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Some Scary Poll Findings On the Mindset of British Muslims

Kimsch at Musing Minds posted an excerpt from Your World in which a poll of British Muslims is quoted and the findings are scary. I am sure some of you could come up with a better word than "scary" but for me, that is the word that best fit.


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Comments (5)

I kept reading that as "Bri... (Below threshold)

I kept reading that as "British Museums" and couldn't make any sense of it.

Perhaps I should go take a nap or something.

How is it, that the poll wa... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

How is it, that the poll was released (7) weeks ago and we are just hearing about it? You have to be a moron not to pay attention to findings like that.

It's hard to keep hearing about all of the innocent Muslims, when (33)% of them feel that it is alright to blow up Jews. I would be interest to see if the same numbers were found in the US.

can someone point me to the... (Below threshold)

can someone point me to the exact poll and not the comments or references...i would like to see the details

ns,I'm sorry I don... (Below threshold)


I'm sorry I don't have any more information on this poll. All I know about it is what Stuart Varney said on Your World.


Actually, I recall reading ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I recall reading about it around 7 weeks ago... It seems to be making the news rounds again because of the plane plot.






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