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Hezbollah Official Says Israel Can Be Destroyed...Soon

Hezbollah sees the cease-fire as a defeat for Israel. Now the terrorist organization is even more convinced that Israel can be destroyed:

As the war reaches an end, more and more worrisome voices are heard from Arab nations, asking loudly and boldly if the 'triumph' against Israel in Lebanon will advance 'the day in which Israel will disappear'.

Ahmed Barakat, a member of Hizbullah's central council, said in an interview to Qatari newspaper al-Watan that "Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible and that countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun."

According to Barakat, "This is the reason that Shimon Peres said it was a life or death battle and this is why the triumph of the resistance is the beginning of the death of the Israeli enemy. For, if a mere organization succeeded in defeating Israel , why would Arab nations not succeed in doing so if they allied? Many Arabs and Muslims viewed Israel in a fictional way and the resistance has succeeded in changing this."


Barakat further stated that none of the Hizbullah leadership was hurt and that the organization retains plenty of rockets and other 'surprises' for use the day after victory. He declared that the inventory would allow the organization to operate from afar and doesn't require proximity to the Israeli border.

Meaning Hezbollah has plenty of Iranian missiles to strike Israel. This cease-fire will not last. Does Olmert have what it takes to really defeat Hezbollah?


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Comments (15)

I think Israel fell into th... (Below threshold)

I think Israel fell into the same trap we did, although not at bad.

It allowed its enemy to be defined as only the ones shooting. When a people will allow the shooters to slip in amongst them and disappear, they need to be considered complicit.

As far as I'm concerned Lebanon is complicit in Hezbullah's attacks. Even if Lebanon's portrayal of Hezbullah as 'rogue' is true and it isn't Lebonan's attempt to maintain plausible deniability, it is not a sufficient excuse. A country needs to be accountable for conduct within its borders when if affects another country. At a minimum, they need to sincerely seek help from the international community when that happens.

Does Olmert have what it... (Below threshold)

Does Olmert have what it takes to really defeat Hezbollah? - Kim

No, Kim. Sadly, it seems he does not. And our U.S. leaders should be ashamed of themselves for being a party to this "resolution."

A nuclear exchange with Ira... (Below threshold)

A nuclear exchange with Iran appears to be closer then ever.

IMHO, the following seem to... (Below threshold)

IMHO, the following seem to be to blame:

1) Take a country preoccupied with Gaza/West Bank
2) Take a Israeli PM with little military experience
3) I don't think the Sec Def had much either
4) Take a strong, determined Air Force Officer (who believed in Air Force Doctrine-surgical stikes, pin-point bombing) and make him Chief of Staff
5) Take a Prime Minister who wanted to believe in a cheap air victory
6) Take a weak Lebanon PM, with a 50,000 man army, but did not want to disarm Hizbollah (might have a civil war-what does your country look like now?)
6) Take a strong, determined Hezbolla leader with full state backing (Syria/Iran), with a weak Lebanon leader to OK the transfer of rockets into his country (must have been for fireworks), and give him six years to prepare his forces

OUTCOME-leave it to the poor bloody infantry to pull Ohlmerts bacon (and AF doctrine) out of the fire. I think it might be a tactical win, but a strategic defeat.

[email protected] bigun1_660... (Below threshold)


@ bigun1_6605

Other than the reference to Gaza/West Bank, I thought you were talking about the Serbian bombing campaign.

I listened to John Bolton t... (Below threshold)

I listened to John Bolton this morning and he said this is not a ceasefire. The entire Israeli cabinet voted to adhere to the resolution, which includes multiple political parties, while Lebanon has postponed their meeting since Hezzbollah won't even discuss disarming. The war continues apace. The conditions of the resolution was that Hezzbollah stop all attacks first, which they won't be doing.
I think the bloggers are overreacting, as usual because the passions are up. Who cares if Nasrallah lies and says he declares victory? He would always declare victory no matter what state Hezzbollah is in, which is most of Hezz infrastructure blown to hell. Please, he is deluded. The last thing he wants is the Lebanese army on the border backed up by international forces.

Isreal needed a modern day ... (Below threshold)

Isreal needed a modern day David to destroy their enemy's.Unfortunetly for Isreal and the free world we instead got a Neville Chamberlin in Ohlmert. Unfortunate saddly unfortunate.Bibi would have done what was needed, the people of Israeal to their detrement voted in there version of Ned Lamont.

In the end times, as the Bi... (Below threshold)

In the end times, as the Bible quotes, the world will no longer strive after the right,but persue the evil.Evil thy name is islamoFacists. Wake up people,but you wont, too many look to Ned Lamont Teddy(burb) Kennedy and the whole Democratic appeasers.Remember when (led by Kennedy) the U.S. stabbed South Vietnam by taking away funding. This caused the deaths of untold millions in Cambodia Etc.They want to do it again but this time the deaths will be here,our neighbors,friends,and yes family,don't let this happen.The Republican party with all its warts at least has the preservation of the U.S as prime agenda.

Even if Nasrallah thinks th... (Below threshold)

Even if Nasrallah thinks that Israel can be destroyed, he seems to think that Hezbollah and their sponsors will come out unharmed. If he thinks that, then he's kidding himself. Israel would go nuclear before letting themselves be wiped off the map for the Israelis know what would await them should they lose: Holocaust. The one thing that Israel firmly believes in is the refrain "Never Again!"

I wonder how many of the Mu... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many of the Muslim leaders have prepared bomb shelters to flee to 'when Israel is wiped off the face of the earth'. I can think of at least two mid-Eastern capitals that will be radioactive glass-lined holes in the ground.

Guess if your a member of the religion of death and expecting 72 virgins it's a even deal.

The real burning question i... (Below threshold)

The real burning question is, are there enough Cheetos in the United States to fuel the 101st Fighting Keyboarders for as long as it takes them to defeat Hezbollah with teh internetz?

Nice to know that some people are honest and open about their belief in the pending Rapture, jainphx. When it doesn't happen (again), be sure to blame liberalism.

The recent, israel and Hezb... (Below threshold)

The recent, israel and Hezbullah violent conflict
uncovered the truth that spirit,faith and organization could defeat a well-equipped modern army as of Israel.Israel army lacks spirit and faith as well as morality.They had no moral spirit
except to destroy arabs civilians but Hezbullah had a moral spirit to defend their land and people
Israel had been fighting, for decades ,with arabs just to snatch land, and water by force.The government of Israel, and her army is alwys dictated by US Presidents and theyfollow their commands as obedient slaves.It is humbly advised to Israeli people and government that your utmost suvival lie in your hands.Let be united for peace with Arab world and give back the land and water that you had occupied in 1967 war with syria and other Arab countries.Stop killing of innocent children women and men in Gaza and other areas in Palestine.Look,dialogue and negotiation is more powerful than modern sophisticated weapon.Don,t follow the dictation of US but alwyas try to follow the voice of human conscience,justice and virtue.We are all human first there is no superior
or inferior race,we are all equal in rights.Our responsibility must be that to spread justice,
humanity,equality and prosperity.We should sense our utmost instinct to protect our human race from
prejudice,hatred and war.We muslim do not want the destruction of any country and nation but the destruction of injustice,inequality and cruel deeds.Islam never was the faith of destruction of any nation,it is always the faith of peace and justice.Be aware of SHYLOCK UNCLE.

I hope US arms sale target ... (Below threshold)

I hope US arms sale target for the year is achieved. we can have a peaceful world for little time now..

You republican evangelicals... (Below threshold)

You republican evangelicals are as nutty as the Islamist doomsters. You all want the world to end. I hope you all leave (rapture was invented by the earlier tent evangelicals, Yes Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell had tents before television) for your heaven (HELL) soon and stay out of my Heaven. You don't deserve to live in the USofA you Bigoted Hate Mongerers. You wacko Fallwellian and Robertsonians and your Revelationism. Read the Sermon on the Mount and see what GOD has to say about those $1000 suit wearing liars of the Faith. Yup, you are the followers of the Anti-Christ himself.

All this over a small littl... (Below threshold)

All this over a small little country 50 miles wide by 200 miles long. Call Christians bigots, call them what you want, but the sheer magnitude of the whole world choosing sides over this tiny little peice of land, inhabited by this specific race of people, speaks volumes. There is something special about the Jews. People have tried to destroy them, to burn the bible, to take their birthright, to take the land, to forcibly change their religion, but they are still there and thriving.

My bet is this. When America sides with the world, against Israel, which they will in the next few years (Americans don't have the heart to fight anymore), Israel will still be standing. When Israel stands alone against the world, the world will attack them, and they will still be standing. This is writen and documented in the Holy bible, which is 500 years older than the Koran, and 100% historically, and predicatively accurate to this point. My bet....Israel.






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