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Time Out

While I have two major pieces brewing in the back of my mind, I also have about 2.5 metric buttloads of other things that, unfortunately, have to take priority. My work, financial matters, personal issues, and health are all conspiring to get me to take a day or so away from this place and focus on the real world.

No, I'm NOT happy about that either. Damned reality...

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You said "buttloads", which... (Below threshold)

You said "buttloads", which makes me wonder how I can tie "proctological" in here.....

Take care of yourself. Once we get our fannies blown up by Gatorade and an iPod, it won't matter what you posted on WizBang.

Seriously, come use the pool again. It's quiet, and I promise not to serve peas.

Ah, but can you keep the be... (Below threshold)

Ah, but can you keep the bears away, Candy?

LOL - I can TRY. No promise... (Below threshold)

LOL - I can TRY. No promises :)

Jay, take good care. ... (Below threshold)

Jay, take good care.

Jay to the Tea: Ho... (Below threshold)

Jay to the Tea:

Hope you are productive and focused during your short sabbatical, and hope you come back to the virtual world refreshed and inspired.






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