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Islam Is (Still) Not The Enemy

I received an email Saturday from Errol Phillips, regarding the necessary course for America to win the War on Global Terror. Phillips contends that "our leaders" are too "P.C." to take what Phillips contends is the necessary action of "rounding up" Muslims for the safety of Americans. Otherwise, says Phillips, Americans "will have to take matters into our own hands and do what is necessary to protect our way of life and our families."

I could not disagree more.

As I am a Southern Baptist in doctrine, and have long noted the disparity between what is taught by the Bible and by the Quran, I certainly do not agree with much that Islam claims, as a religion. That said, I cannot condone the collective demonization of nearly a billion people simply because of how they choose to serve God. There have been, according to a site which blames Islam for Islamofascism, 5,568 "deadly acts of terror" since the 9/11 attacks. Assuming this to be true, that works out to about one act of terror for every 197,557 Muslims. Since it is reasonable to believe that the same people commit these kinds of acts, the ratio is far closer to more than one million Muslims who have never committed a violent act for every Muslim who has committed one. Frankly, that speaks rather well of Islam.

So what's going on? What I mean is, Islam has not exactly done a great job of defending its image as a religion of freedom and peace. Groups like CAIR, frankly, do more damage than support for their cause, as they cannot seem to understand that people do not trust groups which will not be accountable for the bad things done in their name. It should be remembered that Christianity had to split in half before the Roman Catholic Church, oh so grudgingly, came about to admit that the Inquisition and things like Simony and Indulgences were not very Christ-like. I mention this, because the overwhelming majority of Protestants today accept the Roman Catholics as real Christians and brothers in Christ, and see the late Pope John Paul II as a true saint. It should also be recalled that John Paul II was never shy to criticize authorities, whether the Soviets, the Americans, the Protestants - or the Catholics.

But getting back to the point, most Muslims should not be confused, at all, with the people who claim to speak for the faith, much less the extremists who think that God is impressed by a bloodbath. I know this, because in my garrulous habit of chatting up anyone willing to have a conversation with me, I have made acquaintance with a fair number of Muslims here in Houston. They tend to keep their privacy, for a number of reasons, but when they speak they often do so with a fervor and conviction I find straightforward. For the longest time, Muslims have addressed their own community, thinking of the world as pretty much an alien place. This allows fiends like bin Laden and Khomeini an open stage to claim the mantle of religious leadership, especially since Islam teaches that a man who claims moral authority he does not really receive from God is in dire peril of his soul. The soulless, of course, do not worry about that.

I also discovered that many Muslims are unsure of American motives. We value freedom, but that freedom protects pornography and obscenity. We have laws, but the rich seem to get away, literally, with murder. We offer products at good price all around the world, but it seems that we inject our culture into everything we touch. Muslims are not keen to have their daughters be seen as sex objects, their men judged mainly on their ability to make money, and their families mocked for practicing traditional beliefs and holding closely to their culture. When America speaks to the world, Muslims worry that we are giving orders, not making suggestions. So, most Muslims are reluctant to appear too supportive of America. Even those who agree with the American way of life worry that the Arab world would misunderstand them.

The false image of America in the Muslim world is hard enough to correct, but it can be done. Indeed, the changes in Iraq and Afghanistan are going a long way to prove the extremists liars. But it is imperative that the American people, even if they do not agree with the teachings of Islam, do not wrongly blame Islam for everything done in its name.


I am curious about the generic rage against Islam. The posters in the comments have - in sadly predictable fashion - blamed ALL of Islam for the actions of a very few. The question then is this: Do you side with Mr. Phillips, who wants the U.S. Government to round up Muslims and put them into camps, simply for being Muslims? Why or why not?

Please defend your position with relevant explanations of the necessary Constitutional complications, to say nothing of the likely response.


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Are you talking about the m... (Below threshold)

Are you talking about the millions of Muslims who donate millions of dollars to terrorist organizations?
Or are you talking about the millions of Muslims who speak out against terrorism in public...Oh wait a minute, they haven't done that at all, have they? In fact, everytime I see a Muslim on television, they are making excuses for the terrorists! Blaming American and Israeli foreign policy for terror. Islam and Islamic fundamentalism is to blame for terror.

And furthermore...If you do... (Below threshold)

And furthermore...If you don't like American culture or values, don't come to America. Stay in your 7th century paradise and continue hanging 16 year old girls.

I agree with Brian. This p... (Below threshold)

I agree with Brian. This post is borderline silly. Saying that there has been one attack per hundreds of millions of Muslims misses the problem entirely. Even using this logic what's the Christian equivalent? One attack per billion Christians?

In the world of Islamic extremism there are the players on the field (the 5,568 you note above) but in the stands are 100,000 fans cheering each score by their 'team' and gloating in each defeat or injury of 'the enemy'.

And what about logistical support for these attacks (as Brian eluded to)? In the US military there must be 10 support personnel to each combat soldier. Is Islam any different? I would assume their enablers would be even greater given the covertness of their operations. Now what's the numerical total up to? Good grief.

This is more than one in how many million. This is an embedded religion and culture issue.

Ace <a href="http://ace.mu.... (Below threshold)

Ace sums it up quite well, "Is it just me, or is your first reaction after turning on the news and hearing someone say 'We must try harder to understand Islam' to wonder, 'Oh God, what did they blow up now?'"

I think the point is: for h... (Below threshold)

I think the point is: for how many deaths has Southern Baptist terrorism been responsible?

Furthermore, the problem is... (Below threshold)

Furthermore, the problem is the covert hostility to Western culture. It's not just how many Muslims blow up things, so to speak, but how many sympathize with the "blowers-up."

The polls routinely show denial of 9/11, holocaust, and sympathy among a great many Muslims for the terrorists. And, the silence among the group, when there is Muslim violence, is there for all to see.

DJ - well thought out and r... (Below threshold)

DJ - well thought out and reasonable. These sentences could very well be said about evangelical Christians:

"I also discovered that many Muslims are unsure of American motives. We value freedom, but that freedom protects pornography and obscenity. We have laws, but the rich seem to get away, literally, with murder. We offer products at good price all around the world, but it seems that we inject our culture into everything we touch. Muslims are not keen to have their daughters be seen as sex objects, their men judged mainly on their ability to make money, and their families mocked for practicing traditional beliefs." (Notice where I stopped the paragraph though.)

Brian, Derkek: you're missing the bigger point of DJ's post: not all Muslims are like that. The majority of Muslims are not terrorist butchers--or enablers.

DJ,I read your ent... (Below threshold)


I read your entry with interest and I agree with you in principle.

However, you give Islam too wide of a berth.

All is not well within Islam, and there is reason to be concerned about muslims as a group.

I am convinced that there are indeed millions of muslims who would love to see terrorism succeed in toppling the West. In their eyes, if it takes the deaths of a thousands, tens of thousands or a million infidels, so be it. The celebrations I've seen in the arab street over events such as 9/11, and more minor victories such as the hanged contractors in Iraq, make it clear a large percentage of muslims have no reservations in supporting terrorism; morally if not materially.

While I do not know the percentage of US muslims that secretly rejoice in terrorist activities in the name of Islam, I do know such exist. Indeed, some US muslims not only support terrorism in their hearts, but with their mouths, with their dollars and with their activities.

Does that mean that we should round up all muslims in the US? No!

Does that mean "Islam is not the problem"? Maybe. Maybe not.

Today is the day, and now is the time for peace loving muslims to stand up against terrorism in the name of their religion. The USA is one of the safest countries from which a muslim can speak up for Islam and against terrorism without fear of retaliation. Where is the hue and cry for peace from America's 5 million or so muslims?

I must contend that until ample evidence exists of such a call from America's muslim faithful, the rest of us have sufficient reason to be cautious and watchful. To do otherwise would be a failure of diligence in protection of our freedom.

I hate to quibble, but Musl... (Below threshold)

I hate to quibble, but Muslims don't serve God, they serve Allah, whose attributes are wholly different from Gods.
Also for whatever it's worth, Islam is an antichrist religion as it denies Jesus as the Son of God and Savior.
As a Baptist, of course you already knew these things.

[email protected] DJ Drummon... (Below threshold)


@ DJ Drummond.

I'd post a reponse here but you'd only end up calling me a Nazi and then deleting the comment.

Just like you used to do repeatedly over at PoliPundit.

So I'll just give your posts a pass since responding to you is a complete waste of time.

I'm also quite unpersuaded ... (Below threshold)

I'm also quite unpersuaded by the logic of this post. DJ creates quite a straw man when he pretends that muslims who've actually picked up a gun are the only problem. I suspect that a majority of American Muslims have little or no sympathy for terrorists or despotic Islamist regimes. I also STRONGLY suspect that the U.S. is the only nation in the world of which that can be said. It seems to me to be practically beyond debate that a majority of the WORLD's muslims -- likely a huge majority -- have greater sympathy for the terrorists than for the U.S. That's a problem.

DJ's "defense" of Muslims is actually quite damning:

I also discovered that many Muslims are unsure of American motives. We value freedom, but that freedom protects pornography and obscenity.

So, many muslims want the U.S. to abolish the First Amendment -- and that should make us understand them.

We have laws, but the rich seem to get away, literally, with murder.

So, many muslims would prefer the swift and brutal justice of Sharia -- and that should make us understand them.

We offer products at good price all around the world, but it seems that we inject our culture into everything we touch.

So many muslims don't like our econimic freedom and disdain our culture -- and that should make us understand them.

Muslims are not keen to have their daughters be seen as sex objects....

So many muslims would prefer to force their daughers to cover themselves from head-to-toe, and not go out in public except with permission from their fathers or brothers -- and that should make us understand them.

their families mocked for practicing traditional beliefs and holding closely to their culture.

Holding closely to their culture, such as by abusing or shuttering their women -- and that should make us understand them.

When America speaks to the world, Muslims worry that we are giving orders, not making suggestions.

So many muslims are offended that we order terrorists not to kill innocents, rather than suggesting -- and that should make us understand them.

So, most Muslims are reluctant to appear too supportive of America.

So most muslims view supporting America as a bad thing -- and that should make us understand them.

I fear that DJ's post may help people understand the world's muslims a little too well.

Big Mo, I didn't mis... (Below threshold)

Big Mo,
I didn't miss any point, I disagreed entirely with the point. Apparently, you don't know the difference. People have been telling me about this great silent majority of moderate Muslims for years. I have news for you...It Doesn't Exist! Every Muslim I have ever spoken to (there have been many) or seen on television, has made excuses for terrorists. I live in NYC, there are thousands of Muslims all around me. They all excuse terror.

Big Mo said: 'Brian, Derkek... (Below threshold)

Big Mo said: 'Brian, Derkek: you're missing the bigger point of DJ's post: not all Muslims are like that. The majority of Muslims are not terrorist butchers--or enablers'.
What was Big Mo's statement based on? All evidence i've seen or heard in the past 25 + years indicated that 99% of Islam is either terrorists or terrorists supporters/financer's. It started with Dimmy Carter in 1979 and has increased, not decreased. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslem, 100% have been taught to kill everyone that isn't Islamic from the day they're born. If that's the teaching of the Koran, then the Koran is not a religious life style but a life style developed and preached by radicals throughout history. I've always suspected the Koran being used today was written by a Warlord to keep his people in line.

What Brian and Derek said. ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

What Brian and Derek said.

Can anyone deny that millions of Muslim children go to "school" each day to be "taught" that non-Muslims are evil and worthy only of death? That it's cool to strap on a suicide belt and kill Jews? That women are to spend their lives essentially as slaves whilst covered with a blanket?

If your average Muslim is unsure of American motives, give them a history book. I've studied their history and find it frightening.

Hezbullah can travel at wil... (Below threshold)

Hezbullah can travel at will throughout most of Lebanon. They don't get away with that because 99.999% of Muslims are against them and their methods.

Similarly for AQ in Pakistan. You don't successfully hide for years if only 1 in 197,557 Muslims support you.

Most Muslims being 'passive' doesn't mean they abhor or even oppose the terrorists.

Wizbang appears to be slumm... (Below threshold)

Wizbang appears to be slumming by letting the "infamous" DJ post here. His lack of intellectual firepower will shine through in his every post.

What has wizbang become, the castoff home for Polipundits rejects?

Check out the line at youtu... (Below threshold)

Check out the line at youtube if you may think we are winning the hearts and minds of the children of the Muslim population.


You really, really don't want this three year old at an airport near you.

Muslims are not keen to ... (Below threshold)

Muslims are not keen to have their daughters be seen as sex objects. Are you aware of the numerous rapes of Christian girls in Norway by Muslims, reported by Fjordman? Are Christians supposed to welcome rape, while Muslims are mightily offended by the mere thought that Christian men might regard the pig-in-a-poke, burka-clad Muslim woman as a sex object?

This post was way off. Mus... (Below threshold)

This post was way off. Muslims living in the West have to make a choice. What are they? Muslims or Americans? Muslims or Britons? Islam is a religion that demands loyalty to it above all else. It is not a religion that is content to live side by side with the civil government; it is designed to be the government. When American Muslims are more worried about "a backlash" than they are in protecting the USA, they deserve our contempt and are on the way to becoming members of an enemy religion. The USA is not there yet, but a 911 type attack will do it.

Would you agree that wahabi... (Below threshold)

Would you agree that wahabi Islam is the enemy? That seems to be the sect that buys into using violence to get a point across.

If you do, that's not all of Islam but it's a lot of people. Can you tell which is which by looking at them? I can't.

D.J I read your post an fin... (Below threshold)

D.J I read your post an find you very articulate and knowlegable,but here I must disagree with you.Please look around the world,all and I mean all massacres and fighting are for the sake of allah. Please if you can refute this, explain why there is no place on earth that Islamofacism is not at the root of termoil.With all due respect we disregard Islam at our own peril. I will continue to read your otherwise thoughtful posts.

We offer products at goo... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

We offer products at good price all around the world, but it seems that we inject our culture into everything we touch. Muslims are not keen to have their daughters be seen as sex objects, their men judged mainly on their ability to make money, and their families mocked for practicing traditional beliefs and holding closely to their culture. When America speaks to the world, Muslims worry that we are giving orders, not making suggestions.

This is just silly talk. Nothing here makes any sense. You make it sound as Muslims have no free will whatsoever.

It's a question of values. I have never seen or heard about ANY Christians teaching their children to HATE non-Christians (actually quite the contrary) and that they will be honored in heaven as martyrs by MURDERING innocent non-Christians. Surely, not 10% or even 1%.

The same can be said for Hindus, Buddists, and most every other recognized religion.

Wake up, Muslims are not victims.


DJ, This is a very well tho... (Below threshold)
Jennifer K.:

DJ, This is a very well thought out posting. If people simply look at the facts, Muslims are as a group, one of the most nonviolent people. When was the last time you saw a muslim on americas most wanted? there are violent people in every faith, and most would not attribute a criminals actions to his or her religion. These violent fundamentalists are not practicing true Islam, as any muslim will tell you. They are a radical sect, and are not very popular among the mainstream. Every religion has its fundamentalists.
Does anyone remember why thousands of Jews fled europe for muslim lands? because the muslims were tolerant of other religions, unlike the european christians who carried out the inquisition. as an american, i am saddened to see such angry posts such as the ones above. If people tone down their anger and racism and learn a little about those they criticize, perhaps peace can be acheived. Muslims make up the second largest religion in the world. in the US, they are doctors, lawyers, and teachers. It is critical that as americans, we understand the faith of our fellow citizens and spread understanding, not hate.

Thank you and God bless
Jennifer K :)

Dear Jen K.,I hope y... (Below threshold)

Dear Jen K.,
I hope you enjoy your approaching dhimmitude. I believe it is you who need to learn a little about Islam. Try reading the Koran for a start. Then you can come back and lecture all the angry, ignorant people who post here.
Also, I haven't heard anyone besides you discussing race. Or didn't you know that Islam is practised by many races?
The inquisition happened when Christianity was around 1400 years old, the age of Islam now.

If you want the answer to w... (Below threshold)

If you want the answer to why people find this post unbelievably offbase (and I am a fan of DJ's) go here.

It's an article found at the PatriotPost.US and reproduced at HangRight that enumerates the reasons why we don't buy victim status for the decline in Islam's reputation.

They purchased the prejudice against them with the blood of innocents.

DJ,you are wrong. ... (Below threshold)


you are wrong. And unless you take the time to really read the Quran one day you might be dead wrong.

Islam is quite simply a created religion with one purpose. Empire.

Its that simple. Islam is a religion that lives on secular power and control of all those who are within its domain. The ones who commit acts of terrorism are fulfilling one of the tenets of Islam from the Quran itself. "Seek the infidel and slay them when you find him." Yes I know the apologists for Islam will complain that this particular quote was for a single battle where Mohammed led his army in the sack and conquest of Mecca, however if you read the lines before and after it, there is no time limit given for the seeking and finding.

The silent majority you seem to think exists in Islam is silently cheering for the terrorists to win.

And before you tell me that I don't know. My ex-girlfriend converted while she was living with me. I cannot describe just how hateful of american she became in the first week after that ocnversion, nor of how insulting her new found friends were to me because I adamantly refused to convert. The only saving grace for that event was that Islamic law says that an Islamic woman cannot marry an infidel so her new friends dragged her away from me to find a "good" Islamic man for her to marry. (Good riddance to her.)

DJ asked you to give a cons... (Below threshold)

DJ asked you to give a constructive strategy for dealing with American Muslims and constitutional repercussions if the government were to take an anti-Islamic stance. None of you did. Why? It could be because anti-Islamic wingnuts aren't smart enough, but more likely it's because there is no possible strategy.

Big Mo says something intelligent and Brian "refutes" it with the damning argument of not knowing any moderate Muslims. (How many Muslims do you know, Brian?) Then Brian goes off on Jen K. for encouraging tolerance and thoughtfulness instead of reactionary hatred--you can practically see the foam coming out of his mouth when he tells her to enjoy her encroaching dhimmitude.

Have you read the Qur'an, Brian? And have you read the Bible (incl. Torah & Talmud)? Allah is a mean s.o.b., but Jesus' dad is too. Have a look at Leviticus. That stuff is batshit crazy.

And mvargus, I hope you don't date a Jewish girl, because when she dumps you you'll likely become an anti-Semite. And it's bad to hate Jews. But not Muslims. Because they hate people. And hating people is bad. Except for Muslims. We should definitely hate Muslims. My brain hurts.

If anyone actually cares to learn about Islam, they might find it interesting that there are strict prohibitions within the Qur'an against harming innocent women and children. So no, it's not a problem with Islam, but a problem with Islamic terrorists.

Kudos, DJ, for being brave enough to take the radical stance of not yearning for the imposed religious conversion and/or genocide of >1 billion people. Your detractors are too chicken shit to come out and say it, but they have implicitly revealed themselves to harbour such beliefs. Ergo, they are immoral and ignorant and ought to be ignored.

greenstater, to be fair, th... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

greenstater, to be fair, the last question was in an update I posted at 6 PM Central Daylight time. That said, I did allude to it in my response to Mr. Phillip's rather draconian suggestion.

I would also mention that I have read the Quran, several times, just as I have also read the Book or Mormon, a number of the Roman Catholic doctrines, and several holy writings of the Hindus, and a few writings attributed to the teachings of the Buddha. I have long understood that Muslims should no more be judged by the doctrine of Muhammed, any more than Mormons should be judged by Joseph Smith, himself a bloody murderer and an especially profane man, or Catholics by Torquemada, or Protestants by Fred Phelps.

I discriminate on the basis of evidence. I would like every member of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the ruling Imams of Iran and Syria killed very soon in a very painful and shameful manner, but I hardly condemn individuals who have never so much as raised their voice against innocents for the bloody handed actions of others.

As to why they do not speak out, just look at Europe and Asia. How many spoke out against the atrocities at Tieneman, or Bosnia, or Rwanda? How many white Americans, for that matter, marched alongside MLK for civil rights, or decried the church bombings? Then, just as now, few indeed who do not see the matter as a personal concern, ever speak out against injustice. And if we are to change that attitude, I cannot believe that massive arrests of people for not crime at all is a good gesture.

I love this recent comment ... (Below threshold)
Pete G:

I love this recent comment re:Islam by comedian Bobby Slayton

"Why judge a book by 800 million bad apples?"

The fact is if our governme... (Below threshold)

The fact is if our government fomented hate toward the Muslims it would make their job of homeland security much easier and cheaper. The second amendment has provided for the most efficient method of dealing with internal threats. However we would quickly decay into to chaos similar to Somalia. Where anyone with opposing views becomes the new target. I guess the only saving grace is the red states are more heavily armed.

DJ, you're right, the peopl... (Below threshold)

DJ, you're right, the people I had in mind posted before your update. Apologies.

Nice to see that some conservatives understand that being tough on terror is compatible with being tough on intolerance, ignorance, and thuggish bigotry.

Islamic terrorism is the ma... (Below threshold)

Islamic terrorism is the mature fruit of the big islamic tree.
Terrorist actions are only the final stage of a long saga which begins in the Koran and continues throughout the entire islamic civilization.

As to your last twist of th... (Below threshold)

As to your last twist of the knife in this dead topic, you'd have to ignore 1) current history, and 2) opinion polling of Muslims throughout Muslim and non-Muslim countries to come to the conclusions you do.

Remember the one about whether they see themselves as Muslim first, or citizen of their respective countries? It's always Muslim first. And polling showing a remarkable hostility toward the U.S., and denial of 9/11 as an Arab Muslim creation, or the holocaust, for that matter.

You've got to be in kumbaya denial; about 50% of the U.S. population is in the same boat with you. The problem is, we are fast approaching the moment when our softness will be used against us, and millions will die, probably horribly.

So, you can feel morally superior for your delusions regarding the Muslims, but realize the clock is ticking on you and your family/friends most likely.

I agree that there is no wa... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I agree that there is no way "rounding up all the Muslims" benefits anyone.


Islam, as it is currently taught by the hate-spewing imams, IS detrimental to the rest of the world.

I have no idea how we replace thousands of bat-shit crazy imams with peace-loving, live-and-let-live ones, not to mention the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Muslims who have ALREADY been indoctrinated into the death cult Islam currently is.

I also have no idea if the plurality of Muslims simply want to live in peace. I have read the Koran and hadiths - they are pretty specific in what is supposed to become of "non-believers", and Muslims I've conversed with about the subject simply retort that I've taken things out of context.

Someone pointed out that even parts of the Bible say some pretty wacky things... No argument here. My question is, why aren't (modern) Christians commiting acts of terrorism to the extent we see being done in the name of the Religion of Peace? Heck, even Satanists manage to keep to their freaky selves for the most part.

The problem (in my opinion) is with Islam, and the way thousands and thousands are being preached to with hate and fear.

Instead of finding ways to "lock 'em all up", we have to find a way to temper the teachings into something more peaceful and compatible with modern society. That would be a start.

What do you do with the thousands upon thousands of whackjobs already indoctrinated into extremist views is (if you can even sort them from Muslims who want only to exist in peace):

A) Attempt to win their hearts and minds (unlikely) or,
B) Kill them.

How does one make that determination? How do we tell "peace-loving" Muslims from the terrorists? For that matter, how do you even tell if someone even IS a Muslim? There are passages I've read that teach that it is ok to lie and obfuscate in order for Islam to prevail.

I think the White House's PC way of referring to Islam is simply a necessity born of an impossible task. Rounding all Muslim's up violates the principles this country was founded on. Doing nothing is suicide.

My own feeling on this is that those Muslims who sincerely want nothing more than to serve Allah via peaceful means are going to have to come to terms with those idiots who don't. Change, for Islam, has to come from within... And I don't see that happening anytime soon.

I wonder, why no one in the... (Below threshold)

I wonder, why no one in the muslim world is against chinese?
why a woman on the streets of athens interviewed on CNN, before olympics was so confident in saying: "i dont fear any terrorist activity because our country has no enimety with them"
i wonder if greece is a muslim country?
why russia and china, are not afraid of iran?? are they muslims?
venuezvela, north korea, bolivia, cuba are they muslims? something is not so simple here as it seems. there are so many christians living peacefully in muslim countries. recent example lebanon...where christians were in fact supporting hisbollah!!

I wouldn't say round up all... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't say round up all muslims and put them in camps, as I'm sure there are a few who've come over here to escape the hell of the middle east. However, that said, I think we can use the same statistical approach to do a few smart things -

1) eliminate over 90% of useless airport screening by starting intelligent passenger profiling - i.e. completely strip search every 17-40 year old male muslim (or middle-eastern) traveler. Continue searching at greater frequency those who match other profiles (pay with cash, one way tickets, unusual travel arrangements, etc.).

2) Seal our borders. Period. With machine guns and snipers as necessary.

3) Enforce current laws by arresting and deporting all persons from suspect nations (middle east and muslim asian) who are here with expired visas. As one example, the 11 Egyptians currently in the news. Surely there are others.

4) Eliminate (or severely curtail) the issuance of new visa to persons from the same locales.

5) Heavily investigate muslim communities, infiltrate radical mosques, and keep tabs on hate-spewing imams and they followers. Expel them when possible (through current legal means), arrest them at the first sign of trouble. Accept that law enforcement will need to shift to a pro-active mode rather than reactive in cases involving terroristic motives.

6) Follow the money on so-called charities that contribute to known and suspected terrorist organizations, and investigate/arrest their supporters here in the USA.

7) Eliminate all traces of the PC culture and state - up front - that islamic terrorism is our enemy and that islam must choose between us and them.

That's not "rounding them up and throwing them in camps", but based on your statistics and the 0% chance that the next news story will be "radical buddhists blow up building", I think entirely sensible.

DJ:The problem is no... (Below threshold)
Tom Johnson:

The problem is not Islam. The problem is Al-Islam.
The problem is not the religion of submission to Allah.
The problem is the 13 century old dream of a worldwide Caliphate in which the two choices are Islam and Instant Death.
The problem is not Muslims who wish to go about living their lives.
The problem is Jihadist Nazis who wish to strap bombs to themselves and go blow up civilians who are not involved. The problem is fascist terrorists who wish to concoct ever more potent explosives in order to bring the world to heel. The problem is the redefiniton of martyr FROM one who suffers because of his/her faith TO one who destroys him/herself with the intention of taking a lot of inncoent people along for the ride.

I think that most people do... (Below threshold)

I think that most people don't understand exactly why Islam is the problem, and why Christianity was able to mature where Islam can not.

Christianity is open for interpretation. Christians are allowed to "interpret" the Bible, adapt it's teachings, and evolve. Islam is not allowed to do this. The word of Allah, as delivered by Muhammed the messenger, is absolute. There is no interpretation. Some muslims go as far as to believe that the only proper way to study the Koran is in Arabic, as translating the Koran can not be done properly.

The biggest problem is that in the 13 centuries that Islam has been around, the behavior has never changed, and shows no sign that it ever will. If you look at the way Islam is taught, as well as the deafening silence from the majority of muslims in regards to the waging of Jihad, you can find overwhelming evidence of this.

Do I think all muslims should be rounded up and interned/deported? No. Do I think that people from muslim controlled theocracies should be rounded up and interned/deported? Do I believe that we should stop allowing people from terrorist states entry into the US? ABSOLUTELY. Send them home, and lock the door on the way out.

Saudi Arabia exchange student programs? Cancel them. Iranian student visas? Cancelled, return home.

I'd like to see some money spent on compiling the various sources of data that have recorded entry into the US by foreigners from terrorist nations. Once we have the data compiled, we should give that data to the US Marshall Service to track down, arrest, and intern/deport each and every immigration offender, known terrorist/terrorist ally, and foreign national from a terrorist state. Clean the books. Track them all down, and throw them out.

I'll put some more thought into it and blog it later on today/tomorrow.

Disagree completely with DJ... (Below threshold)

Disagree completely with DJ Drummond, for many of the reasons already given, but have to hand it to you DJ for not deleting these posts which are clearly contrary to what you believe. Respect!

It is poor form to post my ... (Below threshold)
Errol Phillip:

It is poor form to post my name and a link without my permission.

I said I wanted the government to round up muslims - but I know they won't. The government is not going to do anything. Since they won't, we will have to. No other choice.

Seems most of the commenters agreed with me.

Reality sucks but it is still reality.

Wake up D.J.

Errol Phillips






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