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And the First Green Helmet Award Winner Is....

This is a follow up to my earlier piece. I had no idea when I created this award that the competition for it would be so stiff.

After taking the "What to do When You're Caught Faking News" correspondence class from the Dan Rather School of Journalism Ethics, Kathy Gannon of AP is the first winner of the Green Helmet Award.

Gannon won the prestigious award for her glowing piece on Green Helmet Guy himself.

'Green Helmet' helps rescue the wounded

BY KATHY GANNON, Associated Press Writer Fri Aug 11, 8:31 PM ET

TYRE, Lebanon - After hours of digging in the blistering heat, Salam Daher emerged from the wreckage with the body of a 9-month-old baby, a blue pacifier still pinned to its nightshirt.

He held the infant up and, click, an Associated Press photographer snapped another picture of Daher, in his trademark green helmet, displaying a civilian victim of Israeli bombs for the world to see.

Daher, a member of the civil defense for 20 years, has been photographed with bodies of the dead in two wars now -- first in 1996 and most recently with the baby on July 30 __ both times after Israeli attacks in the village of Qana six miles southeast of the city.

For that reason, some Web sites have labeled him the "Green Helmet," and accused him of being a member of the Hezbollah guerrilla group, and of showing off bodies as propaganda.

"But that isn't true," he told The Associated Press....

I hate to break the news to her, but that is exactly what he has done.

The AP learned nothing from Rathergate. Just like Dan Rather, when the AP is caught red handed creating bogus news, instead of admitting they've been producing propaganda, they dig in deeper and go for the "Fake But True" defense.

"Sure he was using dead babies as grotesque props in a propaganda film -and we helped- but he really is a civil defense worker... Honest."

Now Kathy, go get your tattoo so the next time you walk into a newsroom everyone will know you're a worthless hack.


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Comments (12)

Additionally, the pacifier ... (Below threshold)

Additionally, the pacifier was clearly pinned onto the poor child specifically for propaganda purposes.

Here's more on Green Helmet... (Below threshold)

Here's more on Green Helmet and his propaganda ops.


Excellent link Smitty. Les... (Below threshold)

Excellent link Smitty. Lessons taken from the John F Kerry Vietnam War decoration report writing school of Winter Soldiers.

An Airman I worked with vol... (Below threshold)

An Airman I worked with volunteered to dig people out of the rubble at Bagio after the earthquake there 15 years ago. When he got back he described it. The flies. The smell of rotten hamburger. The reporters who flocked to every new find, eager to get pictures.

When every hand is needed human decency suggests that you put the camera down and help.

I won't watch the You Tube clip again. Green Helmet is setting up photo ops, treating a dead human child like a prop, holding work up so that better pictures can be taken. If Kathy Gannon can't see that a person has to wonder just what ideology blinds her.

I just figured out a way to... (Below threshold)

I just figured out a way to describe this week's events to a bunch of folks who don't get it...

Dungeons and Dragons.

Lawful Good versus Chaotic Evil.

Paul you have created a mon... (Below threshold)

Paul you have created a monster.

The competition to see who best qualifies weekly for this award will be tremendous.

You may have to start awarding a weekly gold, silver, and bronze category.


I forgot to mention perhaps... (Below threshold)

I forgot to mention perhaps aided by some post grad work at the school of Baghdad Bob?

Hmmm.Questions:</p... (Below threshold)



1. If Reuters is forwarding propaganda, is that protected speech as defined by the First Amendment or can it be regulated by Congress?

2. If it's not protected speech then could Congress implement a congressional investigation and take the opportunity to put the Reuters leadership on the witness stand to testify under oath?

3 If Reuters provides fake or fradulent products to it's customers, could any of those customer sue Reuters for fraud? Could Reuters be forced to cough up a large portion of it's image library for discovery purposes?

Just curious.

It's protected speech.... (Below threshold)

It's protected speech.

On the other hand, everybody else can say "what the FUCK are you thinking?"

Hmmm.It's... (Below threshold)


It's protected speech.

So Tokyo Rose would be defended by the ACLU now?

Frankly I don't think it is protected speech because a lot of things change during wartime, and speech that is directly oriented towards weakening the national will to fight is specifically addressed in the Sedition Act, among others.

Still. I'd like to see Reuters CEO grilled in a congressional investigation.

Ahem and excuse me. The Gre... (Below threshold)

Ahem and excuse me. The Green Helmet Award was set up on August 6. See here: http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2006/08/from-walter-duranty-to-green-helmet.html

But we are ready to share information.

Well Helen you know what th... (Below threshold)

Well Helen you know what they say... Demented minds think alike.

Isn't that what they say? lol






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