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This Should Not Be A Surprise

Sister Toldjah links to a poll showing that 52 percent of Lamont voters think President Bush should be impeached. This should come as no surprise. In May I warned that in spite of their attempts to hide it, if Democrats regain control of Congress, investigations will commence. Jim Addison has more at Wizbang Politics.

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Perhaps what we are seeing ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps what we are seeing here is not a call to impeachment (this is extreme) but a call for accountability. As I read the newspaper each morning I constantly asked myself "What are these guys in DC doing?"

Impeachment - no. Greater accountability - YES!

Lori, You are new to this b... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Lori, You are new to this blog . You are by far the
most misdirected human being I have ever read .
Accountability IS the answer . You have been fooled
for some time . Please wake up . This admiminstration needs to be held accountable. When the Democrates take over , will you give them a pass on accountability ? Wizbang has done its readers a
deservice by hiring you . You are stupid !
Please ask your parents why they brought you up this way. I blame them .

Being an avid reader of thi... (Below threshold)

Being an avid reader of this site (and democrat, I admit it), I have to agree with Mark. Lorie drinks the red Kool-Aid far more often then other contributors.

Lorie, I ask you how you can be so smug about a potential impeachment investigation of Bush after the witchhunt the Repubs went on to get Clinton? I know the stock anser is "Bill Clinton lied under oath", which, yes is inexcusable. But let me ask you this: If it is later proven that Bush lied about something, or lies under oath during the investigation, will you then take the moral high gound and condemn the act? Or will you be condmming Dems for their witchhunt that's damaging the credibility of the office and putting American lives at risk?

it will likely be the latter as you have proven you have no sense of history


Lori, don't bother your sel... (Below threshold)

Lori, don't bother your self with Rob, Mark,and Clearwater.They are trolls you can see their remarks left on other sites just this morning,they leave their piles of excrement then move on.Make no mistake if impeachment were not their objective they would not be around the blogosphere dening it.It must be hurting their efforts to regain controll of congress for them to head off any knowledge of their real purpose.

Polls, polls and more polls... (Below threshold)

Polls, polls and more polls. Is that all you lousy dimocrats have? Because when the votes count, you LOSE! Forget em, Lori, they're assholes.

Thanks jainphx, but don't w... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks jainphx, but don't worry, I generally don't take time to respond to people whose best criticism of me is to insult my parents and call me stupid. I learned in grade school that "your mama" insults were not worthy of a response.

Good grief, Lorie, you real... (Below threshold)

Good grief, Lorie, you really attract some gadflies!

I've noticed that the quality of lefties on Wizbang has gone down lately.

Calling the lovely Lorie "stupid" for merely pointing out what Lamont voters indicate they want is, well, stupid.

Personnally, I'd like to th... (Below threshold)

Personnally, I'd like to thank the Three Blind Trolls (Rob, Mark,and Clearwater). Especially Rob who sums up the Leftist position perfectly: "If it is later proven that Bush lied about something..."

Yup. We're certain we can cook "SOMETHING" up...just you wait and see. And with the LameStreamMedia cranking out a "document" or two and an endless series of increasingly strident editorials, one piece of "SOMETHING" oughta stick!!

After all, Bush is already GUILTY of TWO "High crimes and misdeamors"...he defeated two Democrats, Gore and Kerry!! THAT alone is sufficient to convict...at least to the Dims.

fyi, "ClearwaterConservativ... (Below threshold)

fyi, "ClearwaterConservative" is actually a liberal troll. I've seen him/her on other blogs start out "I voted for Bush but..." and then reeling off the Townhouse talking point du jour.

Why can't anybody actually ... (Below threshold)

Why can't anybody actually answer a post instead of dismissing it? If your position were truly defensible, you would have some sort of answer for the crticism's (except the mother insults). There is no longer any objectivity wth the partisan ranks on both sides, everything the other side says is excrement, regardless of the worthiness of the content. Any attempt the blogosphere makes at legitimacy will be sabotaged by the "Gotcha" mentality, and no real objective journalism will ever occur. This blog used to be entertaining, but the is no back and forth anymore. It is all invective and insult unless you're nodding you head in agreement.


Rob,Stop and think f... (Below threshold)

Stop and think for a moment. You lead with an insult, and then complain later that nobody responded without insulting you.
Next time try being civil all the way through your comments, and maybe you'll get an actual debate/discussion.

"Lorie drinks the red Kool-... (Below threshold)

"Lorie drinks the red Kool-Aid far more often then other contributors...you have proven you have no sense of history."

Oh, yeah, that's a terrific way to get people to answer your supposed question instead of dismissing it, Rob.

"It is all invective and insult unless you're nodding you head in agreement."

Isn't that what you started off your initial post doing?

For all the trolls, not to ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

For all the trolls, not to worry. Try to impeach Bush, and you get Cheney. Try to impeach Cheney to make a newly istalled Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house President and you will get a vast amount of heavily armed Republicans visiting Washington to make certain corrections. We will send you commies packing.

Right on Rel' Rag'!!!! That... (Below threshold)

Right on Rel' Rag'!!!! That is the best way to deal with that problem. Count me in.






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