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Another Example of Bush Derangement Syndrome

Kitty pointed me to the following quote from a Cindy Adams' NY Post column.

AFTER this attempt at airlines terrorism out of Britain, one anti-war Dem commented: "Hoping to kill 3,000 people at one shot? Wouldn't that have been lucky for Bush?"
I will never forget being at a family Easter gathering at the beach following the Oklahoma City bombing. Watching a news report showing Bill Clinton giving a speech, someone in the room (who I would like to make clear was not a family member) made the comment that "this" might be "good" in that it might raise Clinton's sagging poll numbers. I have been a poltiical junkie for as long as I can remember, and I often consider the political consequences of events even when I would prefer not to, but I still remember how that comment sickened me and I have never forgotten it.

I am so used to hearing comments similar to the one in the Cindy Adams column that I am not shocked anymore, but I am still sickened. From the comments and actions of some on the left, I cannot help but conclude that there are some whose greater distress over hearing of a terrorist attack killing thousands would not be for those lost and their grieving family members left behind, but would be at the prospect that George Bush's poll numbers would tick up a few notches.

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Sick, sick, sick, sick. </p... (Below threshold)

Sick, sick, sick, sick.

It's what happens when politcs governs your worldview.

Not only sick, but, frankly... (Below threshold)

Not only sick, but, frankly, dead wrong. I mean he's been working the 'no new attacks on civilian Americans for 5 years' angle for what its worth (not much if the polls are to be believed), and this would torpedo that...He would be absolutely trounced by the Dems and their media mouthpieces..."Bush has taken away all your basic rights and he can't even prevent more attacks". I don't see any 'benefit' to more Americans being killed by jihadists for Bush or anyone else (outside the jihad community, of course).

Although of concern to the ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Although of concern to the GOP, Bush's poll number popularity is of little concern to an outgoing president midway through a second term. Far left Dems bolstered by MSM offer only a myopic platform first with abortion and now Bush-bashing. Is it because they're stupid?

I'm still waiting for some ... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for some lefty to detail what "rights" have been taken away....anyone...anyone...Rights Bush has taken away?...Thought so....

Don, one no longer has the ... (Below threshold)

Don, one no longer has the right to kill Americans for one's jihad without repurcussions. Does that count? I guess it depends on who you ask as to whether that's a 'basic right' or not, of course. I'm thinking you'd get a different reponse if asking in El Paso, say, than at the UN HQ.

Bush's approval numbers are... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

Bush's approval numbers are 10-15% higher than those of Congress. Perhaps HE should be running away from THEM.

It's unbelievable really--b... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

It's unbelievable really--but like the first post says, when politics governs your worldview, you are incapable of realism.

That comment from Adams' co... (Below threshold)

That comment from Adams' column really ticks me off. My wife and I hosted several children whose parents could not make it out of NYC on 9/11 in time to pick them up from the bus. I knew several people who died at the WTC and at the Pentagon (I grew up outside of DC).

The moron who spouted that crap has forgotten that he and his fellow useful idiots would be among the first eliminated by any jihadi regime. That moron has forgotten what blessings of freedom we have here in the USA. And that moron forgets that 3,000 would not be an abstract number. Those would have been dead people, primarily Americans, each with families and friends left behind.

The useful idiots of the jihadis - and they are not just in the Jackass Party - do not realize that the war we are in will continue long after Bush is out of office. Perhaps this war will continue even through a Democratic administration. How will a Democratic president fight this war, if the useful idiots insist on but a folk-song army? How will a Democratic president fight this war, if the only jihadi tracings are to be done with tracing paper? Their short-sighted judgement is warped to the point where I question their patriotism, as well as their sanity.


PS: As far as organized groups such as ANSWER, etc., they should be audited to see who really is funding them.

I can only wonder how Bush'... (Below threshold)

I can only wonder how Bush's poll numbers would "improve" if the jihadis wiped out the "anti-war democrat" and his family. A 5 point bounce and coverage on all the networks?

This mantra that Bush and Rove are timing terrorist attacks as a matter of political convenience turns my stomach. And the Lefties, from Nancy Pelosi all the way down to Howard Dean think they should be running the country. It's hard not to consider Liberalism a mass mental illness.

I've heard people say that ... (Below threshold)

I've heard people say that some people won't get serious until a terrorist attack like that is successful, but I haven't heard them hope for it.

It wouldn't have been "lucky" for Bush at all, but perhaps the speaker recognizes that that is what it would take for HER to take the threat seriously.

chsw,We know who f... (Below threshold)


We know who funds ANSWER.

It is the usual suspects.

Go to http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/default.asp for a tour through the sewer of the anti-American left.

You can start with Tereza Heinz ( http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1629 ) and her Tides Foundation ( http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=7009 ) and just follow the links.






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