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Congressman Bobby Jindal Delivers His Own Baby

This story is really cool:

Rep. Bobby Jindal barely had time to call 911 when his wife woke with labor pains Tuesday. Minutes later, he helped deliver his own son.

Slade Ryan Jindal arrived before the ambulance did at about 3:25 a.m. Jindal, coached over the phone by a nurse at the doctor's office, put the baby in the arms of his wife, Supriya, and tied off the umbilical cord with a shoestring.

"We certainly didn't expect this," the Louisiana Republican said later Tuesday. "We thought we had more time than we did."

Their third child, born two days before his due date, weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and measured 21 inches long.

Supriya Jindal had been to the hospital twice in the last week with pains thought to be contractions, her husband said. She was at the doctor's office as recently as Monday and was told there were no signs the baby would be coming as soon as it did, he said.

My first thought when reading this was how incredibly unfair it is that some women can pop babies out minutes after awakening, while others of us have to endure many hours of intensely painful labor. Oh well, I guess if life was fair it would be much less interesting. This case just reminds us that no matter what doctors say, they never know when a baby is coming. They come when they want to come. Congratulations to Congressman and Mrs. Jindal.


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Comments (12)

What a wonderful story. Re... (Below threshold)

What a wonderful story. Rep. Jindal is going to have a particularly special bond with this little one.

i think it's kind of like t... (Below threshold)

i think it's kind of like trying to predict the weather... the doctors can give you a pretty good idea of what's supposed to happen, but when you get right down to it, it could be something completely different.

This is my NIGHTMARE! My s... (Below threshold)

This is my NIGHTMARE! My second came in just 1.5 hours, and I'm expecting my third in late December. I don't want a home birth, I think the bathtub is a place for baths and not childbirth, and I don't want to have to buy a new mattress! :)

That said, what fun to read a story about a Congressman that has nothing to do with corruption, deceit, or mudslinging. Congratulations to the Jindals on their happy news!

Congratulations to mother, ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to mother, father, and baby, along with best wishes for them all.

It is perhaps an indication of social change that this is regarded as major news. I'm 53, and my late Mother and her four siblings, as well as my late Dad and his four siblings, were all born at home. Sometimes the doctor arrived in time, but for most of them he did not.

Neither of my Grandmothers knew the meaning of the word "epidural."

But neither of them ever had to go back to work the same day, either. Throughout human history, many new mothers have.

Through the miracle of capitalism, we've now reached the point where new Daddies can take six weeks off if they choose.

As Martha Stewart is wont to say, "That's a good thing."


I had my second in 48 minut... (Below threshold)

I had my second in 48 minutes after receiving a drip to induce labor. The doctor had gone back to his office to "wait it out." He ran in just in time to catch my daugher. And no they don't just POP OUT. I had 57 stiches and no anesthesia or painkillers at all because it happened so fast. I'd rather have had a 15 hr labor and something to "take the edge off" at least and no stiches.

Steph,I know they do... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I know they don't just "pop out." I probably should have chosen different words. I have two friends who barely made it to the hospital because their babies came so fast and they joke about how quick they can "pop" them out, so it was the first thing that came to mind. I realize there is more to it than that, but honestly compared to the pain of the 13 hours of intense labor that I had (natural childbirth), I don't recall any pain during the actual birth. I just remember it being exhausting.

I didn't have 57 stitches either though. I can't imagine. That would have to be incredibly miserable. On the bright side, you have one heck of a guilt trip you can lay on that child. When my kids complain about having to do something I ask them, it would be pretty cool to be able to tell them that is the least they can do after enduring 57 stitches just to bring them into the world. Surely that would at least be good for getting them to make the bed.

Hehe, I was a horrendously ... (Below threshold)

Hehe, I was a horrendously difficult birth - after 28 hours of labour I eventually came out with my elbow over my head, necessitating many, many, many stitches for my poor mama. And still she loves me. Frankly I'd have left me at the hospital after all that, but there you go. Mothers are amazing.

Definitely agree that it's nice to see a story about a politician that doesn't make one despair for his constituents, though!

Lorrie, If i... (Below threshold)

If it makes you feel better, this is the third child of the Jindals. For the first one, Mrs. Jindal was in labor 32 hours. The labor for the second was 20 something hours. They had a sweet interview on the local news. He said it was fast but very painful for his wife and he probably won't be allowed back in the bed with his wife for quite a while. LOL!

FINALLY - A republican who ... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

FINALLY - A republican who can deliver !

Did I read that correctly? ... (Below threshold)

Did I read that correctly? They named the child 'Slade'? Good grief.

See chameleon, lying there in the sun...

run, run away

I suppose this gives us an ... (Below threshold)
Pradeep Parekh:

I suppose this gives us an idea of how Bobby Jindal successfully trimmed the health care budget.

I suppose this gives us an ... (Below threshold)
Pradeep Parekh:

I suppose this gives us an idea of how Bobby Jindal successfully trimmed the health care budget.






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