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Giuliani-Romney 2008?

One of my favorite bloggers, Laura Lee Donoho, wonders why some conservatives are jumping on the McCain-Lieberman bandwagon. She suggests a Giuliani-Romney ticket in 2008.

I'm at a loss to understand why some prominent conservative thinkers are seemingly shrugging their shoulders and jumping onto the McCain-Lieberman 2008 bandwagon. Some are of the opinion that McCain-Lieberman would make a good Republican team for the 2008 Presidential election..

I couldn't disagree more. While John McCain served honorably during the Vietnam War that was what?.....Thirty something years ago. There have to be more achievements in his record of public service to compel conservatives to rally around him. I don't see any. I have noticed that McCain has been on a very quiet tour through the Bible Belt, trying to make up for those uncalled for, hateful comments about Christians he made in the 2000 primaries.

I for one am not buying his apology tour but that's not the only problem I have with the "maverick" Senator. The McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulation and his membership in the gang of fourteen (gatekeepers to the Supreme Court) are just two examples why McCain has been anything but a loyal Republican so I'm surprised that any Republicans or conservatives are even considering his candidacy.
Rudy Giuliani has been my pick for President in 2008 ever since 911 and like Roger Simon I viewed his appearance on Hannity and Colmes the other night.

Rudy was very impressive. Forget George Allen, John McCain and every other wannabe Republican nominee. I predict today that the 2008 Republican nominee will be Rudolph Giuliani.

Yes, I am pro-life and more conservative in my social views than Rudy appears to be. But in these perilous times we need a man who understands the dangers we face in the ongoing war against Islamo Fascism. Rudy's already proven he's a man of fortitude with a big heaping of, yes, that old word, gravitas. Rudy understands that Americans want their civil liberties but the number one civil liberty is "Life." Without that we no longer exist as a nation.

I propose a Giuliani - Romney ticket. As a southerner I understand my part of the country very well and I know we will support a Giuliani-Romney ticket in a New York Minute.

I have written previously about my feelings about McCain and reasons I believe Rudy would be a great presidential nominee, despite the disagreements I have with him over abortion and other issues. I still think there are other worthy candidates that will be considered that are not even really being discussed much yet. The 2006 elections are months away, but there is no doubt that the race for 2008 has been going on for some time now. Anyone with any hope of raising money and support for a presidential race has a lot of work to do over the next year. There are going to be some really important things for Republicans to consider and some big decisions to make. The next 18 months or so will be an incredibly important time for the Republican party.


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Comments (16)

Switch the positions to Rom... (Below threshold)

Switch the positions to Romney-Giuliani, and I could go for it. And I'm conservative.

McCain-Lieberman doesn't ma... (Below threshold)

McCain-Lieberman doesn't make any sense to me as a conservative ticket. Lieberman isn't a conservative. I am watching Giuliani very carefully, though. At first, I didn't think he would make a good candidate, but he's growing on me. Our country desperately needs someone who can inspire us (is that the "gravitas" thing?), and he seems to me to be the only one capable of it--at least, at the present time. Maybe someone else will come along who also has that quality. I'm watching the various potential candidates. I did see Giuliani on TV the other night, and he impressed me with the firmness of his views on the war on terror.

PS - I also saw Romney the ... (Below threshold)

PS - I also saw Romney the other day, and I liked what he said about our personal liberties being important, but our lives were more important.

I also have my disagreement... (Below threshold)

I also have my disagreements with Giuliani, but I'd vote for him before I'd vote for McCain or Gingrich. I cannot support either of the latter for the Presidency.

I also strongly disagree wi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I also strongly disagree with Guiliani on gay marriage and abortion, and on his reported positions on gun control. Fortunately, none of those issues is really strongly affected by the Executive authority. Marriage issues are primarily a state responsibility, unless courts intrude. Courts have already taken over the abortion issue. Federal gun control policy is set by Congress.

On the single most important issue, the without which no other issue really matters much, is our national security and the war on terror.

On that, Guiliani appears completely trustworthy.

He also has successful administrative experience as Mayor of New York - a city with a higher population than 39 states, including Massachusetts and Virginia.

I too have been doubtful ab... (Below threshold)

I too have been doubtful about Giuliani's ability to achieve 'lift-off' with the conservative base.

But if its a choice between Giuliani and 'Billary', it's no choice at all...Giuliani in a heartbeat.

Regardless of personal differences, he's a good man, with the right 'stuff'.

I think the issue I have wi... (Below threshold)

I think the issue I have with a Gulianni/Romney ticket is not the ideals, but the conviction. I'm not saying that Guiliani and Romney don't have ANY convictions, but I'm just worried about how far they'd carry on before giving up. McCain/Lieberman, to me, seems like a more hawkish group which won't buckle under pressure. No offense to Rudy and Mitt, but I see them giving up sooner and John and Joe.

Romney is the real deal. A... (Below threshold)

Romney is the real deal. As a former MA resident I was slow to warm to him but he always shows articulate leadership and insight into issues. I could vote for Guliani, Romney, or Allen but not again for McCain, an enemy of free speech.

come on are you guys that d... (Below threshold)

come on are you guys that desparate that now you are touting a pro gay marriage, pro choice, east coast liberal republican for president? what do you stand for? nothing apparently. you must have a really short bench for president, but everyone knew that already. and romney? please you must be joking if you think he is going anywhere.

Giuliani's experience in th... (Below threshold)

Giuliani's experience in the war on terror is rather limited. Helping New York is one thing, but leading a global effort is something completely different.

The Democrats keep on makin... (Below threshold)

The Democrats keep on making their tent smaller... I think it's because they've been told, over and over, about how great the Republican message control, how narrow the Republican view, how intolerant, how non-inclusive, how Republicans are all into this lock -step unquestioning obedience and they think that if only they could do that, if only they could speak with one voice, they would win back Congress and the presidency.

So it's not surprising that billy is baffled to find out that a whole lot of us like Giuliani. It doesn't fit the sterotype of brainless lack-wits who really *really* hate gays and absolutely hate women and are generally uber-conservative theocrats.

But that's okay billy. We don't mind.

How did Lieberman get on th... (Below threshold)

How did Lieberman get on this ticket? Haven't heard that fancy before.

I am amused that McCain is not conservative enough for some, but somehow Giuliani is! Lost somewhere in this illogical thinking is the inconvenient truth that McCain is actually more conservative than George Bush. Amnesia allows those who remember that McCain pushed campaign finance reform through Congress to somehow forget that George Bush signed that abominable legislation. Meanwhile Bush spends like a drunken sailor and these phony conservatives are silent.

Not conservative enough?</p... (Below threshold)

Not conservative enough?

You're making the tremendous mistake that being conservative enough is an issue.

I don't know *any* conservatives who are silent about Bush's spending (or congress either)... what planet do you have to live on not to know about pork-busters?

But (and I know this will be shocking)... Bush isn't running for re-election.

And I think this is really REALLY funny... people who presumably are NOT conservative feel the need to take people to task for not being conservative enough. Why? Wouldn't signs of moderation be something to encourage? Can't stand it when people behave outside the box you put them in?

Also... speaking of living ... (Below threshold)

Also... speaking of living in an echo chamber... I've been hearing Lieberman for president from conservatives even before Bush defeated Kerry. I've been hearing Lieberman from conservatives as VP on the ticket in '08 ever *since* Bush defeated Kerry.

Not that anyone thinks that Lieberman is any sort of conservative at all, but that many conservatives respect him and would be willing to vote for him. He's seen as a way to unite the center.

I realize that the center is a foriegn concept to the people who decided to toss Lieberman from the Democratic party but there you go.

Saterp said "Switch the pos... (Below threshold)

Saterp said "Switch the positions to Romney-Giuliani, and I could go for it. And I'm conservative."

That works better for me too!

Liberal Republicans and sen... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Liberal Republicans and senile media-whoring Republicans will lose us this election. We need to nominate 2 solid Conservatives for POTUS and VP. George Allen is the only major candidate with the credentials and appeal to fit the bill for the top slot.






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