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Two Buses Collide in Downtown Los Angeles

Two buses (or is it busses?) just collided in downtown L.A., resulting in one crashing into a building. There is not yet an online report of this story. According to reports on the cable news channels, no cause is known for the collision.

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"buses"... (Below threshold)


busses or buses are both co... (Below threshold)

busses or buses are both correct

No, "busses" is the plural ... (Below threshold)

No, "busses" is the plural of "buss," which means a kiss.

JohnAnnArbor is right.... (Below threshold)

JohnAnnArbor is right.

No. I am right. Both plural... (Below threshold)

No. I am right. Both plurals of bus are correct.

busFrom AskOxford.com

• noun (pl. buses; US also busses) 1 a large motor vehicle carrying customers along a fixed route. 2 Computing a distinct set of conductors within a computer system, to which pieces of equipment may be connected in parallel.

• verb (buses or busses, bused or bussed, busing or bussing) 1 transport or travel in a bus. 2 N. Amer. clear (dirty crockery) in a restaurant or cafeteria.

— ORIGIN shortening of OMNIBUS

If they are city busses, ab... (Below threshold)

If they are city busses, about 5000 people will be claiming they were on board and lining up to file a law suit.

I blame Bush...<br... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I blame Bush...

...oh, and the joooooz.






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