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UK Terrorists Were Going to Take Their Baby on the Suicide Mission

Islamofascists don't even care about their own defenseless babies. To them, their babies are simply another tool for jihad:

A HUSBAND and wife arrested in the British terror raids allegedly planned to take their six-month-old baby on a mid-air suicide mission.

Scotland Yard police are quizzing Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife Cossor over suspicions they were to use their baby's bottle to hide a liquid bomb.

The theory is one of the reasons security chiefs are now insisting mothers taste babies' milk at check-in desks before allowing them to take bottles aboard flights.

Just when I thought that Islamofascists couldn't get any more depraved, I am proved wrong. Not even the lives of their own babies have any value to them except to be used as bombs.

Hat tip: LGF


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Comments (27)

How to blame Bush? Hmmm...... (Below threshold)

How to blame Bush? Hmmm....

Islamofascists are so stupi... (Below threshold)

Islamofascists are so stupid that they believe in a place called "heaven" where "Allah" lives, and that innocent people including babies go there when they die to party for all eternity with other dead people who never actually died but merely left their earthly vessels behind.

Serious people clearly would never believe something so patently ridiculous.

Would tasting, or pretendin... (Below threshold)

Would tasting, or pretending to taste, a small amount of liquid explosive result in an obvious reaction that could be detected by security? I don't think that they would care about long term health effects.

The more this unfolds, the ... (Below threshold)

The more this unfolds, the less I see the long planned out patient strategy of 9/11.

Nothing is more of a wildcard than a baby. Also a convert of all of 6 months for a mission like this is also questionable. I have to wonder if the old leadership of AQ had any input at all on this attempt.

Re: CraigFrom wha... (Below threshold)

Re: Craig

From what I understand, their containers had false bottoms.

So many were so dismissive ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

So many were so dismissive of Presidents Reagan and G. W. Bush when they called people evil. Sadly, I don't think even this would convince them. For them, evil, except the kind allegedly practiced by Republicans, Jews (neocons), and Christianists, can be explained away by poverty, oppression, and conservative extremists. How is it then, that all the poor and oppressed aren't terrorists? What would Ghandi do?

John F, you're dumb if you'... (Below threshold)

John F, you're dumb if you're denying that poverty etc. are contributing causal co-factors for terrorism and sympathy for terrorists; and you're dumb if you think that negative cases disprove causal relevancy of a phenomenon.

Or do you not believe that cigarettes cause lung cancer?

Sad but true. I noted on m... (Below threshold)

Sad but true. I noted on my blog that for a brief moment I wondered how a parent could do this to their child and then I remembered how Palestinian terrorists do this all the time.

In some people certainly ci... (Below threshold)

In some people certainly cigs cause cancer?

Brought their baby on a suicide mission? Never to early to learn lifes lessons I guess? However if the father is going to commit suicide to get the 75 whores, Dont You think the wife would be smart enough to head to divorce court? jk

greenstater, you're in deni... (Below threshold)

greenstater, you're in denial if you don't realize how many of the terrorists and their leadership aren't from the poor underclasses.
Look at how many are educated and from wealthy families.

They aren't "whores", 914. ... (Below threshold)

They aren't "whores", 914. They're virgins, and they don't get paid. Regardless, I don't get why 72 virgins in heaven is supposed to be appealing. Presumably if you're there for all eternity you would run out pretty quick, and then there would be nothing left to have sex with. Apart from all the de-flowered pubescent girls, but an eternity of bloody seconds is hardly "heaven".

Way off topic: John Derbyshire would totally have a really good time in Islamic martyrs' heaven. He likes teenaged girls. He thought Lolita was about how society has unfairly conditioned us not to want to have sex with young girls, when it's actually perfectly natural. He also thinks that women are at their peak attractiveness at about 20 years of age and it's all downhill from there. Look it up. Guy's a creep.

greenstaterVery good... (Below threshold)

Very good. your so funny I almost fell off my chair. I have smoking two Packs for over 55 years and belive me that it has no adverse effect on me. As a matter of only informing you. I am in better shape then a great deal of the people half my age. Smoking may or may not contribute to a person being infected with cancer. It does not cause it, regardless the propaganda.

Its amazing how little thes... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Its amazing how little these fanatics care for their own kids i mean this should be a reason who their child should be taken away from them this is truly the ultimate form of CHILD ABUSE

One thing is for sure. Man... (Below threshold)

One thing is for sure. Many are 2nd and 3rd generation British Citizens. That prettymuch eliminates the whole oppressed 3rd worlder mantra.

This brings to mind a bit o... (Below threshold)

This brings to mind a bit of 1980's cold-war sophistry from left-wing tantra boy, Sting: "I hope the Russians love their children too."

It's a new era and we must face a basic truth of Jihadi Islam: they love martyrdom more than they love their children. (Now if I could just figure out how to fit that into a melancholy tune....?) In spite of the left's one-world-social-justice naivete, the Jihadi will not be bribed or pacified while a tenet of their faith holds that death, destruction and suffering bring glory to Allah and thus reward to the martyred.

If we have the courage to name this evil and face it (as Republicans did in the cold war), we can beat it. However, I fear the naive among us only learn from the harshest of lessons.

greenstater: maybe it's tea... (Below threshold)

greenstater: maybe it's teachings such as this has contributed to the problem:

In a famous 2002 fatwa, Yousef al-Qaradawi, a leading theologian of the Muslim Brotherhood, clearly articulated the Brotherhood�s goals: "Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after being expelled from it twice - once from the South, from Andalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens."[8]

Al-Qaradawi added that "the conquest this time will not be by the sword but by preaching and ideology."[9]Of course to believe that as fact many of your type would have to give up the fallacy that there is no "world war" and terrorists are just freedom fighters that need a little justice via a police badge and a stay in the local iron bar hotel.

This isn't the first time i... (Below threshold)

This isn't the first time if you count unborn babies. In the '80s, a Jordanian sent his pregnant fiancee on an El Al flight with a bomb; she did not know of the bomb.

Can we get CAIR in on this,... (Below threshold)

Can we get CAIR in on this, "religion of peace," blah, blah, blah.

God these people are delpraved dogs. My spaniel has more goddamn morals.

Well, some Americans don't ... (Below threshold)

Well, some Americans don't care about defenseless babies here. Roughly a million a year are slaughtered in abattoirs across the country. But hey, it's just a choice!

By the way, my wife and I j... (Below threshold)

By the way, my wife and I just had a baby girl last weekend, and this is particularly poignant to me.

How you could take that precious little life and blow it up is beyond insane. It is just depraved.

Abortion is too, if you think about it. Could I abort my child? Wow, the way a lot of folks just treat it as some fancy toilet flush is hard to understand, unless you view it through a prism of narcissism--to elevate your own wordly needs above the life of your own child.

Like I said, "wow."

Sick isnt it.... (Below threshold)

Sick isnt it.

Don--fair enough, but I thi... (Below threshold)

Don--fair enough, but I think you're using the word "cause" in a very restricted sense. There is conclusive evidence linking tobacco use to a lot of illnesses, including cancer. Some people smoke all their lives and never get ill, but some people develop tumors and die at relatively young ages. When I say cigarettes "cause" cancer, I mean to say that they are contributing causal co-factors. (They increase the %age chance of getting certain illnesses.) That is not the same as saying that when I punch something, it causes my hand to hurt--that's a direct causal connection.

scsi--I know who the 9/11 hijackers were. Yes, some of them were rich kids. But as far as the support amongst otherwise peaceful people for terrorists goes, I know you aren't denying that it's most prominent in more destitute areas. (Compare relatively moderate, stable Islamic countries like Jordan to f'd-up backwaters like Afghanistan.) And what about all of the suicide bombers that Saddam and the Ayatollahs paid? Their families obviously needed the money. As for the wealthy people who choose to become terrorists, I could be wrong, but I assume that most of them are radicalized while studying, often abroad. Imams convince them that our luxurious Western lifestyles are dependent on endemic poverty and economic oppression, and you got yourself somebody willing to die for his/her people. Yes, they probably believe that the forces of Islam ought to conquer the world, but I really doubt that most of them would still yearn for that to happen were the majority of Muslims not living in poverty. So whether or not terrorists are poor is not the same thing as whether or not terrorists hold the West responsible for poverty in the Islamic world.

Since it might not go without saying, I do not think that fighting poverty justifies murdering innocent people.

Sorry Marc, I missed your p... (Below threshold)

Sorry Marc, I missed your post. Yeah, there are some asinine Muslim scholars. I don't like anybody who thinks God gave them a mission, Christian or Muslim, unless it's "Love other people". And I don't know why anybody needs to be told that, as our highly evolved moral consciences are pretty effective mechanisms when it comes to us getting along. (As for people who use their babies as weapons, well, we have jails where they can think long and hard about whether that was in fact a good idea.)

I don't know why you're scoffing at treating terrorism as a law enforcement problem, when law enforcement officials on both sides of the Atlantic seem perfectly capable of doing their jobs. Why do you hate the police and the FBI?! (J/K)

Way off topic: John Derb... (Below threshold)

Way off topic: John Derbyshire would totally have a really good time in Islamic martyrs' heaven. He likes teenaged girls. He thought Lolita was about how society has unfairly conditioned us not to want to have sex with young girls, when it's actually perfectly natural. He also thinks that women are at their peak attractiveness at about 20 years of age and it's all downhill from there. Look it up. Guy's a creep.

Greenstater - I haven't read Derbyshire on this subject, but he is correct. From a biological standpoint, any female who is menstruating is old enough to have children. And children with birth defects are more likely to be born to older mothers. There is a peak time for fertility, and it's around 16-24 years of age. Looking at it in terms of evolution, don't forget that it's only the last couple of hundred years that people have lived much over 50 years, and it's only the last few years that technology has enabled old women to become mothers. And of course, it's only in the last few years that surgery has really enabled older women to look like young women, too.

Men were designed to find younger, more fertile women sexually appealing; younger women were designed to find more mature men, who can provide for them and their potential offspring, sexually appealing. It safeguards the future of the species. That's part of the reason that when an old man gets a young wife, no-one bats an eyelid, but when an old woman gets a toyboy, it's headline news! (It's also why I laugh whenever I see adverts for mens' anti-wrinkle cream - a few wrinkles on a man are attractive! Of course, that only applies up to a point - but that point usually coincides with when a man becomes just plain too old to perform the sexual act.)

Lizzie - Men get t... (Below threshold)

Lizzie -

Men get that tired about fifteen minutes after they put you in the ground...

Lizzie, I don't think biolo... (Below threshold)

Lizzie, I don't think biology lines up very neatly with morality. They have to mutually inform one another, of course, but in our society, where Derbyshire lives, it's weird.

Q: What sign appears on the... (Below threshold)

Q: What sign appears on the Palestinians maternaty wards?

A: Live Ammo!






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