comments (13)

"The Asian woman was taken ... (Below threshold)

"The Asian woman was taken by police handcuffed and still wearing pyjamas"

For those that might be confused, as I would have been, a British reporter explained on the news this morning that over there they use 'Asian' to describe those that look Indian or Pakistani, not Chinese or Japanese, which is how I think most Americans would interpret 'Asian'.

Just thought I'd toss that in.

Thanks. I was not focused ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks. I was not focused on Asian, though, the pregnant part was what got me. That and the woman who was arrested with a child.

I knew I should have clarif... (Below threshold)

I knew I should have clarified my comment more, I too was thrown by the young mother types, not just the 'Asian' thing. I just wanted to get it out there so that people wouldn't just look at that. Guess it didn't work :) It was just something that stuck in my brain when I saw it on the news this morning. They were also going on about how two of the guys were 'white muslim converts'. Although I could've sworn the british reporter called them 'white bread' which I thought was rather odd...then I thought she said 'white bred' or something, but it still was an odd thing to say. I guess I still don't know what she was getting at...maybe someone else that saw it could enlighten me? Around 8am on Fox?

Overly long story short - maybe we should still cut down on the elderly jewish lady searches but pay more attention to the muslim woman with a baby on her hip? You'd think these muslim groups, the ones that try to not associate with terrorists, would be all over the news today decrying the use of women in this way since it's only going to further reinforce stereotypes and encourage profiling, but I guess when 'moderate muslim groups' start decrying anything the jihadists are doing is the day we start carrying umbrellas to avoid pig droppings from above.

The trick is to subject tho... (Below threshold)

The trick is to subject those who fit the profile to extra scrutiny while still subjecting those outside the profile to a lessor, more random screening. This will ensure the majority of the effort is spent where it most likely to yield results while still guarding against the outliers sneaking through.

She was wearing pajamas? Sh... (Below threshold)

She was wearing pajamas? She might have been a blogger!

She should be considered a ... (Below threshold)

She should be considered a "terrorist factory" in full working order.

Or maybe she's got a new "bomb belt", does anyone remember "the beware of pregnant middle eastern women" threat several months ago?

Lorie, I think the deranged... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I think the deranged man trying to blow up the plane to help put his family in better financial shape was Van Heflin in the first "Airprot" movie.

Also, has anyone thought that maybe the Brit who "converted" to Islam six months ago and was arrested in this raid may have been the undercover agent who blew this thing up? Just a thought.

I took an elective poly-sci... (Below threshold)

I took an elective poly-sci course on terrorism (no lie) way back when the terrorist groups we worried about were German.

It was fascinating. (It also means that I tend to define terrorism far more narrowly than it is defined these days.) One of the interesting elements that seemed so surprising until one thought about it and then it seemed completely obvious is that terrorists were often female and, compared to the men, prone to remain steadfast after capture.

Think of the iconoclastic pictures of the 1960's protest groups that were involved in violence... female, right? At the very least, it was pictures of the girls that we saw the most.

I used to wonder, when I got waved through the gate to Clark AB without having to show an ID, if I should have called the guards on it. I could have been Greenpeace, not American, how would they know? But people pick up sub-conscious clues (if they are allowed.) I trusted my ability to do so when I was off base... legitimate guards or military often had miss matched uniforms and guns that had been repaired with athletic tape, which guerillas would also have... but people who are up to something tend to act like they are up to something.

In other words... "I had a feeling" should be adequate justification to search someone in a situation where searches are being conducted. Even if the result is more of one "type" of person searched... though good security demands that it's not *relying* on profiles.

I *could* have been a spy, or Greenpeace, or something else. I wasn't, but I could have been.

Shame for you for even cons... (Below threshold)

Shame for you for even considering taking a container of volatile liquid (a fed and hydrated baby/young child) on an airliner!

PRRRRofiling... hang up evr... (Below threshold)
Jane Doe:

PRRRRofiling... hang up evry gun and badge in the world after you get a load of my story, a true one but I still wish it were not true.I find it amazing that now I can finally freely use freedom of speech on a computer after being accused of "terrrrroristically threatening" my gem of an ex after my children were abducted illegally by him years ago. Thank heavens I only spent one night in jail over that since it was a weekend and my lawyer who was also a neighbor of mine was on his honeymoon. I do recall remaining silent the whole time before and during my "little brush with the law." I am thankful to report I had actually been classmates of some of the guards{I come from a kinda smalltown area, everybody knows everybody's business.) I answered my hotel room door in the state my ex had fled to, to a man looking like a FBI agent. Excuse me for still being in the nude with a towel wrapped around me, I believe in staying clean. I am a young gal. I, unfortunately was finally on the track of my ex s
whom I to this day call "The Evil Magic Sperm donor"... after 3 years of searching for my babies, our sons. Thats not even the best part, I
was slandered by being called a ho, hooker, prostitute by TEMSD's new victim, so the story went in the newspapers and I remained silent.I wished I was invisible.Of course I can only blame myself, I put myself in harms way back then. I dated a detective who also happened to be a lawyer with whom I was cuddled up with in that
hotel room so ASSUMING I was guilty the smalltowns finest Barney Fifes got ahold of my southern, white educated, young,100 lb behind. I was not happy to be put thru the system but I held my peace. I have since then noticed you will never hear of a young white American girl trying to do anything wrong without somebody whining about it had to be a man behind her making her commit the crime.All I was doing was minding my own beeswax and carrying on as a newly happily divorced healthy girl in a motel with a man. I was never convicted since I claimed I was abused by that coward ex, and was concerned about my sons.needless to say the case never made it to a judge,since I was bailed out I also used the name Jane Doe when I had to sign anything, and scribbled it so bad my penmanship teachers are rolling in their graves. By writing clauses in everthing I signed, reading it all throughly and getting copies of everthing, I handled things okay . Surprise Surprise when I showed up the next day ,after being released to the school my sons were enrolled into, showing my credentials.
I was forced by my own concience to let my sons stay with their father to avoid furher confusion my children would face if I took them out of the only school they had known. One was 6,the other seven. I regret that to this day. O by the way my boyfriend I was found with in the hotel room was black, and had warned me that there were officers trolling the hotel's perimeters, and no not answer the door. I also knew I would be profiled for being an exwife with a black male gentlemen friend so of course I HAD to be the whore of babylon in everyone's eyes. The only people who believed in me were my family, my lawyer, my boyfriend, and we used condoms. We already knew better than to risk bringing a child into the world biracial, even to this day, only for the love of the child. The blessing in disguise that came from all this was the night i was held in jail my exspouse was badly beaten up and left tied to a tree in cuffs, so at least that could not be pinned on my brownie sash. I swear the next time I rof gear allowed in prison. I actually looked forward to the pending lawsuit I was urged to bring against my ex's newest victim since she had gotten that party started by lying to the police, falsely claiming I had yelled threats at her, my ex and it was really a Jerry spinger type thing. I was not having that. I have my limits. I was raised by parents who were
real Americans, the last of an endangered breed.
The moral of this story is a good old fashioned one" PEOPLE PLACES and THINGS... if you are not aware of what you are doing at all times, and are so far gone that you get caught up in the hoopla, then maybe you deserve to be punished for a crime you committed . I think that its fascinating to unravel all this about the terrorist bomb plot and find out they have not committed the crime yet, and have not been convicted yet, so here goes the hyppocritical war machine pendulum swinging towards America. Only in america are criminals innocent until proven guilty. Does anybody know English Law ? A HA Gotcha . you are guilty until prven innocent!!! Get it together. You terrorists are a joke, but America is too! How does america find the time to feed into the rest of the worlds problems? In the fifties , and early 70's and in the 60's did someone tell America to feed the world? Wait oh right... I forgot America no matter what will always be the superpower because of her freedoms... I did not experience innocent until proven guilty, in fact i was so facsinated by the idea of being surrounded by beutiful women in a jail scene that I started committing all kinds of silly crimes {all under my exspouses many girlfriend's Ids so i desrved to be put in prison and so society was
safe from a harmless lesbian who gave her children to her family to raise after the "law of the land" was twisted and she had her life ruined, my rep, ha I was young look what presidents are doing O do not even get me started
on Clinton... but I still believe in love. Love is supposed to be the greatest of all , where charity and love are...anyone young enough to remember things like a man who warned us all in the whole world he would take this world on a
helterskelter ride, and everyone claims he was a madman. I never saw such a hoodoo over one man who did not do the murder of the people he was accused of murdering, he was every parents nightmare when itcame to young girls and boys even, he had lots of children. I know. I was one of them , adopted out in 1960's and loved, told who I was so i decided for the benfit of my own children, the society we live in NOW and our White, Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Am Indian Reds, to do the same, so i do not unconciously
repeat a family pattern. Am I dangerous? Well the jury is out on that one. Am I aware of my fathers innocence... He did commit some more heinious crimes and reliable sources verified to me with proof of a lot of things. I still have no hate in me. I hope the other little ones who were the innocent victims of my father's crimes have half a chance at least. I am educated, loved, without a doubt conviced that it is still not a crime to think anything. I say what I mean I mean what I think and think anything. I do not know why I feel sentimental when I hear beatles tunes, and believe me my reasons are probably based on more
scary things than any 20 or 30 something old has to discover. Insight tells me Go for it but hindsight tells me be very careful. Does anyone else out there own a picture of me in my father's arms before he was arrested and imprisoned, and can anyone else out there honestly say it a miracle you survived to grow up and be adopted lovingly aka Cmansons white baby girl who grew up to have sons and then got divorced upon which she proceeded to love with all her might an innocent man of colors. Okay , fine, it is every parents nightmare, but then again i have the nerve to call my adoptive parents my only real parents, altough I thank the "evil Sperm Donor who helped create me, but wait a minute,If I truly believe all that then I am blaspheming since Cmanson claimed to be Jesus , who is God, and I do have to confess i strongly belive in freedom of religion, so hmmm. Hold the presses if one is allowed to practice a satanic religion, like the Muslims claim Americans do, and we all know when anyone accuses somebody else of something, its due to the fact that its a fault they have of their own. The truth hurts does ring a bell for me. Copycat cults that cropped up after 1969 were clever in that they kept their crimes hidden, for the most part. I am not usually this loquacious but I am gay, I have aids, I was sexually promiscuous, after i was divorced,. I want the world to know with all its shams, and broken dreams it is still a beautiful place, I am over my past, but I thought it might be somewhat cute if I refused to be Pithy and took complete pity on the fools who ever get into my life and even look at me. I have everything to look forward to except my own death. I had a horrible start in life but i still do not want pity or patronizing. I am not the daughter of a monster, although he would have a lot of explaining to do to me if I was naive enough to believe he would tell me the truth. I can't lie, but he was charged with a lot of things. who are we as humans to lock up anyone without proof ? Those crazy women his beauties were dogs compared to this next generation, I am proof of that. I was told the truth at all times by my adoptive parents so I know why i was set free the first time, because i was falsely accused. Freedom is now a relative thing to me, pardon the pun... I have visited every jail in America with my chameleon good looks and Manson bloodline, I am a pro. But you will never catch me killing myself over a Muslim cause or a christian one or for anything. The only time I was illegally incarcerated was the last time I ever had respect for the Laws of any nation. I plead innocent every time I used to go in and out of jails and pay my lawyer with sex, using condoms, and remain free. I stopped getting myself arrested in 2001, when I married my lover, a female, in a private ceremony, Guess where? California. God Bless America. I may never leave my bedroom again, let alone my home. It is open hunting season for all who are not crazy Muslims or White supremicists.
Please pardon my sense of humor, errors bot i am bored writing this, so i am sure no one has read all this at all. Peace out, chill and I left something whichhe will be proud of... two sons, a
life lived without guile or arrogance, and my southern accent melts the hardest of hearts. Sign me up on the next shipment over to defeat the
enemies, I can use my body as a weapon LOL
PS I am fascinated by the newbrn white rare tigers
GRRRRRRRR anyone care to comment on any of my nightmares/ life/ hell of a father/ whatever if not shhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I am a very weary pilgrim. Pss i almost forgot the best part... that healer named Jesus, King of Kings
the Good shepard... He is healing me I have faith
I expected to be arrested for moving the mountains in california with all my faith and be accused of causing the earthquakes. Instead I am only given total freedom, to live as I please, with a complete new alias a lovely home one my father used to break into and make love in so the press falsely reported, a mansion... It was bought by me so I could "settle down" O all those floods, diverse places, eartquakes, etc,,, its all either me or my father. How about that Tsnunami ? It was predicted by Jeanne Dixon in 1970's correct me if I err. I find this whole chain of events thrilling, exciting, universally poloitically correct and not scary in the least, but then i was born with no fear, brain, a beauty, a body and charm. I was spoiled rotten too since my adoptive parents got me as a tiny newborn. I asked my parents at an early age Was I a poor Jewish orphan? How much more can one heart take!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I know NOBODY can answer me. yall are too blind, deaf and dumb with numbness.

It is possible that neither... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

It is possible that neither of the two women arrested knew anything about the bomb plot. Both, however, are married to men who did, and were involved in it. To cut either of them a break because they have small children or are pregnant would be beyond foolish.

When you have dedicated fanatics attempting mass murder the police authorities *better* be thorough. Else the discoforted mothers and pregnant women will be the ones on jets brought down or turned into cruise missiles -- those whose spouses are in buildings struck by those cruise missiles or in those buildings themselves. And the discomfiture will not be an uneasy night or two in police custody -- it will be death -- of themselves or a loved one.

So cry me a river for those two women. I've lost patience with and any sympathy for people like them. Like AIDS, their inconvenience is caused by f'ing a-holes -- in this case these women's choice to associate with such a-holes.

There was a time, in the no... (Below threshold)

There was a time, in the not so distant past, that I opposed profiling.

I'm over that now.

We should profile, and conduct random searches on others who don't fit the profile.

From <a href="http://por... (Below threshold)

From Taking today's news on the terror plot to its logical conclusion:

Clearly the terrorists are not giving up on their efforts to kill innocent civilians.

Considering that

the next logical step is to start developing an human x-ray machine sensitive to contraband (ala Total Recall) and to start implementing criminal [note: that's 'criminal' not 'racial') profiling of terrorists. [Update: see PowerLine's Profiles in airport security]

Political correctness is a luxury we can't afford in a society of limited resources; time and money.

As Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, general manager of Al- Arabiya news channel, noted:

It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims.






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