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What's Spanish for "Usury?"

This morning's Boston Globe has a story about some alleged mortgage scammers getting shut down. It seems that a couple of agencies specialized in offering mortgages to people who had no reasonable way of paying them off, but still raked in the fees and commissions and whatnot. They were so successful because they focused mainly on Hispanic families, those who spoke little or no English.

The story doesn't go into detail about how many of these were legal versus illegal aliens (this IS the Boston Globe, after all), but this is Lawrence, Massachusetts we're talking about here. I'd bet dollars to donus that a good chunk were of the... um... "undocumented" persuasion.

This is yet another insidious way that illegal immigration harms our nation.

These people -- who live in fear of going to the authorities when they have been victimized. That makes them ready-made victims -- for serial killers, for rapists, for sweatshop owners, for anyone looking for someone they can use and discard without fear of consequences.

I'm glad the (allegedly) thieving scumbags have been fined and shut down. But they won't be the last to exploit the illegal aliens, as long as they're here and in violation of the law.

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Well you can call me Ray or... (Below threshold)

Well you can call me Ray or you can call me Jay.

This is also another reason for making sure that all legal aliens learn our culture and our language so that they also wouldn't get taken advantage of.

Hmmmm.1. I couldn'... (Below threshold)


1. I couldn't care less if legal aliens learn our culture or language. If they're not going to go through the process of becoming a citizen then the assumption is that they'll eventually leave for their own home country.

2. Illegal aliens need to be deported so no sense in wasting effort in teaching them English.

Say Ground Control To Miste... (Below threshold)

Say Ground Control To Mister Ed, that is what the definition of Legal Aliens are, are ones who have gone through the process. And yes I do care about whether Legal Aliens learn our culture and Language maybe you haven't ever given that much thought but then again maybe you can't think.

[email protected] Mister Phil... (Below threshold)


@ Mister Phil

And what exactly is the reason why you care if a legal alien either learns english or American culture? You posted a little bit of fluff but without any logic underpinning it.

So why don't you whip out whatever intellect you've got and surprise me with something substantial.






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