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Americans Will Die for Liberty

Be sure to read Andrew Gimson's piece at the UK Telegraph. He appreciates that Americans willingly fight for freedom.

Hat tip: The Anchoress

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I've lost track of how many... (Below threshold)

I've lost track of how many europeans I've frightened with my unabashed Americanism.

When you tell someone you would do pretty much anything to protect the US from the common enemies, they don't have much of a response...

I've observed the same thin... (Below threshold)

I've observed the same thing with my friends in London, and in my recent British travels.

Once you get in a discussion that goes beyond the script in the moribund european press, they don't know how to handle it.

You can just see the minds working, "hmmmm, something worth fighting for, protecting your family, moral cause, hmmmmm . . .oh, shit, that's not in today's "Guardian"!!!"

Say, Kim, only a very ti... (Below threshold)

Say, Kim, only a very tiny minority of American adults will actually fight. Much of the rest will be either chickenhawks or opposed to fighting Bush's war based on principle.

You're not a chickenhawk, are you now?

Say, Herman, only a very... (Below threshold)

Say, Herman, only a very tiny minority of American liberals will actually fight for the Islamists. Much of the rest will be either chickenshits or opposed to fighting Bush's war based on self-interest.

You're not a chickenshit, are you now?

Yes, Hermie is a chickenshi... (Below threshold)

Yes, Hermie is a chickenshit.

And, he has no penis. Nada. Nunca.






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