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Everything Makes Them Stronger

Thanks to our buddy Sean M. at The Brea Canyon Monument, we learned of a clip from "Larry King Live" featuring the impressive intellect of one Randi Rhodes. Frankly, dear reader, until we took a gander at this TV spot, we hadn't heard of Randi Rhodes before. Or, perhaps, we thought she was the bass player in erstwhile pseudo-heavy metal sensation Quiet Riot.

But, no, it appears that Ms. Rhodes hosts a program on Air America, the deeply popular radio network with circa three listeners. Accordingly, the ever-tepid Larry King invited Ms. Rhodes to debate the Israel-Hezbollah conflict with right-wing radio host Neil Boortz.

To be sure, we found Ms. Rhodes awfully convincing--if by "awfully convincing" you mean "so stupid that you earnestly wonder about how she manages to tie her shoes in the morning." Throughout the segment, the dunderheaded Ms. Rhodes offered a few useless platitudes, and blithely ignored all kinds of evidence to come to her inane conclusions.

Yet one of Ms. Rhodes' "arguments" struck us as particularly intriguing. Toward the end of the segment, she countered Mr. Boortz's call for Israeli self-defense by suggesting that any military response to terrorism serves only to create more terrorism. As such, she opined that terrorism is merely a law-enforcement issue.

This, we thought, was a rather staggering claim. After all, Bill Clinton largely conceived of terrorism as a "law-enforcement issue," and this led to the escalation of terrorist acts against America during his presidency--culminating in 9/11. Perhaps Ms. Rhodes wants the US to hire better cops? We didn't think that was a high priority for the self-proclaimed progressive community.

This, of course, does not exhaust the problems one can detect with Ms. Rhodes' line of "reasoning." For how does she propose Israel go about arresting the entire membership of Hezbollah, especially since they reside in other countries? How, for that matter, does she propose Israel go about arresting Sheik Nasrallah? Hezbollah is not only a terrorist outfit, but also part of the Lebanese government: How does law-enforcement deal with that?

Yet perhaps the most appallingly stupid conclusion to be drawn from Ms. Rhodes commentary is the idea that a military response to terrorism necessarily results in an increase of terrorism. To her, this suggests that Israelis should not defend themselves against a systematic campaign of rocket fire into their country, because this would mean more rocket fire down the line. Instead, one should merely call the cops--they'll easily get to the bottom of the 200 missiles launched at your homeland each day.

This, dear reader, is either madness or the view of a woman who aims for the elimination of Western civilization. Her "killing Nazis only breeds more Nazis" line of argument is so foolish that no forthright person could take it seriously. If this is the kind of rationale bandied about by the Ned Lamont progressives, the Democratic Party has some major problems with its left wing.

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently listening to Randi Rhodes' cover of "Come On Feel the Noise.")


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Comments (11)

Hmmmm.1. *I'm* a b... (Below threshold)


1. *I'm* a bass player dammit! You take that crap back right the hell now!

I'll accept that Randi Rhodes is a keyboardist, but not a bass player. Life's tough enough for us without getting smeared by idiots like her.

2. Neil Boortz did a Conan the Barbarian on her, leaving her to "hear da lamentations of der wimmen".

It was the single most painful episode of rhetorical ass-whupping I've ever seen.

Thanks for the link, crack ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link, crack young staff. You kids are doing a bang-up job. Say hello to "Chip" for me.

No no no Randy Rhodes was t... (Below threshold)

No no no Randy Rhodes was the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.

Somehow he got reincarnated as a liberal twit after dying in a plane crash - must be punishment for some particularly bad karma.

any military response to te... (Below threshold)

any military response to terrorism serves only to create more terrorism ???

Well, at least Ms. Rhodes got it partially right. What she should have said is "any aggression serves only to create more aggression". Every Lebonese civilian killed causes more resentment and revenge.

The solution is dialog, not mass bombings.

CC - that's bullshit.... (Below threshold)

CC - that's bullshit.

Every dead Israeli civilian killed by a missile attack from those bastard Hezbollah headhackers should just be ignored in the interests of 'dialog'?

That dialog is predicated on one thing - that Hezbollah and Hamas have some 'right' to destroy Israel. Nothing else will suffice, nothing else will satisfy the yearnings for destruction.

The Palestinians were offered almost everything they said they wanted back when Arafat was running things, as a starting point to negotiations. Arafat walked out at that point, and started the second Intifada - GUARANTEEING his people would get jack shit. But he maintained his power base until the son of a bitch died, regardless of the cost to his people.

I don't see a dialog is possible, until certain things happen. Until the idea that Israel isn't going away is accepted, until the idea that the Palestinians aren't going to be returning is accepted, and until the idea that Israel is being used as a scapegoat by a lot of the failing dictatorships in the region to deflect attention from their internal problems is accepted - I don't see much of a point in 'dialog'.

Muddywater"conservative":<b... (Below threshold)

How does one engage in a dialog with someone who thinks the world will enter Utopia as soon as all of your kind are dead?

Now we know why moose-lums ... (Below threshold)

Now we know why moose-lums keep thier women covered up--they look lkie Randi Rhodes!!!!

Randi Rhodes was the guitar... (Below threshold)

Randi Rhodes was the guitar player, not bass player for Quiet Riot. The title of the song was actually Cum on Feel The Noize, not Come On Feel the Noise. Also, Randi Rhodes had already left Quiet Riot to join Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz by 1983, when Quiet Riot's Mental Health was released, so he didn't play guitar on Mental Health, Carlos Cavazzo did. Plus he was dead, killed in a small plane crash.

well since randi served in ... (Below threshold)

well since randi served in the military and you and neal boring didnt i have to ask, why do you hate the troops, america, the majority of democrat americans, and our country so much? why dont you just get out? well you can wait until the end of this year and we will start forcing you out. have a good life in iran you troop hating christo-fascists.

Congratulations to British ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to British law enforcement. They effectively defeated the terrorist, arrested them and incarcerated them.

Quiet Riot's Randy is spell... (Below threshold)

Quiet Riot's Randy is spelled with a "y".






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