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Exposing Earmarks

The Sunlight Foundation has a new program, Exposing Earmarks, that will appeal to those wishing to cut government spending. The Examiner announces the launch of the program in today's edition and requests help from an army of citizen journalists.

Congress is considering a bill -- the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations measure -- that presently contains 1,867 earmarks worth more than a half-billion tax dollars and averaging nearly $268,000 each. Many are for things that sound like worthy causes such as "hospital facilities and equipment," yet none of the sponsoring congressmen put their names on their earmarks.

That's why The Examiner newspapers have joined with the Sunlight Foundation, Porkbusters.org, and Citizens Against Government Waste in posting the database of earmarks in the Labor-HHS appropriations and inviting readers to help identify the congressmen behind each earmark. Organizations like The Heritage Foundation, National Taxpayers Union and Club for Growth blog are linking to the database. The database was obtained from a congressional source and has been checked and double-checked. Congress may still modify the bill, approve it as is or reject it.

Check out the earmarks for your state and then call your congressman and ask if he or she sponsored any of your state's earmarks. If the answer is yes, ask why the congressman's name isn't on the earmark. If you recognize the institution designated to receive the earmarked tax dollars, call them and ask them what they intend to do with your money.

Then email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Earmarks" and tell us what you found out. The Examiner will be asking more questions about who got the earmarks and why, so your information could be very important. You will be part of an army of citizen journalists determined to shine some much-needed light on spending decisions made behind closed doors by powerful Members of Congress.

The Examiner has a link for those who do not know who their congressman is and they have links to the earmarks by state.

Ed Morrisey has more at Captain's Quarters.


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Comments (17)

Where? Columbus, MS<p... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Columbus, MS

How much? $ 500,000

To whom? Mississippi University for Women, for strengthening partnerships between K-12 parents and their children's teachers, principals, superintendents, and other school personnel



What the f#(& is that?

A half a million to "strengthen partnerships" That's what we call pork.

Where? Tupelo, MS</p... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Tupelo, MS

How much? $ 500,000

To whom? CREATE Foundation to help schools and communities combat childhood obesity in North Miss.


The people of south Miss. got wiped off the map by Katrina. Wole towns gone and they are spending a half a million of making sure kids don't eat junk food.

Ok somebody translate this:... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Ok somebody translate this:

Where? Tupelo, MS

How much? $ 200,000

To whom? CREATE Foundation, to conduct College for ALL, a four-year pilot project in school-based college and career counseling in two school districts in MS

200 grand and they can't even tell us what it's for.

Where? Montgomery, A... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Montgomery, AL

How much? $ 100,000

To whom? Alabama State University for the Health Careers Awareness program

What ever happened to career day?

Where? Montevallo, A... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Montevallo, AL

How much? $ 420,000

To whom? University of Montevallo for the Teacher Leadership Initiative for School Improvement

Hey teachers, take some initiative. But don't take $420,000.

$1.8 million in about 15 mi... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

$1.8 million in about 15 minutes only looking at part of 2 states.

ANd I only highlighted the most obnoxious. Anything that said "elderly" or "medical" I left alone.

No wonder $1.5 billion is being pissed away.

More double speak:... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

More double speak:

Where? Tallahassee, FL

How much? $ 350,000

To whom? Florida Campus Compact for a project to enhance service learning on college campuses throughout Florida


"Enhance service learning on college campuses"

Are they converting them to trade schools?

It disturbs me that people want $350 large and they can;'t even write a decent sentence.

Where? Lake City, FL... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Lake City, FL

How much? $ 175,000

To whom? Lake City Community College for the 21st century mathematics initiative

This "new math" ain't cheap.

Where? Orlando, FL</... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Orlando, FL

How much? $ 250,000

To whom? University of Central Florida for the Lou Frey Institute of Politics

Do we need to spend tax dollars on an "Institute of Politics?"

I'm just asking the question.

heh--------<... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:



Where? West Palm Beach, FL

How much? $ 100,000

To whom? Palm Beach Education Commission to initiate a Quality Economic Development, Education, and Employment (QE?) demonstration project

Not even the person who wrote this knew what the money was for.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... I'v... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... I've found my favorite:

Where? Weston, FLORIDA

How much? $ 150,000

To whom? Convergent Knowledge Solutions, LLC, for rural healthcare delivery in Alaska

Your tax dollars at work.

Where? Sarasota, FL<p... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? Sarasota, FL

How much? $ 100,000

To whom? Sarasota county Technical Institute for a training program in captioning and CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) services

Learn English punk.

Captioning is for the deaf.... (Below threshold)

Captioning is for the deaf. It also makes video content keyword searchable. There is a nationwide shortage of captioners following recent FCC changes requiring closed-captioning on most television programming. It's also a good place to start a career if you're keyboard-friendly and willing to build up your speed.

Sorry for the interruption.

Where? San Bernardino, CA</... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Where? San Bernardino, CA

How much? $ 500,000

San Bernardino City Unified School District, for the English Learners Program

OK... $100,000 to translate or $500,000 to learn english.

OK speak spanish. Punk.

Lee still can't read:... (Below threshold)
Earmark Eater:

Lee still can't read:

Realtime Translation services

Learn English. Punk.

I can read, not only that -... (Below threshold)

I can read, not only that - I can think too - something that is apparently missing from Earmark's bag of tricks.

What Exactly Is CART?

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the instant translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software. The text appears on a computer monitor or other display. This technology is primarily used by people who are late-deafened, oral deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have cochlear implants. Culturally deaf individuals also make use of CART in certain situations. Please keep in mind that CART is also often referred to as realtime captioning.

Oh, and I've got something for you to eat you dumbass conservative republican Earmark'ed PUNK. Stop by anytime...

Wow, Lee's like a stopped c... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Wow, Lee's like a stopped clock, for an entire lifetime. Right exactly two times.

Just now, and when he was supporting Israel recently.






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