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UN Resolution 1701 is the Mideast's Munich

Arthur Herman writes in today's New York Post that that Israel's signing of UN Resolution 1701 is as much a turning point in today's war on terror as the Munich agreement between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler was just before World War II. As the Munich agreement signaled to the world in 1938 that there really wasn't a true resistance to Nazism, Resolution 1701 says that the Western world, doesn't have what it takes, at least right now, to defeat Islamofascism. Here's a portion of Mr. Herman's piece:

Resolution 1701 shows that, for the time being at least, the balance has likewise shifted to the terrorists and their state sponsors. Like Munich, it marks the triumph of the principle of putting off until tomorrow what needs to be done today. Like Munich, it will mean not peace in our time, but a bigger war in our future.

In that sense, the cease-fire may be even more momentous than Munich, and a greater blunder. In 1938 Chamberlain and other appeasers had the excuse that they were trying to prevent an armed conflict no one wanted. Today, of course, that conflict is already here. Historians will conclude that by supporting U.N. Resolution 1701 and getting Israel to agree, the Bush administration has in effect declared that its global war on terror is over. We have reverted to the pre-9/11 box of tools, if not necessarily the pre-9/11 mindset. From now on, the worst Iran, Syria, and North Korea will have to worry about are serial resolutions in the United Nations. Terrorists will be busy dodging Justice Department subpoenas, not Tomahawk missiles.

Our enemies know better. They know the war is only entering a new stage, and they know who the winners and losers were last weekend.

Mr. Herman also writes that the US believed that Israel was going to destroy Hezbollah, so President Bush gave Israel every chance to do just that, putting off calls of cease-fires for as long as possible. He ultimately had to face the reality that Olmert's government just didn't have the political will to destory Hezbollah.

When Israel accepted the UN's cease-fire, even though it had destroyed much of Hezbollah's military infrastructure, it gave Hezbollah a perceived victory. In the Muslim world, perception is all that matters. Now Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is stoking the fires of Muslim pride by calling Hezbollah's "victory" a win for Islam:

"Your unprecedented holy war and steadfastness are beyond the limits of my description. It's a divine victory. It is a victory of Islam"

"With God's help you were able to prove that military superiority is not (measured) in the number (of soldiers), planes, warships and tanks. Rather, it depends on the power of faith and holy war"*

Have the Islamofascists ever been so sure of their ability to destroy Israel as they are now? I don't think so.

Mr. Herman ends his piece with a dose of reality delivered by Winston Churchill:

"We have passed an awful milestone in our history," Winston Churchill said after the Munich agreement was signed. "Do not suppose this is the end . . . This is only the first sip, the first foretaste, of a bitter cup that will be proffered to us year by year." Despite the failure of appeasement, Churchill still believed the Western democracies would make the "supreme recovery" and take up the banner for freedom again. The United States and the forces of democracy will recover from this debacle - even with a Democratic Congress in 2006 and a Democratic president in 2008. The reason will not be because Bush's opponents have a better strategy, or a clearer vision, or even a Winston Churchill waiting in the wings. It will be because our enemies will give us no choice.

Less than a year after Munich, Nazi panzers rolled into Poland. Instead of fighting a short, limited war over Czechoslovakia, the Western democracies ended up fighting a world war, the most destructive in history. The war with the mullahs of Iran is coming. It is only a question of whether it will be at a time or on a ground of our choosing, or theirs - and whether it is fought within the shadow of a mushroom cloud.

Update: Rick Moran links to Bryan at Hot Air who also thinks the Islamofascists are secure in their ability to destroy Israel and outlines what may be their strategy:

The Syrians and Iranians think they have hit upon a strategy to destroy Israel: Attack it with standoff weapons like Katyushas, goading it into fighting a ground war that frightens the world into halting Israel's defensive actions. The end game is that Israel can't defend its borders, it becomes demoralized and then the Arabs and Iranians move in for the kill. In response to the standoff attacks, Israel has the choice of non-response, weak response or brutal response-there's no way to uproot an entrenched army of any size without using some very nasty tactics and weapons. I'm not talking nukes or anything like that-just weapons that make for bad TV.

* I added the additional quote and changed the link to another news report because it had more information.


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Comments (24)

"It is only a question of w... (Below threshold)

"It is only a question of whether it will be at a time or on a ground of our choosing, or theirs - and whether it is fought within the shadow of a mushroom cloud."

With the UN shirking responsabilty at denying Iran the ability to possess nuclear weapons and the EU comfortable with the millions of islamofachists in their midst I suspect they will pick the time and place. Indeed it will be under a mushroom cloud that the final battle is joined most likely as Isreal is hit first.

Much screeching about nothi... (Below threshold)

Much screeching about nothing - this isn't over, from from it -- but the right can't pass up an opportunity to start apologizing for Bush... Yawn.

If Bush wanted Hezbollah de... (Below threshold)

If Bush wanted Hezbollah destroyed, short of a Dresden type campaign or a nuclear attack from Israel, there was no way Hezbollah would be destroyed in only thrity days.


No apologizing for Bush from me. He failed to commit a large enough number of troops to Iraq. He failed to correct this. Now he tops it off by caving to Hezbollah's allies at the UN. This administration is fundamentally unserious about the GWOT.

The worst part about this is Israel was beginning to make real progress. Then the plug was pulled. Bush failed and he failed miseeably.

I don't see how the IDF generals can be blamed. Even under the most ideal of circumstances, one month was not going to be enough time to defeat this enemy.

Maybe the failure of 1701 w... (Below threshold)

Maybe the failure of 1701 will be used to restart the fight and we'll finish it this time. I smell a big, big war coming. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hezbolla, Israel, USA in super tag-team cage match. I'll bet there are lots of photos and other evidence of Iranian and Syrian involvement that will be used in the speech W gives as the bombs are falling on Iran, etc. The speech, of course, will be meant for those of us that approve anyway and those that can be pursuaded, and history. W keeps saying Iran must not develop nuclear weapons. I take this to mean that he will attack Iran in the near future. If he doesn't, we are screwed.

I'm tired of us getting suc... (Below threshold)

I'm tired of us getting sucked into the shame based culture of perception is reality.

Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran gained nothing more today then they had yesterday. They gained no terroritory or real military advantage. Isreal learned what didn't work.

This was essentially a draw.

It's only because Hezbullah claims victory despite the reality is the only reason they gained anything. They gain PR advantage amongst their own which was going to happen no matter what anyway.

What I don't like is us getting sucked into Radical Islam's perceptions of reality as our reality at well. Yes we do need to acknowledge what they percieve and realize we can shape very little of it no matter what outcomes really are. We don't need to disregard reality and substitute theirs.

Lee's stutters even as he w... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Lee's stutters even as he writes: this isn't over, from from it We're intimidating him, folks.

I don't see an Israeli escalation so long as Syria and Iran have Hez as a puppet force to avoid direct ground conflict. U.S and Israel would be loathe to use ground forces on these two rogue nations. U.N. resolutions, sanctions, and diplomacy are the tools being used to avoid diversion of major U.S. military resources away from Iraq. We've already got 'em concentrated in Baghdad and we're staying the course regardless of all the Lib noise back home.

I would imagine Israel is eager to use U.N. Resolution 1701 to allow the world to refocus on democracy in Iraq. Stupid libs can't think in abstract terms.

Churchill was aware of a major German military build-up before anyone else whereas Bush is dealing with the insurgent aftermath of a roundly defeated Iraqi military. Hardly the same. Arab world has no history of large mechanized armies of any true import. In other words, there is no threat of escalation into a world war ... with the exception of Lee's strategy to drop the Bomb on Osama. Thankfully, the dunce has made a declaration: It's too late.

"I would imagine Israel ... (Below threshold)

"I would imagine Israel is eager to use U.N. Resolution 1701 to allow the world to refocus on democracy in Iraq. Stupid libs can't think in abstract terms."

Israel is putting the interests of Iraq ahead of their own interests? Yes, I have to admit, that is a little too abstract for my liberal mind, but thanks for trying Red Dog.

Israel Won! South... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Israel Won!

Southern Lebanon is a disasster, with little or no infrastucture left. Hezbollah is promising to rebuild the homes and businesses that were destroyed. Good! That's money they won't be spending on armaments. Sooner or later Syria and Iran will get tired of sending money to rebuild Lebanon and give up on them, then Hezbollah will not seem like such a good deal to the Lebanese.

Face it fokes. Wars are won by destroying the enemies ability to fight; either by killing them or destroying their support. We didn't defeat the Germans on the battle field, but by preventing them from fueling their tanks. If Israel continues to disrupt Hezbollahs supplies and support base, they will eventually put them out of business.

Lee has no answers...just l... (Below threshold)

Lee has no answers...just likes to yelp like an annoying dog.

No, I like yelling at</b... (Below threshold)

No, I like yelling at an annoying dog - that Red Dog fellow... He has to be dumbest pup in the litter - what an intellectual runt!

But you, Steve of Norway - now that's true intellilgence. You said:

Nicely said, Steve. I think you showed us just how smart you neocons are...

In the Muslim world, pe... (Below threshold)

In the Muslim world, perception is all that matters.

My librule co-workers like to say perception is reality as well. I like to remind them that at some point, perception and reality will meet. Thats just how nature works.

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee)... (Below threshold)

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee) see you are at it again. IDF had to guit because of crybaby wimps such as you LLL's crying that the IDF was not playing fair.

Lee,Israel is put... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Israel is putting the interests of Iraq ahead of their own interests? Yes, I have to admit, that is a little too abstract for my liberal mind, but thanks for trying Red Dog.

You're welcome, Lee. The Israelis are indeed paying attention to U.S. initiatives in Iraq. Realize that, historically, without U.S. support, Israel would not exist. Furthermore, all of Islam hates Israel with a deep fanatical passion. That's why Osama made 9/11. U.S. invasion of Iraq to establish large democracy in the Middle East may not work but it's better than shrugging your shoulders and waiting for more terror. Even Hollywood is starting to understand as posted in another more recent thread. Why is the Red "Dog" so wrong? Educate my ignorant ass.

Act I, the first 30 days, o... (Below threshold)

Act I, the first 30 days, over.

Cease Fire.


Grab an overpriced drink and a cookie folks, 'cause the second act promises to be a doozy full of a few unexpected (at least to a few members of the audience and cast alike) twists and turns.

The Fat Lady has not sung yet.

There has been a shift, how... (Below threshold)

There has been a shift, however slight.

Chirac is still very involved in Lebanon and may be ready to send forces. Germany, Olmert has said, has been the nation most supportive of Israel recently. Europe and even the US left talk more now about the global war on terror, instead of separate isolated events. Even the Arab League has been more moderate lately.

Albeit they are small changes, but unthinkable two years ago. The world is starting to wake up.

The complaints about 1701 are many and real, but our eye should still be on the Iran nukes ball. Can we hold together a UNSC consensus in a week or so when it comes to taking the next step with Iran?

Iran, the case has been made, instigated the Hezbollah action as a diversion and to gain time for nukes. There is evidence that this may be true.

If so, Lebanon is the battle of their choice. If we had to cobble together a weak 1701 in order to hold support for Iran in a week, that is our choice.

Churchill, though a poor military strategist, was an expert on geopolitics. Even he had to cobble together support, bringing in FDR and Stalin, involving no doubt, any number of compromises.

Lee got here before I did, ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Lee got here before I did, so he got to spread stupid all over the place. Whether or not Hezbollah won or not is a matter of perspective. I doubt Hezbollah can aford another such "victory". They can claim whatever they want, but the Shia community and infrastructure has been destroyed. What did they gain. If they think they faced and defeated the full might of the IDF, they are as delusional as Lee and his minions. For those dipsh-ts who still have to ask about what Iraq has to do with the war on terror. What did bombing Germany have to do with Pearl Harbor?

Yeah and that was after HIT... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

Yeah and that was after HITLER madea fool out of CHAMBERLAN

OR.....Reso... (Below threshold)


Resolution 1701 could be pure genius!! I mean, how in the world could we have ever gotten individual resolutions against Hezbollah, Syria and Iran? Now we're set to go after whomever we choose.

Had we allowed Israel to wipe out Hezbollah, we would have then had to approach the Security Council for a sanctions resolution against Iran for violating the uranium enrichment resolution. Otherwise, we would have no U.N. legitimized beef with Iran. And we would be left with no recourse against Syria at all!

But we all know it's only a matter of time before:

1. Iran sends weapons to Hezbollah and Israeli intelligence gets photo or video proof of such,
2. Syria sends weapons to Hezbollah and Israeli intelligence gets photo or video proof of such, and
3. Hezbollah seriously breaches the cease fire, serious enough for the whole world to see.

All three of these are serious breaches of resolution 1701. Looks to me that, with 1701, we have "killed" three very evil little birds with one very crafty stone.

Also, think. Israel had shoddy intelligence and a lack of bunker-busters and cluster bombs during the first invasion. You don't think Israel is taking this time to gather vital intelligence as Hezbollah returns to the south? And doesn't the cease-fire allow the U.S. to expedite the bunker busters and cluster bombs Israel so desperately needs?

Could be, after all, that 1701 was pure genius.

I'm not sure I agree about ... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure I agree about the genius part.

Two months ago, Iran was solidly in the world crosshairs over the nukes and the "wipe Israel off the map" type of statements.

Taken together and framed this way, it formed a powerful and compelling argument for the good guys, and it was working.

Anytime Israel-Hamas or Israel-Hezbollah is the center of attention, opinion will be sharply divided.

I think that Condi is trying to get a temporary solution in Lebanon, to get the world eye back on: "that crazy dude in Iran who may get nukes."

The UNSC is going to need to do something next week.

Mega, I doubt anybody could... (Below threshold)

Mega, I doubt anybody could do anything severe enough for the UN to support Israel. If a nuke was dropped on them, Annan would be calling for diplomacy to handle the "crisis".

The UN: Not Helping Squat...Ever

Lee from yesterday, "childi... (Below threshold)

Lee from yesterday, "childish name-calling that typifies the conservative commenters at Whizbang"

Lee from today, "but thanks for trying Red Dog" (Red Fog)
"No, I like yelling at an annoying dog - that Red Dog fellow... He has to be dumbest pup in the litter - what an intellectual runt!"

You are right Lee, there is a lot of childish name calling on "whizbang" as you call it. And it mostly all begins with you.

More Lee from yesterday, "P... (Below threshold)

More Lee from yesterday, "Politics has to be reduced down to the Friday Night High School Football "Us versus Them" mentality for it to "fly" in the red states..."

More Lee from today, "Nicely said, Steve. I think you showed us just how smart you neocons are..."

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

MegaPundit: I like the way... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

MegaPundit: I like the way you think!

D-Hoggs: The funny effect of Lee's rants is that he stokes the fires of logic when posters here debunk his hypo lib-sound-bite barks. He's a little haploid.

Patience...August ... (Below threshold)


August 22. After this Hezbollah 'victory' that lunatic Alphabet just might be dumb enough to try something.






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