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Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Israeli Forces in Southern Lebanon

Fox News Channel is reporting that Hezbollah has just fired 10 Katyusha rockets at Israeli forces camped in Southern Lebanon. No one was hurt.

CNN also has a headline on its site.

From the AP:

Tens of thousands of Lebanese jammed bomb-cratered roads Monday as they returned to still-smoldering scenes of destruction after a tenuous cease-fire ended 34 days of vicious combat between Israel and Hezbollah.

Highlighting the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerrillas fired at least 10 Katyusha rockets that landed in southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured. The army said that none of the rockets, which were fired over a two-hour period, had crossed the border and so it had not responded.

If any rockets land in Israel, it's safe to say the cease-fire would be over.


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Comments (14)

Trying to send you a trackb... (Below threshold)

Trying to send you a trackback and I'm getting a message from Haloscan that the trackback URL is bad.

It doesn't matter that the ... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter that the rockets didn't cross the border. The Hezbollah thugs couldn't even keep a ceasefire for even a day.

The death cultists can't re... (Below threshold)

The death cultists can't resist playing with their instruments of murder. They'll blow the cease fire for sure.

That might be the only hopeful thing that can happen now--to give the Israelis another chance to wipe the bastards out.

Kim: "If any rockets lan... (Below threshold)

Kim: "If any rockets land in Israel, it's safe to say the cease-fire would be over."

Sadly I don't believe that would be the case. Al Gore, excuse me I mean Ehud Olmert would just find a NEW way to spin his total lack of backbone.

The Israelis need to rid themselves of Olmert...or face a greatly emboldened bunch of Jihadis.

Hey Olmert...watch WILD KINDOM!!! The cheetahs do NOT go after the strong gazelles at the front of the pack!!!


It wont be long before Isre... (Below threshold)

It wont be long before Isreal will have to resume offensive attacks on shiitballah.I also read some where that Syria had removed mines they had planted on border by the golan Heights and moved tanks near by.Any one that thinks this is over should think again.

anyone just see Hannity tel... (Below threshold)

anyone just see Hannity tell a douche bag that he was "Full of shit" right before they cut to commercial....hahah

This cease fire will last a... (Below threshold)

This cease fire will last as long as it takes Hizb'allah to restock its depleted rocket supply, maybe not even that long. No one is going to stop Hizb'allah from resuming the fight---not Lebanese troops (what a joke) nor UN peacekeepers.

Both Syria and Iran are already planning fresh shipments or weapons. Cease fires in the Middle East are just pauses before the resumption of fighting.

Lies! Zionist Entity lies! ... (Below threshold)

Lies! Zionist Entity lies! Hezbolla is not firing rockets!

Allah Akbar!


Anyone notice the headline ... (Below threshold)

Anyone notice the headline on this?


"Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire - Yahoo! News"

The AP Headline writer hits a new low and keeps digging.


"Rockets hit Lebanon despit... (Below threshold)

"Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire - Yahoo! News"

Gotta love the AP.

Highlighting the fragili... (Below threshold)

Highlighting the fragility of the peace...

"Fragility of the peace? There is no peace! What moron is writing this drivel?

Netscape has a similar head... (Below threshold)

Netscape has a similar headline. Sheesh!

Man, it would be very interesting if someday somebody went to an MSM editor's meeting wearing a wire.

This is the terrorists vers... (Below threshold)

This is the terrorists version of a ceasefire..Truly a worthy effort for which they should be commended from the U.N...At least they tried.

You actually think the ceas... (Below threshold)

You actually think the cease fire would end if Hizballah started firing rockets? Israel has been fully dhimmified. Rockets will be officially ignored by the rock-ribbed Olmert as he kneels on his prayer rug and begs Iran and Syria to be nice.






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