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Hezbollah: terrorists with phenomenal PR skills

As the ceasefire continues to furtively hold, I find more and more people announcing their support for Hezbollah. They've held rallies around the world, waving the Hezbollah flag (the word "Allah" in Arabic, forming an upraised fist clutching an AK-47) and praising them as "liberators" and "noble defenders" and "a legitimate resistance group."

Hezbollah is one of the smarter terrorist groups around. They created a fictional divide between their "militant" and "political" wings, and the political side does a lot of good works -- they've established charities, hospitals, schools, and the like.They also have sizable representation in the Lebanese government, and have two members in the cabinet.

Meanwhile, their "militant wing" has the legitimate Lebanese military utterly cowed in southern Lebanon, and is better equipped than some whole nations.

As is to be expected, though, this largesse comes with a fearful price -- the possibility (recently realized) that their continued attacks on Israel will provoke a fierce response. Until then, however, the Lebanese people were content to accept the benefits of Hezbollah's presence and turn a blind eye to their annoying little quirks -- like firing off rockets into Israel, regularly invading Israel, and occasionally killing and capturing Israeli soldiers. After all, it was only the Jews getting hammered, and who really cares about them, anyway?

This Faustian bargain reminds me of the movie "Phenomenon." Stripped of its Scientology propaganda elements, it's the tale of an ordinary man who suddenly finds himself endowed with tremendous powers and insights. In the end (spoiler warning for a 10-year-old mediocre movie), we discover that these "gifts" are from a rapidly-growing tumor inside his brain that will eventually kill him.

Hezbollah, in Lebanon, is that tumor. Their "gifts" and "good works" are irrevocably tainted with the blood they have spilled -- and will spill -- while working towards their goal. And, sadly, it is the people of Lebanon who have accepted help over the past who are paying for those benefits in the present.

This "cease-fire" will not hold. Hezbollah will violate it, for that is their nature. That is what they do. That is what they are already doing. And among the first to suffer will be those thousands of Lebanese who are returning to the war zone, trusting in Hezbollah and the United Nations (two groups who have repeatedly proven their untrustworthiness) to maintain this fragile "peace."

Hezbollah, for all the gifts it brings, is a tumor. Its malignancy and growth rate are indisputable. It must be excised. And the longer we wait, the more painful and difficult it will be to remove them.

It's already too late for hundreds of Lebanese and Israelis and Americans and people of other nations, who have died at their hands. But I hope against hope that the butcher's bill is almost at an end.


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Comments (15)

"and the political side doe... (Below threshold)

"and the political side does a lot of good works "

It's a protection racket. Israel would never have invaded Lebanon had the Hezzie's not killed and captured thier soldiers. Then the political side comes in and says can I help you fix your house (that by the way, would still be whole if we had'nt attacked Israel)
Yout post is right on, it'a tumor just like the mafia was here.

Hezbullah basically takes t... (Below threshold)

Hezbullah basically takes the glamor parts of being Lebanons government. They have the military part which is portrayed as heroic and the charity part. That leaves the ugly thankless unglamorous parts to the Lebanese.

As for the cease fire. Hezbullah will nip at the edges of the cease fire hoping to goad Israel into ever increasing counter measures and create enough fog that they can blame Israel for its failure.

It shouldn't take much fog either. Hezbullah has fans that choose to believe what they say over the contrary. Its time to acknowledge that and the fact the Hezzies will win any PR battle in that part of the world.

"This "cease-fire" will ... (Below threshold)

"This "cease-fire" will not hold. Hezbollah will violate it, for that is their nature. That is what they do. That is what they are already doing. And among the first to suffer will be those thousands of Lebanese who are returning to the war zone"

No kidding...they've already fire off more rockets that landed not in Israel, but in southern Lebanon. "hey, we didn't violate the cease fire, we're attacking ourselves!"

If you think the Arabs are ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

If you think the Arabs are stupid, compare this!

Reported this morning: The funding for the recent London terrorist group is from an Afganistan dissaster relief/charity organization. We are funding the people who are trying to kill us. How stupid is that?

Anyone who supports terrori... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Anyone who supports terrorists and the killing of the inocent are no btter then the terrorists themselves

Let's face it. Bush and th... (Below threshold)

Let's face it. Bush and the war on Terror got deballed from the political thrashing being given over the war in Iraq. If you are going to fight a war sensitive to body counts, including ours and civilians, you will lose. The people we're fight have realized this. They know Bush doesn't want another military engagement.

Hezbollah might think they ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Hezbollah might think they won the PR war on this one, but the Israelis are laughing all the way to the bank. The infrastucture of S. Lebanon is in shambles, which leaves living in that part of the country very difficult. You don't need to destroy the enemy. You just need to destroy their ability and will to fight. Destoying their will to fight is out of the question, so the Israelis have done the next best thing.

One day we will find that it is our only course of action in Iran. Massive attacks against infrastucture will minimize civilian casualties, and yet reduce their ability to cause trouble in the middleeast and the rest of the world.

"Its time to acknowledge th... (Below threshold)

"Its time to acknowledge that and the fact the Hezzies will win any PR battle in that part of the world."

I agree but what is more important is winning any PR battle outside of the Middle East. So long as the Jooooos are associated with anything, the PR battle is already lost in the Middle East. Unfortunately, after viewing the MSM attempt at reporting the latest conflict, the west is losing the PR war also.

Prediction: The Cease Fire will not last. Hezbullah will break it. And the break will occur on or around August 22, if not sooner.

Unfortuantely, I don't thin... (Below threshold)

Unfortuantely, I don't think that Hizbullah will violate the cease-fire. They have won - so far - and understand that if fighting breaks out again, they will be completely detroyed. They will wait until the UN "force" is deployed in southern Lebanon, and only then start up, convinced (probably rightly so) that the UN will protect them.

My two cents on the situation.

Hmmmm.And .... so ... (Below threshold)


And .... so ... Where are the "moderates" again?

As for the "butcher's bill", it's only just the "beginning of the beginning" Jay.

We haven't finished the intro to this genocidal abbatoir.

Hmmm.BTW anybody e... (Below threshold)


BTW anybody else amused by reports that the Syrian Army was readying itself to move into southern Lebanon?

Right when it appeared the Israelis were going to move ground forces into the Bekka Valley? Remember where those purported Iraq WMDs were moved to?

That's another thing totally f*'d up by this idiotic campaign.

Plainslow-I've bee... (Below threshold)


I've been thinking about the Mafia metaphor for Hezbollah as well. It's not an original thought, but the comparison is compelling:

Chicagoans loved Al Capone because he gave money to charities and loaned money to immigrants struggling to start their own businesses.

The gangland crime families so integrated themselves into the political infrastructure of major cities that city governments were unable to remove them, for fear of reprisals.

Pilice were powerless to disarm Mafia organizations because critical elements of the police force were bought and paid for by the Mob. Any attempt at a "double cross" would mean a series of "accidents" that left a lot of police officers in the city morgue.

All the while, organized crime was able to operate pretty much unabated by law enforcement or elected government. The "peace" was kept through a combination of threats and reprisals (i. e. terrorism) and charity. Communities were frightened into living by the Mafia's rules, and duped into living beyond their own means through the Mafia's money.

Sounds a lot like Lebanon today, doesn't it?

During WWII, we used the term "gangstersim" to describe the style of Hitler and Tojo in dealing with surrounding nations, that is, making them "an offer they couldn't refuse." Perhaps we should start using that term again.

Who would've thought that I... (Below threshold)

Who would've thought that Israel would become a nation of dhimmis? They could have become willing cowards 60 years ago and saved a great deal of time, trouble and a large number of lives.

"Who would've thought that ... (Below threshold)

"Who would've thought that Israel would become a nation of dhimmis?"

The Israeli citizenry is up in arms at Olmert's failure to aggressively tackle Hezbullah head on. Olmert's days are numbered and his replacement, whether it be Netanyahu or someone else, will be a full blown hawk.

What follows will be a shake-up of the IDF, weeding out leadership that did not perform to the standards of the new administration. The new IDF leadership will mirror the new administration's hawkish demeanor and woe be unto the next Hamas/Hezbullah incursion.

The failure of UN Security Resolution 1559 is the real culprit of this latest fiaco and the Israelis have learned a hard but very valuable lesson - they will never allow an outside agency to provide any protective cover for their continued existence, peaceful or otherwise.

SShiel ~ you picked August ... (Below threshold)

SShiel ~ you picked August 22 as the date Hezbollah violates the ceasefire.

Why, the very same day the Iranians will give their answer to UNSC demands?

Coincidence? I think not . . .

Nudnik ~ Good analysis. Hezbollah has suffered greatly, but only in material, which can be replaced, and in lives, which they do not value anyway. Their political victory will bring more of both quickly, as Iran has already rejected the UN arms embargo as "illogical."

Of course, if Iran won't even comply with UN arms embargoes against third party militias, we know what their answer will be on August 22. Unless, of course, they surprise us with a nuke.






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