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George Galloway Stokes Arab Hatred of the West then Begs for Money

George Galloway has no shame. He went on to al Jazeera television, stoked Arab hatred toward US and Britain, and then begged al Jazeera's viewers for money.

This guy is such a sleaze.


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Comments (3)

What a filthy piece of shit... (Below threshold)

What a filthy piece of shit!

Calling him that is a disse... (Below threshold)

Calling him that is a disservice to "Filthy Shit."

George Galloway is a disgus... (Below threshold)

George Galloway is a disgusting human being...He is no liberal..He is just a biased, bizarro asshole who thinks his anti-semitic, intolerant bullshit makes him a fiery lefty..ugh..
He probably thinks Sharia law is fine too and whole-heartedly approves of Wahhabism and Islamic fundamentalism....
Anyone who calls terrorists freedom fighters is an asshole and has a screw loose...
The man is an embarassment to the left. I can't stand that piece of filth...






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