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Bird Flu May be Here

The White House is saying that a weaker strain of the bird flu may have made it to the United States. Wild mute swans are being tested now.

Scientists have discovered the possible presence of bird flu in wild mute swans in Michigan _ but it does not appear to be the most worrisome strain, the Bush administration announced Monday.

The birds might have the H5N1 virus _ confirmatory tests are under way _ but other tests have ruled out that it could be the highly pathogenic version of that virus that has ravaged poultry in many other countries, Agriculture Department officials said.

"This is not the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus that has spread through much of other parts of the world," said Ron DeHaven, administrator of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

"We do not believe this virus represents a risk to human health," he declared.


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Comments (12)

I know why the Bird Flu is ... (Below threshold)

I know why the Bird Flu is happing because people will not get saved and serve God. If people would do that then there would not be a Bird Flu. He is trying to get the world's attention. He is going to keep leting these thing happen if people want do right. Millions of people is going to die from this Bird Flu that is going to happen if people want do right. People need to turn to God then he will not let this happen to us. He has been trying to get people to do right for years and people want do it. God is tried of this.Look what happen in New Orleans. He was trying to get there attention. He was angry at those people because they were not living there live the way God want's us to. God does not want nobody to go to hell that is why he is trying to get everybody's attention. Just listen he will not let us down. He loves us with all of his heart. I'm not saying that there is not nobody in this world that is good. I'm telling the people that they know that they are living wrong and still chose to live that way.

You can tell it must be a s... (Below threshold)

You can tell it must be a slow news day when The Dreaded Scourge Of Bird Flu(tm) pops up.

I still think it could be *twice as lethal* as SARS and the swine flu *combined*!!!


It's a testament to the fai... (Below threshold)
Jean F. Carey:

It's a testament to the failed foreign policy of this administration when the wild mute swan is forced to engage in bioterrorism against us. If I had been elected, I would have guaranteed a lasting peace with the wild mute swan.

Sorry to have to break in t... (Below threshold)

Sorry to have to break in to the very amusing comments from Jean F. Carey and from SS, but the Bird Flu virus is REAL and is currently growing at more than twice of the rate of the last year.

There have been 141 deaths related to the Bird Flu virus to date that we know of.

The last 3 human fatalities resulting from the Bird Flu virus, were announced this week!

I hope that the powers that be, are taking this global threat to us seriously enough to try and prepare for the just-in-case scenario.

I would recommend that you look up some serious and focused sources of news regarding the bird flu virus.

We have today added the "We're All Going to Die. Or Maybe Not." entry of your blog, to The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs section of our site, in order to be able to provide a balance against those with an opposing view.


Its funny, if the bird flu ... (Below threshold)

Its funny, if the bird flu is so dangerous, why isn't it killing millions of Chinese? Think about it, it shows up all the time in China, a country that does not seem to have rabies vaccine (killing 50,000 dogs because of 3-4 cases of rabies) yet they are somehow fighting the bird flu. I just can't take the threat seriously.

There have been 141 deat... (Below threshold)

There have been 141 deaths related to the Bird Flu virus to date that we know of.

Yeah, a whole one-hundred forty-one - and about 177 zillion deaths from other diseases* that haven't captured the hysteria-inflamed imagination of professional alarmists everywhere.

Bird flu is soooooooooooooo 2005.

* To include about 20,000 Americans who won't be down for breakfast this year because of the regular ol' nothing-to-see-here flu.

From the linked story:... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

From the linked story:

"This is not the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus that has spread through much of other parts of the world," said Ron DeHaven, administrator of USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. "We do not believe this virus represents a risk to human health," he declared

It’s not the highly pathogenic strain, but I bet it’s a much more contagious H5N1 virus. As I posted several times before, this is how nature works. All strains of H5N1 are in competition with one another. The strain that can spread the fastest leaves immune hosts in it’s wake, which drives less contagious strains extinct. High lethality disables or kills hosts and that limits the ability of a virus to spread. It’s nature’s way of developing a vaccination using a live virus. If it weren’t for this mechanism, humans and most other life would have been wiped out long ago.

Kierra - It may be that nature is in the process of immunizing wild birds against the deadly strains of H5N1. This scenario has likely occurred thousands of times before without humans ever noticing it. It’s all part of God’s plan, a part we were too ignorant in the past to observer.

Bird Flu maybe in the USA d... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Bird Flu maybe in the USA dose that mean we can now serve SPOTTED OWL maybe the first ones to catch it are the vultures who tell us the so called news SQUAWK SQUAWK

There are many, many strain... (Below threshold)

There are many, many strains of avian flu, only two of which are know to be infectious to humans. We currently have or are recovering from two that I know of here in the US.

Kagu/SP:That's ver... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


That's very Zen.

Oh its bird flu oh my iimm ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Oh its bird flu oh my iimm ggroowiinngg feathers aanndd ii ggoottt aaa beeaakkaannd wiinnggss aahhha ii wwaannttt tttoo fflllyyy aanndd ii wwaannttt ttooo ffllyy oovvveerr tthhaattt nnneeexttt pprroottteessst oooff eecccooo ffrreeakksss aaannndd ddrrrooppp sssooommmeetthhiingg iiinntttooo tthhiierr ppiinnkkk wwwuuusssiiiieee wwaaatteeeerrrr squawk squawk

Personally I'm getting read... (Below threshold)

Personally I'm getting ready for whatever comes. It's common sense to me to be prepared with food, water, medicine, cash, etc. I live in an earthquake zone anyhow so it can be used for that too. I'd rather be prepared than argue about a topic that belongs to the virologists. Having been an RN for 27 years, I've seen enough death that I don't really want to see my neighborhood, town, or more end up in a body count if it can be prevented by a few preparations. Maybe it can't be prevented, I don't know, but I'll do what I can.






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